Akai AS-1080 Receiver
Quadraphonic Discography
6-6-2014 VERSION 1.1a

   This is a list of popular Asian Quadraphonic recordings on vinyl, cassette,
8-track and reel to reel that were specifically marketed in Asian 
countries and not marketed in Europe & the Americas. Popular artists that
were marketed in other countries and also had releases in Asian markets can
be found in the Popular Discography.
   This is not a complete list. Information about quadraphonic recordings
that are not listed here or corrections to list are greatly appreciated
and encouraged.
   Country of origin is listed for recordings manufactured outside of 
the United States. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was
only available in that country.
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format - LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track), QR (Quad Reel to Reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox DOT net
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    This list can be accessed from :
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets [ ]. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are indicated by an asterisk (*). 5. Abbreviations : ( ) 4S - Teichiku Records Japan "4s system matrix, Super Space Stereo Sound". matrix vinyl format (conforms to the regular matrix (RM) standard) Some releases also mention RM or QS 8 - 8-track CD4 - JVC Discrete/Matrix Vinyl Format CM4 - Polydor Japan Matrix Vinyl Format (conforms to the regular matrix (RM) standard) D** - Dolby Quad Reel or Dolby Quad 8-Track DY- Dynaquad Matrix Format Vinyl LP EV - Electrovoice Matrix Format Vinyl LP HJ - BBC Matrix HJ Format Vinyl LP LP - 33-1/3 rpm Long Play Record MH - BBC Matrix H Format Vinyl LP Q8 - Quad 8-Track Cartridge QCC - Quad 4 Track Cassette QR - Quad Reel to Reel QS - Sansui Matrix Format Vinyl LP (Applies to titles marked RM) QX - Nippon-Columbia Matrix Format Vinyl LP (conforms to the regular matrix (RM) standard) RM - Regular Matrix SQ - CBS Matrix Format Vinyl LP **C - Matrix Encoded Cassette **8 - Matrix Encoded 8-Track **R - Matrix Encoded Reel UD4 - Nippon-Columbia Discrete/Matrix Vinyl Format LP **EP - 7", 33-1/3 rpm extended play vinyl format preceded by quad format **45 - 7", 45 rpm vinyl format preceded by quad format Format? LP - Matrix format is unknown as the recording just lists quadraphonic, 4 channel or something similar (most likely QS)
