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This list was created to document the quadraphonic Video's that were made in the '80's.
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    8. Any comments that might be helpful.
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    DAVID BOWIE - * Serious Moonlight (1984) Pioneer PA-84-097 (Laserdisc), VPLR-70331 (Laserdisc, Japan) Music Media M441 (Beta & VHS Tape), Warner Brothers 4509 96839-3 Dolby Linear & Hi-Fi Stereo VHS, RS3001 (Beta, Japan) {The US Beta & VHS tape state "an SQ/Tate surround stereo recording" on front cover. The laserdisc makes no mention of surround and was available in both 16-bit PCM digital audio and analog audio with CX noise reduction encoding. The UK VHS edition were issued on two tapes as volume 1 & 2} * Serious Moonlight (2006) 013023015494 (DVD) {The DVD has Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 & Dolby 2.0 which is to be SQ encoded. a DVD was issued in 1999 in Dolby digital 5.1 but is rumored not to be an official release} MARILYN CHAMBERS - Insatiable II (1984) Image Entertainment (Laserdisc) {has the SQ logo on the jacket} LIONEL HAMPTON - * Hampton Live or "Live" Hamp (1983) Sony 16310013910 (8mm), 15523165 (VHS) {Issued on 8MM video tape (Video 8) Hi-Fi Stereo and Linear Track VHS. No Beta or Laserdisc version is known. The Cover title is "Hampton Live" while the Video tape label says "Live" Hamp! Notes on back only mention the surround engineer. Cover states Volume 1 but that applies to the Jazz series of tapes and not a second tape of this performance which is only 23 minutes.} KENNY LOGGINS - * Alive (1982) RCA 12120 (Stereo CED Video Disc, CX Noise), Pioneer MP058-22MP (Laserdisc, CX Noise) [Japan], Pioneer PA-82-019 (Laserdisc, CX Noise), 20TH Century Fox (US) (VHS Linear Stereo) {This is RUMORED to be SQ encoded but have not seen comparisons between the CD mix and the video to identify they are different or if the CD is also SQ. No source of the rumor has been identified. The concert was recorded in 1980. Bruce Botnick was the Engineer on the original album and he was involved with some quad recordings and "Dreams" - A CBS T.V. series hat was recorded using Ambisonics. A fan made DVD video/DVD-Audio was made from the laserdisc using a Tate II decoder and sounds nice leading one to believe it is indeed SQ. DVD's were released in 5.1 Dolby digital in '92 (Pioneer 10037) and '98 (Pioneer PA-98-576) outside of the U.S. Market} DOLLY PARTON - * Dolly Parton's London Concert. (1983) RCA CS11E-V105606 (CED Videodisc), RCA 043396603752 (US) (VHS Hi-Fi Stereo), Pioneer PA-84-068 (Laserdisc), RCA RVT 20230 (UK) (Dolby Linear & Hi-Fi Stereo) {No indication of surround is listed on the laserdisc. decoding reviews are not favorable. the VHS and Beta Hi-Fi tapes even had little blurbs about the Tate/SQ Encoding} BUDDY RICH * Live in King Street (1985) Pioneer PA-85-132 (US) (Laserdisc), Pioneer SM058-3014 (Japan) (Laserdisc), SVS #unknown (VHS Hi-Fi), Sony #unknown (Beta Hi-Fi) {insert in the Laserdisc talks about the Tate System, The VHS & Beta has a blurb printed on the back} The Channel One Suite (2003) (Same as Live in King Street) WEA Corp 65458826 (DVD) {DVD with Dolby Digital 4.0, DTS 4.0 & Dolby 2.0 which is to be SQ encoded, The 4.0 mix is from the SQ encoded master as a multi-track tape was not used}
    From MCS Review Vol.6 No.2 Autumn 1984 Report on Summer Consumer Elec. Show SQ/Tate's Modest Proposals At the Conrad Hilton, Gary Reber, president of the Tate Audio affiliate, Tate-Reber Productions, spoke about recent and future developments associated with SQ/Tate Surround Stereo technology. Given that Fosgate Research is the sole Tate System licensee for producing home equipment, Reber's report that production of the Fosgate Model 1O1A Tate II had reached 100 units per month was encouraging. He also announced that Fosgate Research, Inc., was in the process of moving to a location near Salt Lake City and into a larger production facility. The Tate II has been especially well-received as a surround-sound decoder for video, and it is in video applications where use of SQ/Tate technology is being most actively promoted. As most MCS Review readers know, a larger number of pre-recorded videocassette tapes contain the surround-encoded Dolby Stereo soundtracks which are transferred from 35mm optical movie prints. However, Reber pointed out that Dolby Laboratories is licensed only to use the Tate surround stereo technology for professional motion picture production and exhibition. For home video products Tate Audio is proposing that SQ, not Dolby MP, be adopted as the encoding standard, and the technique for achieving this could have Implications for theater sound as well. Tate Audio wants film producers to make their original multichannel soundtrack mixdowns differently than now done, creating five full-range channels (left front, center front, right front, right back and left back) and a single subwoofer channel, instead of the four full-range channels (Lf, Cf, Rf and Surround) and two subwoofer channels developed now for Dolby's stereo systems for films With independent Lb and Rb signals available in the origina1 mix, soundtracks for home video products could be SQ-encoded with two separate surround Channels instead of the single surround channel of Dolby MP. According to Reber, video cassettes prepared in this new way will be prominently identified by the words 'SQ/Tate System'. Regarding theater versions of films, the final soundtrack mix for 35mm releases would be unchanged, prepared as now with a single surround channel, but, for 70mm presentations, the Tate Audio proposal would make separate left and right rear channels standard, a special feature used only rarely with the Dolby 70mm system Recent music video releases now available in the SQ/Tate System are Dolly Parton's London Concert, David Bowie's 'Serious Moonlight' and Lionel Hampton's Las Vegas concert. Performers who will be featured in coming releases include The Tubes, DEVO and Lionel Richie. Also in the works is an SQ/Tate Compact Disc release of the music soundtrack from 'Star Trek III: In Search of Spock'. * It does not appear that any of the performers mentioned as future releases came to be as The Tubes did not release a video after 1981's "The Tubes Video". Devo "We're All Devo" was issued in '84 and is a collection of videos from 1976 to 1983. Lionel Ritchie "All Night Long" cam out in 1985 and is a video compilation and did not release "Live: The Outrageous Tour" until 1987.
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