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Quadraphonic Recordings
9-10-2017 VERSION 2.0

   This is a list of quadraphonic recordings that were advertised but not
   Over many years some quad titles have been listed in record collecting
guides, advertisements and magazine articles. Record companies planned on
some titles being issued towards the end of Quad, while they issued catalog
numbers for the releases, quad was dying and many titles were never issued.
  This list was created to help identify what titles definitely DO NOT exist
and to put an end to the rumors.
  This list also covers test pressings that never made it to production and
released to the public.
  It should not be assumed by looking at this list that a specific title was
not issued, It could be that it was not issued in the format listed on this page.
You should always check the Quad Discography to see if a specific title might 
have been issued in another format than what is listed here.

  For titles that are rumored to exist, refer to the RUMORS discography. 

  For titles that were thought to be quad but have been determined NOT to be
quad, refer to the Released Recordings that are NOT Quad discography. 

    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format - LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track), QR (Quad Reel to Reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox DOT net
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    Popular Titles NOT RELEASED
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    Classical Anthology/Sampler/Test/Effects
    Movie Soundtracks and Original Cast
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets [ ]. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are indicated by an asterisk (*). 5. Abbreviations : ( ) 8 - 8-track CD4 - Discrete/Matrix Vinyl Format D** - Dolby Quad Reel or Dolby Quad 8-Track DY- Matrix Format Vinyl LP EV - Matrix Format Vinyl LP LP - 33-1/3 rpm Long Play Record Q4 - Quad 4-Track Cartridge Q8 - Quad 8-Track Cartridge QCC - Quad 4 Track cassette QR - Quad Reel to Reel QS - Matrix Format Vinyl LP (Applies to RM) QSC - QS Encoded Cassette QS8 - QS Encoded 8-Track QX - Matrix Format Vinyl LP (Nippon-Columbia) SQ - Matrix Format Vinyl LP SQC - SQ Encoded Cassette SQ8 - SQ Encoded 8-Track UD4 - Discrete/Matrix Vinyl Format LP **EP - 7", 33-1/3 rpm extended play vinyl format proceeded by quad format **45 - 7", 45 rpm vinyl format proceeded by quad format Format? LP - Matrix format is unknown as the recording just lists quadraphonic, 4 channel or something similar (most likely QS)
    A GREG ALLMAN - Laid Back. Capricorn CP4-0116 (CD4), L9K-0116 (Q8) ALLMAN BROTHERS - Brothers & Sisters. Capricorn CP4-0111 (CD4), L9K-0111 (Q8) HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS - Coney Island. A&M QU-54521 (CD4), 8Q-54521 (Q8) You Smile & the Song Begins. A&M 8Q-53620 (Q8) AL ANDERSON - Al Anderson. Vanquard VSQ-40018 (SQ) BRIAN AUGER & THE TRINITY - Befour. RCA PQ8-1600 (Q8)
    B JOAN BAEZ - Blowin' Away. Portrait PRQ-34697 (SQ), RAQ-34697 (Q8) THE BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations/Best. Reprise MS4-2223 (CD4), L9M-2223 (Q8) JEFF BECK - Live with the Jan Hammer Group. Epic PEQ-34433 (SQ), EAQ-34433 (DQ8) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - Street Party. Atco QD36-101 (CD4), QT36-101 (Q8) BLACK SABBATH - Sabotage. Warner Bros. BS4-2822 (CD4), L9B-2822 (Q8) BREAD - Best Vol. 2. Elektra EQ-1005 (CD4), 8Q-1005 (Q8) BLUE SUEDE - Hooked on a Feeling'. Capitol Q8W-11286 (Q8) DAVE BRUBECK - * Live. Artists House # unknown (QS) SANDY BULL - Demolition Man. Vanguard VSQ-40012 (SQ)