    A TETSUYA AKAGI & ALL STARS - * Tenor Sax Mood. Teichiku CDX-12 (CD4) [Japan] TOSHIKO AKIYOSHI - The Personal Aspects In Jazz. JVC CD4B-5007 (CD4) [Japan] TOSHIKO AKIYOSHI & LEW TABACKIN BIG BAND - Kogun. RCA R4P-5076 (CD4) [Japan] MARI AMACHI - Koisuru Natsunohi B/W Hana Hirakutok. CBS/SONY SOLB45 (SQ45) [JAPAN] MINA AOE - Big Hits-Isezaki Blues. JVC CD4B-5039 (CD4) [Japan] Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5095 (CD4) [Japan] * Isezskicho Blues. JVC CD4B-5058/9 (CD4) [Japan] [2LP] * Kage Wo Shitaite. JVC CD4B-5072 (CD4) [Japan] * Old Screen Themes. JVC CD4B-5011 (CD4) [Japan] * Sings Nagasaki. JVC CD4B-5022 (CD4) [Japan] MADOKA AOKI - * Switched On Beatles. RCA R4J-7079 (CD4) [Japan] SUSUMU ARIMA & HIS MISTY SOUNDS - The Dock Of The Bay-New Created Sounds. JVC CD4B-5002E (CD4) [Japan] SUSUMU ARIMA & NEW CREATORS - Eleanor Rigby, Rock & Drums. JVC CD4B-5009 (CD4) [Japan] SUSUMU ARIMA & VICTOR ORCHESTRA - Bridge Over Troubled Waters. JVC CD4B-5023 (CD4) [Japan] TORU ARIMA & NOCHE CUBANA - * Latin Sound In CD-4. Teichiku CDX-2523 (CD4) [Japan] * The Lumba. Teichiku CDX-16 (CD4) [Japan] Samba, Samba, Samba. Teichiku CDX-20 (CD4) [Japan] MIYOKO ASADA - Best Hits. Epic ECLL-7 (SQ) [Japan] YUKO ASANO - * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7094 (CD4) [Japan] MEGUMI ASAOKA - Best Hits. JVC CD4B-5065 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5082 (CD4) [Japan] * Live At Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. JVC CD4B-5102 (CD4) [Japan]
    B CHEIKO BAISHO - Chieko Baisho Recital. King 4K-15 (QS) [Japan] Disneyland. King 4K-24 (QS) [Japan] BLUE HAWAIIANS WITH STRINGS - Beyond the Reef. JVC CD4B-5024 (CD4) [Japan], Vicor International VI-1007 (CD4) [Philippines] BLUE NIGHT ALL STARS - '72 Newest Hit Tunes. Minoruphone KC-7007S (QS) [Japan] '73 Hit Tunes, Spring. Minoruphone KC-59 (RM) [Japan] '73 Hit Tunes, Summer. Minoruphone KC-63 (QS) [Japan] '73 Hit Tunes, Autumn. Minoruphone KC-65 (QS) [Japan] '73 Hit Tunes, Winter. Minoruphone KC-67 (QS) [Japan] BLUE SEAS GRAND ORCHESTRA - Poetry of the Sea. MCA CD4M-7001 (CD4) [Japan]
    C THE CARMETS - Moog Electric Sounds. JVC CD4B-5045 (CD4) [Japan] * Synthesizer Electric Sound. JVC CD4B-5066 (CD4) [Japan] CHARMEUR GROUND ORCHESTRA - East Of Eden. Teichiku CDU-2506 (CD4) [Japan] Screen Music Love And Parting. Union CDU-2507 (CD4) [Japan] CHERISH - * Live. JVC CD4B-5060/1 (CD4) [Japan] [2 LP] * Live At Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, July 15, 1975. JVC CD4B-5101 (CD4) [Japan] Live In Nashville. JVC CD4B-5091 (CD4) [Japan] CHERISH & KOTARO YAMAMOTO - * Salty Sugar-Soul Fit CD-4 Concert. JVC CD4B-5035 (CD4) [Japan] CHILDRENS FAVORITE TV THEMES - * JVC CD4K-7028 (CD4) [Japan] CHINESE INSTRUMENTAL - Pop/Tanzmusik. Tony LP-1001 (QS) [Taiwan] Pop/Tanzmusik. Tony LP-1004 (QS) [Taiwan] Pop/Tanzmusik. Tony LP-1021 (QS) [Taiwan] Pop/Tanzmusik. Tony LP-1023 (QS) [Taiwan]
    D DISNEYLAND ORCHESTRA - Disney Parade. King 4K-35 (QS) [Japan] SYAMISEN DOTO & MATATABI - * CD-4 Sound By Shakuhachi. Teichiku CDX-2 (CD4) [Japan] DOUSOTAIKO / NIPPON NO TAIKO - * Japanese Drums. JVC CD4K-7013 (CD4) [Japan] DYNAMIC BIG BAND - Same. Toshiba TP-9516Z (QS) [Japan] DYNAMIC LATIN BRASS - Latin Brass '77. Toshiba TP-9515Z (QS) [Japan]
