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  I have used the Sansui QSD1 and four JBL 150 speakers to test the Records that
do not indicate quad on them.
The first thing I want to say is that the QSD1 does a great job on Stereo 
And I donít always know how the Quad Lp was mixed, It may be an aggressive mix
or a soft surround or Ambiance. All the 4D series seem to Synthesize very well.
I have found that Synthesizing stereo gives a right sidewall and a left sidewall
of sound when displayed on the Scope and now and then the right rear or left
rear may be dominant for 1 to 3 seconds Giving a pseudo Quad effect. So all the
following statements are to the best of my knowledge and if anyone has other
results I will not argue as I am not the great know all.

I have put an **** on a couple of LPs as I am not sure if they are Quad or not
as they are a soft mix not having a strong rear channel solo but a blend. 

I played the LPs that were not marked Quad and marked the ones that are

The  Synthesonic Sounds are strange they are a weak Quad mix if they are Quad
The Classical ones are hard to assess as sometimes they may be Ambiance

rustyandi 2014

Cyril Stapleton - Big Band Is Back. GH 531, Played as Quad The Button Down Brass - Golden Hour Of. GH 588, Played as Quad Vic Lewis - My Friends The Stars. NSPH 401, Played as Quad**** London Pops Orchestra - Hits Philharmonic Vol. 3. NSPL 41002, Played as Quad Victor Silvestorís Strings - Music Of Tchaikovsky. NSPL 41008, Played as Quad**** John MacLeod - A String Bag of Bones. NSPL 41012, Played as Quad City Of Westminster String Band - Knock Three Times And More. NSPL 41018, Played as Quad Harry Roche Constellation - Spiral. NSPL 41024, Played as Quad Alan Tew Orchestra - Donít Look At Me, Listen To The Music. NSPL 41025, Played as Quad Sounds Orchestral - Clouds. NSPL 41026, Played as Quad Synthesonic Sounds - Ye Olde Moog. NSPL 41033, Played as Quad**** Synthesonic Sounds - Moog At The Movies. NSPL 41034, Played as Quad**** The Alan Tew Orchestra - Carnival! NSPL 41035, Played as Quad Ken Moule - The Wonderful Sound Of Hans Christian Andersen. NSPL 41042, Played as Quad Alan Tew Orchestra - To The One I Love. NSPL 41044, Played as Quad Vic Lewis - Academy Award Winners & Other Hits. NSPL 41050, Played as Quad**** Norrie Paramor Orchestra - Classical Rhythm. NSPLX 41058, Played as Quad

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