    C CANNED HEAT - Future Blues. Liberty A-9060 (Q8) CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND - Unconditionally Guaranteed. Mercury MQ8-1-709 (Q8) CAPTAIN BEYOUND - Captain Beyond. Capricorn CP4-0105 (CD4) CARAVAN - For Girls Who Grew Plump in the Night. London J-12710 (QR), L-72710 (Q8) WALTER CARLOS - * Switched On Bach. # unknown (CD4) * A Clockwork Orange. # unknown (CD4) {a article on CD-4 cartridges in the March 1974 issue of Audio Magazine included these "Experimental Records" in the testing of the cartridges} CHICAGO At Carnegie Hall. Columbia C4Q-30865 or CQX-30865 (SQ) CLEAN LIVING - Clean Living. Vanguard VSQ-40009 (SQ) Meadowmuffin. Vanguard VSQ-40025 (SQ) BILLY COBHAM - Spectrum. Atlantic QD-7268 (CD4), QT-7268 (Q8) LEONARD COHEN - * Songs of Love and Hate. Columbia #unknown (SQ) {Available only as a test pressing with a gold quadraphonic label}
    D DANNY DAVIS & THE NASHVILLE BRASS - Movin' On. RCA Music Services T-112039 (Q8) MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew. Columbia GAQ-30997 (Q8) Live - Evil. Columbia CAQ-32582 (DQ8)
    E EAGLES - Desperado. Asylum EQ-5068 (CD4), 8Q-5068 (Q8) Eagles. Asylum EQ-5054 (CD4), 8Q-5054 (Q8) GRAEME EDGE & ADRIAN GURVITZ - Kick Off Your Muddy Boots. Threshold L-715 (Q8) ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - Eldorado. United Artist UA-DA339-H (Q8) * Electric Light Orcheestra. Harvest Q4 SHVL 797 (SQ) [UK] {stereo only vinyl record inserted in quad album cover} * ELO II. Harvest Q4 SHVL 806 (SQ) DON ELLIS - Tears of Joy. Columbia GAQ-30927 (Q8) EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends. Manticore [3 LP] QD-3-200 (CD4) Trilogy. Cotillion QT-9903 (Q8)
    F FOGHAT - Energized. Bearsville BR4-6950 (CD4), L9V-6950 (Q8) Rock & Roll Outlaws. Bearsville BR4-6956 (CD4), L9V-6956 (Q8) ARETHA FRANKLIN - With Everything I Feel. Atlantic QD-1811 (CD4), QT-18116 (Q8) KINKY FRIEDMAN - Sold American. Vanguard VSQ-40024 (SQ)
    G J. GEILS BAND - Bloodshot. Atlantic QD-7260 (CD4)
    H MERLE HAGGARD - Keep Movin' On. Capitol Q8W-11365 (Q8) EDDIE HARRIS - Sings the Blues. Atlantic QT-1625 (Q8) HAWKWIND - In Search of Space. United Artist UA-DA211-H (Q8) Space Ritual. United Artist UA-DA120-P (Q8) JIMI HENDRIX - Crash Landing. Reprise MS4-2204 (CD4), L9M-2204 (Q8) BOB HINKLE - * Ollie Moggus. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ)
    I IGUANA - The Winds of Alamar. Quadratrak QS8A101 (QS8), QSCA101 (QSC)
    J CHRIS JAGGER - Chris Jagger. Asylum 8Q-5069 (Q8) JAMES GANG - Sixteen Greatest Hits. ABC [2} 7022-801A/B (Q8) JETHRO TULL - Minstrel in the Gallery. Chrysalis CH4-1082 (CD4), L9C-1082 (Q8) M.U./Best. Chrysalis CH4-1078 (CD4), L9C-1078 (Q8) BILLY JOEL - Piano Man. Family Productions H-12544 (QR) Streetlife Serenade. Family Productions H-13146 (QR) QUINCY JONES - Walking in Space. A&M QU-53023 (SQ) MARC JONSON - Years. Vanguard VSQ-40011 (SQ)
    K KILLER FROG - Killer Frog I. Ovation OVQD-1432 (QS), Q-132 (QR), Q-8132 (Q8) ANITA KERR SINGERS - * Grow To Know Me. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ) * A Christmas Story, with Royal Philharmonic. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ)