    E OHKAWA EISAKU - Koga Melody No.2. Nippon-Columbia 4AX-9029 (UD4) [Japan] EXCITING UPTIGHT BAND - * Young a Go-Go. CBS/Sony SOLJ-14 (SQ) [Japan]
    F FANTASTIC ORCHESTRA - * Russian Folk Songs-Fantasy. Teichiku CDX-3 (CD4) [Japan] FANTASTIC SOUND ORCHESTRA - The Shadow of your smile. JVC CD4B-5032E (CD4) [Japan] THE FILM STUDIO ORCHESTRA - * Emmanuelle, Earthquake and Other Screen Themes. JVC CD4W-7100E (CD4) [Japan], JVC NQW-7011 (Q8) [Japan] Giochi Proibiti. JVC CD4W-7019E (CD4) [Japan] Godfather - Sounds of Cine Action. JVC CD4W 7010E (CD4) [Japan] Lady Sings the Blues, Love Themes From Screens. JVC CD4W-7029 (CD4) [Japan] Plein Soleil & Golden Screen Themes. JVC CD4W-7085E (CD4) [Japan] * The Story Of Steve McQueen. JVC CD4W-7081 (CD4) [Japan] The Poseidon Adventure, Spectacle Screen Themes in CD-4. JVC CD4W-7033E (CD4) [Japan] The World Of Michel Legrand. JVC CD4W 7008E (CD4) [Japan], NQW-7008 (Q8) [Japan] The World Of Francis Lai. JVC CD4W 7003E (CD4) [Japan] * Themes from 007 Series. JVC CD4W-7038E (CD4) [Japan], Vicor International VI-1001 (CD4) [Philippines] Une Histoire De Alain Delon. JVC CD4W-7078 (CD4) [Japan] FINGER FIVE - * Tobidasei. Philips 4FX-8101 (CD4) [Japan] FIVE RED BALLOONS - * Live In Los Angeles. JVC CD4B-5027 (CD4) (Japan) FOUR INFINITIES – * Spectacular In Sound. Polydor GR-1002 (CD4) [Japan] FOUR LEAVES - * Look To The Sun B/W The Summer Love. CBS/Sony SOLY6 (SQ45) [Japan] * Miagetegoran Yoru No Hoshi Wo. CBS/Sony SOLJ-76 (SQ) [Japan] Our Earth is But One B/W I Love You, Just You. CBS/Sony SOLY 87003 (SQ45) [Japan] KEIKO FUJI - * Anata No Uwasa. RCA R4J-7086 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7097 (CD4) [Japan] * Hibotan Bakuto. RCA R4J-7037 (CD4) [Japan] * Inochibi. RCA R4J-7070 (CD4) [Japan] * Miren Boshi. RCA R4J-7104 (CD4) [Japan] * On Stage. RCA R4J-7010 (CD4) [Japan] * Old Hits. RCA R4J-7030 (CD4) [Japan] * Original Golden Hits. RCA R4J-7024 (CD4) [Japan] * Original Hits. RCA R4J-7021 (CD4) [Japan] * Shiretoko Ryojo, Vol. 2. RCA R4J-7053 (CD4) [Japan] * Wakare No Hatoba. RCA R4J-7054 (CD4) [Japan] * Yoru To Anataga. RCA R4J-7064 (CD4) [Japan] KOJI FUJIKA QUINTET - Greatest Screen Themes. King 4K-43 (QS) [Japan] D. FUJITA - * Do Jo Ji. JVC CD4K 7020 (CD4) [Japan] YOSHIKAZU FUKUMURA - Jewels Of The Madonna. Denon 4-HX-9002-N (UD4) [Japan] FULL DIMENSION ORCHESTRA - * Dynamic Sound Of Love. Odeon SQ4-23 (SQ) [Venezuela] * Perfect Sound In Pops. Toshiba TP-90013V (CD4) [Japan] * Perfect Sound In Screen. Toshiba TP-90012V (CD4) [Japan] AKIRA FUSE - Aisuredp Setsunaku. King 4K-30 (QS) [Japan] Akira's Hits. King 4SS2 (QS) [Japan] Akira Fuse on Nissei Stage. King 4K-1 (QS) [Japan] Love Will Make a Better You. King 4K-20 (QS) [Japan]
    G TAISHO GOTO - * CD-4 Sound by Taisho Goto-Kimi Koishi. Teichiku CDX-2532 (CD4) [Japan] GRAND FANTASTIC STRINGS - * Beyond The Reef-Hawaiian Mode. RCA R4J-7028 (CD4) [Japan] Bridge Over Troubled Water. RCA R4J-7004 (CD4) [Japan] * Carpenters Sound-Yesterday Once More. RCA R4J-7074 (CD4) [Japan] * Continental Tango. RCA R4J-7084 (CD4) [Japan} * European Screen Music Evergreen. RCA R4J-7116 (CD4) [Japan} * Fantastic Strings Mood Vol. 2. RCA R4J-7004 (CD4) [Japan] * Fantastic Strings Mood Vol. 3. RCA R4J-7008 (CD4) [Japan] * Historia De Un Amor, The Best of Latin Music. RCA R4J-7016 (CD4) [Japan} * Hawaiian In CD-4. RCA R4J-7087 (CD4) [Japan] * Japanese Poetic Mood. RCA R4J-7036 (CD4) [Japan] * La Race Des Seigneurs. RCA R4J-7080 (CD4) [Japan] * Latin Fantasy. RCA R4J-7101 (CD4) [Japan] Love Story. RCA R4J-7003 (CD4) [Japan] * Plein Soleil. RCA R4J-7035 (CD4) [Japan] * Poetry of Japan. RCA R4J-7102 (CD4) [Japan] * Poetry of Japanese Sea. RCA R4J-7108 (CD4) [Japan] * Polyuska Polye. RCA R4J-7034 (CD4) [Japan] * Russian Folk Songs. RCA R4J-7081 (CD4) [Japan] * Dedicate to Paul Mauriat. RCA R4J-7047 (CD4) [Japan] * Symphony Screen Themes. RCA R4J-7069 (CD4) [Japan] * The Little Prince-New Screen Themes. RCA R4J-7090 (CD4) [Japan] * The Best of Italian Western Themes. RCA R4J-7013 (CD4) [Japan] * The Sound of Silence. RCA R4J-7057 (CD4) [Japan] * Touch Me In The Morning. RCA R4J-7061 (CD4) [Japan] * White Christmas. RCA R4J-7089 (CD4) [Japan] * Yesterday-Beatles Symphonic Sound. RCA R4J-7056 (CD4) [Japan] GRAND SYMPHONIC TANGO ORCHESTRA - * Continental Tango-Jealousy. Teichiku CDX-2525 (CD4) [Japan] GREENWICH STRINGS ORCHESTRA - 4 Channel Goes Pop. Interfusion IFTL-34 849Q (QS) [Australia] Best Pops 14, Vol. 2. King 4K-22 (QS) [Japan] Mammy Blue. King 4K-10 (QS) [Japan] Top Hit 14. King 4K-27 (QS) [Japan] GUITAR QUARTET - Summit Of. Warner Bros. QL-8009W (SQ) [Japan]
    H KENTARO HANEDA & TOKYO CUBAN BOYS - * Fascinating Latin Piano. RCA R4J-7088 (CD4) [Japan] KANJI HARADA - Drum Drum Drum. Polydor GR-2005 (CD4) [Japan] TOMOKO HASEGAWA – * Hoshi no Ko Chobin. JVC CD4K 7022 (CD4) [Japan] YUKIO HASHI - * Live in U.S.A. Shrine Auditorium L.A., CA. JVC CD4B-5079 (CD4) [Japan] * Marital Songs. JVC CD4B-5068 (CD4) [Japan] * Uramachi Jinsei. JVC CD4B-5025 (CD4) (Japan) NOBUO HARA & HIS SHARPS AND FLATS - New Jazz In Japan. Nippon Columbia QJ-9005 (QX) [Japan] * The 20th Anniversary Concert. CBS/Sony SOLJ-3/4 [2 LP] (SQ) [Japan] KOJI HATORI & THE SOUND EXPLOSION - Best & Best. Trio PA-5022 SQ (SQ) [Japan] PEGGY HAYAMA - Japanese Folksong Highlights. King 4K-25 (QS) [Japan] HEDAVA & DAVID - * Looking Back. RCA R4P-5067 (CD4) [Japan] MIEKO HIROTA - Miko Live. Nippon-Columbia QB-9018 (QS) [Japan] Then Came You. Nippon-Columbia 4PX-9024 (UD4) [Japan] Yesterday Once More. Nippon-Columbia 4PX-9010 (UD4) [Japan] MIMI HIYOSHI - * Best Hits. JVC CD4B-5019 (CD4) (Japan)