    L PEGGY LEE - Let’s Love. Atlantic QD-181018 (CD4), QT-18108 (Q8) MICHEAL LEGRAND - Twenty Songs of the Century. Bell [2] K-14200 (QR), J-74200 (Q8) JOHN LENNON - Mind Games. Apple Q8W-3414 (Q8) DAVE LIEBMAN - * Keeper of the Pass. Horizon # unknown (QS) * Harvest. Horizon # unknown (QS) ENOCH LIGHT - Big Band Hits of the 30's Vol. 2. Project 3 PR5089CD4 (CD4) GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Gords Gold. Reprise [2 LP] 2MS4-2237 (CD4), 2L9M-2237 (Q8) GUY LOMBARDO & THE ROYAL CANADIANS - Every Night is New Year’s Eve. London J-17904 (QR), L-77904 (Q8) LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHSTRA - White Gold. 20th Century QT-158 (Q8)
    M CHUCK MANGIONE - Bellavia. A&M 8Q-54557 (Q8) BOB MARLEY - Natty Dread. Island MQ8-9281 (Q8) LES McCANN - Talk to the People. Atlantic QT-1619 (Q8) COUNTRY JOE McDONALD - Country Joe. Vanguard VSQ-40043 (SQ) Paradise with an Ocean View. Fantasy FPM-4007 (CD4), 7163-4007H (Q8) Paris Sessions. Vanguard VSQ-40022 (SQ) JOHN McLAUGHLIN - Apocalypse. Columbia CQ-32957 (SQ), CAQ-32957 (DQ8) MELTING POT - * Fire Burn and Couldron Bubble. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ) WES MONTGOMERY - Greatest Hits. A&M QU-54247 (CD4) MOODY BLUES - * Seventh Sojourn. Threshold # unknown (SQ) {The liner notes to the SACD mention that a test pressing was made but was not released due to sound quality concerns} MAX MORATH - Irving Berlin / The Ragtime Years. Vanguard VSQ-40042 (SQ) WERNER MULLER ORCHESTRA - A Mystic Portrait of the Moody Blues. London J-17204 (QR), L-77204 (Q8) MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA - Drifting Prophet. Sound Bird SB4-7511 (CD4), 7313-7511H (Q8) Nighttide. Sound Bird SB4-7502 (CD4), 7313-7502H (Q8) One Stormy Night. Sound Bird SB4-7501 (CD4), 7313-7501H (Q8)
    N MICKEY NEWBURY - I Came to Hear the Music. Elektra EQ-1007 (CD4), 8Q-1007 (Q8) LAURA NYRO - * Beads of Sweat. Columbia # unknown (SQ) (Q8) {quad mix by Jim Reeves that was not released, formats are assumed}
    O MICHEAL OLDFIELD - Tubular Bells. Virgin PZQ-34116 (SQ) YOKO ONO - Fly. Apple Records (Q8) {Billboard ad for "Fly" listed the album as being available in all tape configurations including "Quadrasonic-Eight" but was not released in that format} OREGON - Music of Another Present Era. Vanguard VSQ-40015 (SQ) Winter Light. Vanguard VSQ-40045 (SQ) DONNY OSMOND - * My Best To You. MGM #unknown (Q8)
    P DOLLY PARTON - Bargain Store. RCA APD1-0950 (CD4), APT1-0950 (Q8) My Tennessee Mountain Home. RCA APD1-0033 (CD4), APT1-0033 (Q8) PINK FLOYD - Animals. Columbia JCQ-34474 (SQ), CAQ-34474 (DQ8) ELVIS PRESLEY - From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. RCA APD1-1506 (CD4), APT1-1506 (Q8) BILLY PRESTON - Music is My Life. A&M QU-53516 (SQ) MASON PROFIT - * Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ)
    Q QUEEN - Queen. Elektra 8Q-5064 (Q8)
    R BONNIE RAITT - Takin' My Time. Warner Bros. BS4-2729 (CD4), L9B-2729 (Q8) LOU RAWLS - Unmistakably Lou. Philadelphia International PZQ-34488 (SQ), ZAQ-3488 (DQ8) PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS * Same. Epic # unknown (SQ) (Q8) {quad mix by Jim Reeves that was not released, formats are assumed} TODD RUNDGREN - Initiation. Berasville BR4-6957 (CD4)