    I AKIHIKO ICHIHARA & WARNER BEATNIKS - The Big Drum 20 Best Hit. Atlantic QL-6076A (SQ) [Japan] KAOLU IIYOSHI - Feelin' Good. Denon QD-9016 (QX) [Japan] JIRO INAGAKI & HIS SOUL MEDIA TOKYO CUBAN BOYS - Quad Dimension/Rock 'n' Latin. Nippon Columbia QB-9001 (QX) [Japan] TAKESHI INOMATA & SOUND LIMITED - Drum Battle-Rock Now. RCA R4J-7017 (CD4) [Japan] I Dream Of Naomi. JVC CD4B-5004 (CD4) [Japan] * Yesterday. Polydor GR-2001 (CD4) [Japan] T. INOMATA, A. ISHIKAWA, S. TABATA & K. TANAKA - * Hit Pops Special-4 Big Drummers. Teichiku CDX-2504 (CD4) [Japan] * Perfect Sound-4 Big Drummers. Teichiku CDX-2501 (CD4) [Japan] MUNETAKA INOUE & HIS SHARP FIVE - Big Operation 4 Channel. Nippon-Columbia QB-9003 (QX) [Japan] YOSHIYUKI ISHIDA - * Darjeeling Railroad In India. Toshiba TP-90017Z (CD4) [Japan] YUJIRO ISHIHARA - * Fantastic Orchestra Sound-Hit Melody of. Teichiku CDX-18 (CD4) [Japan] Enchanted Million Seller. Teichiku CDX-2512 (CD4) [Japan] AKIRA ISHIKAWA & COUNT BUFFALO - * African Rock. RCA R4J-7011 (CD4) [Japan] Dynamic Big Band Hit Sound. Toshiba TP-92009Z (QS) [Japan] Love Theme From The Godfather. Toshiba #unknown (QS) [Japan] * Uganda. Toshiba TP-9520Z (QX) [Japan] * Rock Big Band. Toshiba TP-9523Z (QS) [Japan] * This Is Four Channel Sound! Toshiba TP-92002Z (CD4) [Japan] * Tsugaru-Jamisen Vs. Drums. Teichiku Records CDX-14 (CD4) [Japan] AKIRA ISHAKAWA & FORMATIONS - Exciting Beat. JVC CD4B-5048 (CD4) [Japan] AKIRA ISHAKAWA & JACKIE YOSHIKAWA - * Drum, Drum. JVC CD4B-5084 (CD4) [Japan] HIROSHI ISHIMARU - Joy of Music + Concrete. Columbia QC-9008-N (QX) [Japan] HARUMI ITO - * Japanese Oldies. Polydor GR-2004 (CD4) [Japan] HIROMI IWASAKI - * Pandora's Box. JVC CD4B-5106 (CD4) [Japan] Romantic Concert. JVC CD4B-5103 (CD4) [Japan] HIROSHI IWASAKI - * Pop Hits On Piano. RCA R4J-7002 (CD4) [Japan] YUKARI ITO WITH THE GREEN GINGER - Love. Nippon Columbia QD-9004 (QX) [Japan] HIROSHI ITSUKI - * Natsukashi no Uta Album. Minoruphone KC-7009/10 [2LP] (RM) [Japan] Natsukashi no Uta Album No. 2. Minoruphone KC-8005 (RM) [Japan]
    J JAKE CONCEPTION & ORCHESTRA - Dedicate to Sam Taylor. RCA R4J-7043 (CD4) [Japan] JAPANESE FOLK SONGS FOR CHILDREN * JVC CD4K-7030 (CD4) [Japan] * JVC CD4K-7031 (CD4) [Japan] * JVC CD4K-7032 (CD4) [Japan] * JVC CD4K-7033 (CD4) [Japan] * JVC CD4K-7034 (CD4) [Japan] JVC SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA - Love Story and Other Great Movie Themes. JVC CD4B-5005E (CD4) [Japan]
    K MEIKO KAJI - * Hit Album, Urami Bushi-Hitori Kaze. Teichiku CDX-2518 (CD4) [Japan] TORU KANNO & TEICHIKU SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - * Guitar Enka. Teichiku CDX-7 (CD4) [Japan] * Koga Melody By Romantic Guitar. Teichiku CDX-2521 (CD4) [Japan] Romantic Screen Guitar. Teichiku CDX-22 (CD4) [Japan] * Screen Music-Guitar Romance. Teichiku CDX-2527 (CD4) [Japan] KIMIKO KASAI - In Person. CBS/Sony SOPM-73 (SQ) [Japan] KIMIKO KASAI & THE GIL EVANS ORCHETRA - Satin Doll. Sony SOPL-108XJ (SQ) [Japan] KIMIKO KASAI & MAL WALDRON - One For Lady. CD4W-7017E (CD4) [Japan] YOSHIO KIMURA - Kayou Hit Vol. 2. Toho Records AX-2007 (RM) [Japan] KINGS ROAD - Movin'. RCA R4P-5058 (CD4) [Japan] EIJI KITAMURA - On Stage. JVC CD4B-5046 (CD4) [Japan] KURUMI KOBATO & WAKAKUSA - Live at Disneyland. JVC CD4K-7011 (CD4) [Japan] AKIRA KOBAYASHI - * Melancholy, At The Night Port. Crown GW-7022Q (Format? LP) [Japan] YOSHIYUKI KOHZU - Attack On Limit, Sound of '71. Columbia QJ-9010 (QX) [Japan] ISARIBI KOIUTA - * The Brilliant Variety Best Hit 20. Atlantic QL-6070A (SQ) [Japan] MASATO KOKADO - * TV Themes - Ultraman. JVC CD4K 7023 (CD4) [Japan] JINZOU KOSUGI STRINGS '69 - Cinema Theme Music’s Crown GW-7039Q (QS) [Japan] MITSURU KOTANI - Love / Whispering Piano JVC CD4B-5074E (CD4) [Japan] ENKA KOTO - * Shakuhachi. Teichiku CDX-34 (CD4) [Japan] YOTSUO KOYAMA - * Firebird Vol. 1. JVC CD4B-5047 (CD4) [Japan] KYOTO MIXED VOICES - * Russian Folk Songs. Teichiku CDX-9 (CD4) [Japan]
    L LATIN RHYTHM BOYS & LOS ONODERAS * Best Collection. JVC CD4B-5054/5 (CD4) [Japan] [2 LP] LATIN RHYTHM BOYS & VICTOR ORCHESTRA * Latin Rhythm Festival. JVC CD4B-5008 (CD4) [Japan] LEON GRAND ORCHESTRA - Let the Sunshine In. King 4K-7 (QS) [Japan] LEON POPS ORCHESTRA - Dynamic Latin Fiesta. King 4K-9 (QS) [Japan] European Screen Themes. King 4K-42 (QS) [Japan] Folk Songs for Young. King 4K-6 (QS) [Japan] Newest Movie Themes. King 4K-3 (QS) [Japan] Remember Hit Tunes and Great Cinema. King 4K-37 (QS) [Japan] Screen Theme, Best 12. King 4K-28 (QS) [Japan] LOS GRAND LATIN ORCHESTRA - * The World Of Brilliant Latin Sound In CD-4. Teichiku CDX-1 (CD4) [Japan] LOVE FAMILY SINGERS - * Rhapsody In CD-4. JVC CD4W-5077 (CD4) [Japan] LUANA ORCHESTRA - Best Hawaiian Collection. JVC CD4B-5064 (CD4) [Japan]
    M MADAME EMMANUELLE - * Screen Music. Teichiku CDX-17 (CD4) [Japan] NORIO MAEDA & HIS FRIENDS - Revolution. Nippon-Columbia QB-9019 (QS) [Japan] KAPPA MAKI - Hot Butter. Musicor CD4W-7064 (CD4) [Japan] Hot Butter Popcorn. Musicor CD4W-7022 (CD4) [Japan] NOMURA MAKI - * Sings Hit Songs. RCA R4J-7040 (CD4) [Japan] MANDOLIN SERENADERS - Mandolin Serenade. JVC CD4W-7016E (CD4) [Japan] NOMURA MASAKI - * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7100 (CD4) [Japan] MASATERO MASAGO & SUPERSTARS - * Latest Pop Hits Best 12. RCA R4J-7110 (CD4) [Japan] KAZUKO MATSUO - * Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5096 (CD4) [Japan] YASUNOBU MATSUURA & THE VICTOR ORCHESTRA - Harlem Nocturne. JVC CD4B-5014E (CD4) [Japan] The Godfather. JVC CD4B-5031E (CD4) [Japan] TOSHIRO