    S LEO SAYER - Another Year. Warner Bros. BS4-2885 (CD4), L9M-2885 (Q8) TOM SCOTT - The L.A. Express. Ode 8Q-88021 (Q8) DICK SCHORY - The Quadfather. Ovation OVQD-1435 (QS), Q-135 (QR), Q-8135 (Q8) CORKEY SIEGLE & JIM SCHWALL - Best. Vanguard VSQ-40026 (SQ) {Covers were issued with the Quadraphonic notation but the record label is not the Quad green label and the etching in the run out groove is VSD-xxx for stereo version} CARLY SIMON - Another Passenger. Elektra EQ-1064 (CD4) SIMON AND GARFUNKLE - * Bookends. Columbia # unknown (SQ) (Q8) {quad mix by Jim Reeves that was not released, formats are assumed} SIVUCA - Sivuca. Vanguard VSQ-40028 (SQ) SLY & THE FAMILY STONE - Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back. Epic PEQ-34348 (SQ), EAQ-34348 (DQ8) There's A Riot Going' On. CBS (SQ) {mentioned as "Coming Soon" on Columbia SQD-101 7" Sampler from the CBS Technology Center} RINGO STARR - Ringo. Apple Q8W-3413 (Q8) CAT STEVENS - * Catch Bull at Four. A&M QU-54365 (CD4) Numbers. A&M QU-54555 (CD4), 8Q-54555 (Q8) * Tea for the Tillerman. A&M QU-54280 (CD4) * Teaser and the Firecat. A&M QU-54313 (CD4) ROD STEWART - Atlantic Crossing. Warner Bros. BS4-2875 (CD4), L9B-2875 (Q8) Smiler. Mercury MQ8-1-1017 (Q8) SUN RA - * Art Forms In Dimensions Tomorrow. Impulse ASD-9295 (QS) Crystal Spears. Impulse ASD-9297 (QS) Cymbals. Impulse ASD-9296 (QS) My Brother the Wind. Impulse ASD-9289 (QS) * Other Planes of There. Impulse ASD-9293 (QS) * We Travel The Spaceways. Impulse ASD-9292 (QS)
    T JAMES TAYLOR - Sweet Baby James. Warner Bros. WS4-1843 (CD4), L9B-1843 (Q8) THREE DOG NIGHT - * Dog Style. Command CQD-40018 (QS) * Joy To The World/Greatest Hits. Command # unknown (QS) TRAFFIC - John Barleycorn Must Die. United Artist UA-DA202-H (Q8) TROGGS - Vintage Years. Sire [2] 7147-3714/2 (Q8)
    U URIAH HEEP - Return to Fantasy. Warner Bros. BS4-2869 (CD4)
    W GENEVIEVE WAITE - Romance is on the Rise. Project 3 PR5088SQ (SQ), PRQ8-5088 (Q8) JOE WALSH - So What. Command CQD-40017 (QS) {Rumor has it that this was mixed in quad and presented to the record company as a quad only release. For some reason they were not interested. One track from the quad mix was released on "KOSS- Perspectives/The New Sound of Koss.....A Psycho-Acoustic Odyssey. KQD-75 (QS)" listed on the anthology/sampler page. This leads us to believe that it was mixed for quad but never released} DIONNE WARWICK - Track of the Cat. Warner Bros. BS4-2893 (CD4), L9B-2893 (Q8) GROVER WASHINGTON - Mister Magic. Kudu KQ8-20KT (Q8) CHRIS WILLIAMSON - * Chris Williamson. Ampex Records # unknown (SQ) EDGAR WINTER - * White Trash. Epic # unknown (SQ) (Q8) {quad mix by Jim Reeves that was not released, formats are assumed}
    Y YES - Close to the Edge. Atlantic QT-7422 (Q8)
    Z FRANK ZAPPA - One Size Fits All. Warner Bros. BS4-2879 (CD4), L9B-2879 (Q8) * Roxy & Elsewhere. Discreet # unknown (CD4) Z Z TOPP - Fandango. London H-1656 (QR), L-7656 (Q8)
    Classical ANGEL S-36887 Willi Boskovsky/Johann Strauss Orchestra of Vienna: Music of Vienna, Album 2 (JOHANN STRAUSS II: Wine, Women & Song, 0p. 333; Tales from the Vienna Woods, Op. 325; At the Hunt, Op. 373. EDUARD STRAUSS: Open Track, Op. 45; Non Stop, Op. 112. JOSEF LANNER: Schonbrunn Waltz, Op. 200. FRANZ VON SUPPE: Light Calvary Overture. CARL MICHAEL ZIEHRER: Vienna Burghers, Op. 419. KAREL KOMZAKS: Baden Girls, Op. 257.) DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON * VP-301 (SQ) HOLST: The Planets (Suite For Large Orchestra) [Germany] Conductor–William Steinberg, Boston Symphony Orchestra {Test pressings were issued} COLUMBIA (Masterworks) M2-34202 HECTOR BERLIOZ: Requiem ("Grand Meese de Morts"), Op. 5 (Burrows, Bernstein/French National Radio Orchestra) CONNOISSEUR SOCIETY CSQ-2149 EDVARD GRIEG: Ballade (Variations on a Norwegian Folk Song), Op. 20; Little Bird, Op. 43, No. 4; Wedding Day at Troldhaugen, Op. 65, No. 6; Waltz, Op. 12, No. 2; Arieta, Op. 12, No. 1; At the Cradle, Op. 68, No. 5; Sonata in e, Op. 7; French Serenade, Op. 62, No. 3; Fairy Dance, Op. 12, No. 4; But- terfly, Op. 43, No. 1; Album Leaf, Op. 47, No. 2; To the Spring, Op. 43, No. 6; Norwegian Bridal Procession, Op. 79, No. 2; (Laval, piano) {This title was announced as being released in Quad, but was not. However, a stereo version was released by Seraphim on S-60319} DELOS DEL-25423 J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 1 (Six Concerti) (Rubsam) DEL-25424 J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 2 (Passacaglia in C; Fantasia in c; The Schubler Chorales; Magnificat) (Rubsam) DEL-25425/26 [2 LP] J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 4 (Orgelbuchlein) (Rubsam) DEL-25428/29 [2 LP] J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 3 (18 Great Leipzig Chorales) (Rubsam) DBX DEL-25423 J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 1 (Six Concerti) (Rubsam) DEL-25424 J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 2 (Passacaglia in C; Fantasia in c; The Schubler Chorales; Magnificat) (Rubsam) DEL-25425/26 [2 LP] J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 4 (Orgelbuchlein) (Rubsam) DEL-25428/29 [2 LP] J.S. BACH: The Organ Works, Vol. 3 (18 Great Leipzig Chorales) (Rubsam) LONDON (Phase 4 Series) J-17095 (QR)/L-77095 (Q8) Paita/Netherlands Redio Philharmonic Orchestra: Great Concert Overtures (Leonore Overture No, 3; Roman Carnival Overture; Academic Festival Overture; Rienzi Overture) MERCURY * Mercury 4-2-4 Matrix Demo Disk. MQ 1 (Format? LP) BRAHMS: 3rd movement, 4th sym. HANDEL: Water music, allegro, final FUCIK: Thunder & Bblazes TSCHAIKOVSKY: Scherzo, sym. 2 BACH: Prelude, cello suite 3 STRAVINSKY: Fireworks ANDERSON: The musical typewriter, The syncopated clock MURRAY HILL 931079* (QS) [5 LP] SCOTT JOPLIN: His Complete Known Works (Please Say You Will; A Picture of Her Face (a); The Great Crush Collision (a); Harmony Club Waltz; Combination Masrch; Original Rags; Maple Leaf Rag (a); Swipesy; Sunflower Slow Drag (a); Peacherine Rag (a); Augustan Club Waltz (a); The Easy Winners; Cleopha; The Strenuous Life (a); I Am Thinking of my Pickanniny Days, The Ragtime Dance; The Breeze from Alabama; Elite Synco- pation; March Majestic; The Entertainer (a); Something Doing (a) Weeping Willow; Little Black Baby; Palm Leaf Rag; The Favorite (a); The Sycamore; The Cascades; The Chrysanthemum; Rosebud March; Bethena; Leola; Sarah Dear; Binks Waltz; Eugenia; Antoi- nette; Snoring Sampson; Gladiolus Rag; Searchlight Rag; the Non- pareil; When Your Hair Is Like Snow; Rose Leaf Rag; Heliotrope; Bouquet; School ot Ragtime; Fig Leaf Rag; Sugar Cane; Pine Apple Rag; Wall Street Rag; Solace; Plesant Moments; County Club; Par- agon Rag; Euphonic Sounds; Stoptime Rag; Felicity Rag; High- lights from "Treemonisha" (b); A Real Slow Drag (b); prelude to Act 3 (b); Frolic of the Bears (b); Lovin' Babe; Scott Joplin's New Rag; Kismet Rag; Magnetic Rag; Reflection Rag; Silver Swan Rag; Lilly Queen; Sensation)(Zimmerman, piano) {recordings marked (a) also appear on Olympic 7119; recordings marked (b) also appear on Olympic 8139} NONESUCH 8Q-1276 (Q8) Western Wind Vocal & Instrumental Ensemble: Early American Vocal Music/New England Anthems & Southern Folk Hymns 8Q-1281 (Q8) KURT WEILL: Kleine Dreigroschenmusik (Suite from "The Three penny Opera") DARIUS MILHAUD: Creation du monde (Weisbarg/ Contemporary Chamber Ensemble) 8Q-1283 (Q8) GEORGE ROCHBERG: String Quartet No. 3 (Concord Quartet) PHILIPS * VP-305 (SQ) TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Op. 74 ("Pathetique") Conductor-Bernard Haitink, Concertgebouw orchestra Amsterdam [Germany] {Test pressings were issued} POLYDOR * VP-303 (SQ) UNKNOWN: Superstar {Test pressings were issued} RCA (Red Seal) ARD1-1324 (CD4)/ART1-1324 (Q8) SERGEI RACHMANINOFF: Concerto No. 3 in d for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 3O (Ashkenazy, Ormandy/ Philadelphia Orchestra) ARD1-1325 (CD4)/ART1-1325 (Q8) SERGE PROKOFIEV: Lieutenant Kije Suite, Op. 60. ZOLTAN KODALY: Hary Janos Suite (Ormandy/Phila- delphia Orchestra) ARD1-1326 (CD4)/ART1-1326 (Q8) JOHANNES BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1 in c, Op. 68 (Levine/Chicago Symphony) TURNABOUT QTV 34700 (QS) ANTONIN DVORAK: Concerto in a for Violin, Op. 53; Romance for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 11; Mazurek in e for Violin, Op. 49 (Ricci, Susskind/St. Louis Symphony) QTV 34706 (QS) ANTON DVORAK: Concerto in b for Cello, Op. 104; Silent Woods, for Cello & Orchestra, Op. 68; Rondo in g for Cello & Orchestra, Op. 94 (Nelsova, Susskind/St. Louis Symphony) QTV 34711 (QS) LEONARD BERNSTEIN: "West Side Story" Symphonic Dances. ULYSSES KAY: Western Symphony (Shaw/Atlanta Symphony) QTV 34712 (QS) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71A; Romeo & Juliet (fantasy overture) (Shaw/Atlanta Symphony) QTV 34713 The Rage of 1710 (Works by Mouret, Pachelbel, Vivaldi, Bach, Albinoni, Clarke, Handel & Boccerini) QTV 34714 American Fantasia {This Catalog number was listed on a stereo Turnabout recording, TV-34714, but was not issued in Quad) QTV 34715 Pomp & Circumstance {This Catalog number was listed on a stereo Turnabout recording, TV-34714, but was not issued in Quad) VANGUARD VSQ-30028 (SQ) ANTHONY PHILIP HEINRICH: Dawning of Music in Kentucky; Western Minstrel (Bruce/American Music Group) VSQ-30030 (SQ) Waverly Consort: 14th Century Music. VSQ-30031 (SQ) Max Morath: The Best of Scott Joplin.
    Anthology/Sampler/Test/Effects OVATION Introducing Ovation Records Vector 4 Quadraphonic Sound. Q-8400 (Q8) PROJECT 3 RECORD LABEL Great Rock Groups in Quad. PR5083SQ (SQ)/PR4C-5083 (QR)/ PRQ8-5083 (Q8) RCA I Will See You in Hawaii. APD1-0003 (CD4) SOUND BIRD The Storm and the Sea/Sounds of Love. 7313-4551H (Q8) The Forest and the Water/Sounds of Love. 7313-4552H (Q8) Hawaii/Sounds of Love. 7313-4553H (Q8) WARNER BROTHERS Green Board South (Railroad Sound Effects). WSTQ-2656-QF (QR)
    Movie Soundtracks and Original Cast Carmilla (Original Cast, La Mama). Vanguard VSQ-40017 (SQ) Irene (Original Broadway Cast/Debbie Reynolds). Columbia SQ-32266 (SQ), SAQ-3266 (Q8) King Kong (Original 1933 Score). Entr'acte ERQ-7002 (QS) Mack & Mabel (Original Cast). ABC Command CQD-40021 (QS) South Pacific (Original Soundtrack). RCA OQ8-1003 (Q8)

    List Compiled and Copyright By
    Mark Anderson

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    This page would like to thank and acknowledge the fine work
    done by the contributors to "Quad Inc." for the contributions
    to this page in layout and additional notations to the listings.
    Larry Clifton - editor, with the assistance of Brian Moura,
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