MAYUZUMI - * Omizutori Live Recording. JVC CD4K-7005/6 (CD4) [Japan] [2 LP] SHIRO MICHI & KOICHI OKI - EX-42 vs. ARP Synthesizer. Sony SOLJ-12 (SQ) [Japan] MIGHTY SALAD SYNDICATE - * Exciting CD-4, Soul On! JVC CD4B-5076 (CD4) [Japan] HARUO MINAMI - * Daichushingura. Teichiku CDX-2516 (CD4) [Japan] SAORI MINAMI - Best Hits. CBS/Sony SOLL 105 (SQ) [Japan] DICK MINE - * Jazz Song In Japan. Teichiku CDX-2530 (CD4) [Japan] MIRACLE SOUNDS ORCHESTRA - Love On A Summer Day. Toho AX-2017 (RM) [Japan] Today's Kayou Hits. Toho AR-1009 (RM) [Japan] HIBARI MISORA - The Best of. Nippon Columbia 4AX-9008 (UD4) [Japan] AKIRA MITA - * Recital at Yubin Chokin Hall. Sept. 22, 1973. JVC CD4B-5062 (CD4) [Japan] TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & NEW HERD ORCHESTRA - * CD-4 Spectacle Sound. Teichiku CDX-2526 (CD4) [Japan] * Eternity? Epos. Polydor GR-1001 (CD4) [Japan] * Samba, Samba, Samba. Teichiku CDX-20 (CD4) [Japan] * Screen Music World. Teichiku CDX-2503 (CD4) [Japan] EIJI MIYOSHI - Best Hits. JVC CD4B-5067 (CD4) [Japan] MONROETIC GRAND STRINGS - * Marilyn Monroe's Movie Themes. JVC CD4W-7095 (CD4) [Japan] MAKOTO MOROI - * Spacephonic Music for Japanese Traditional Instruments. CD4K-7518 (CD4) [Japan] MIDORI MORI - * Love Sound-Japanese Folk. JVC CD4K-7012 (CD4) [Japan] SHINICHI MORI - Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5080 (CD4) [Japan] * Live At Nakano Sun Plaza Hall. JVC CD4B-5104 (CD4) [Japan] * On Stage. JVC CD4B-5088 (CD4) [Japan] KENSAKU MORITA - * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7092 (CD4) [Japan] RYOKO MORIYAMA - * Live. Philips 4FX-8102 (CD4) [Japan] * Favorite Collection. Philips 4FX-8104 (CD4) [Japan] Ryoko In Person. Philips 4FX-8002 (CD4) [Japan] * Subarashii Jikan. Philips 4FX-8004 (CD4) [Japan] PONTA MURAKAMI - Introducing. Toshiba LF-91017 (QS) [Japan] MINORU MURAOKA & NEW DIMENSION GROUP - * Take Ito Tsuzumi. JVC CD4B-5043 (CD4) [Japan] * Yuri, Furi, Suri. JVC CD4B-5040 (CD4) [Japan] MINORU MURAOKA & SINGERS THREE - Shakuhachi A Go Go Around the World. King 4K-18 (QS) [Japan]
    N FRANK NAGAI - * At Belami. JVC CD4B-5029 (CD4) [Japan] * Big Hits. JVC CD4B-5041 (CD4) [Japan] * Live at Yokohama, Kobe, Nagasaki. JVC CD4B-5051 (CD4) [Japan] RANKO NAGAYAMA & YOUNG FRESH - * Fairy Tale Fantasy. JVC CD4K-7017 (CD4) [Japan] MASAMI NAKA - * Sings Russian Folk Songs. JVC CD4B-5021 (CD4) [Japan] HACHIDAI NAKAMURA GRAND ORCHESTRA - Screen Deluxe Album. JVC CD4B-5003E (CD4) [Japan] JUN NAMBARA QUINTET WITH STRINGS - * Best Screen Music In SQ. CBS/Sony SOLL-74001 (SQ) [Japan] New Folk Golden Hits. Sony SOLJ-13 (SQ) [Japan] * Simon & Garfunkel History. CBS/Sony SOLJ-6 (SQ) [Japan] JUN NAMBARA + SQ SOUNDS - * Beatles Song Book. CBS/Sony SOLJ-29 (SQ) [Japan] * Latest Hit Sounds in SQ. CBS/Sony SOLJ-36 (SQ) [Japan] NAOYOSHI OZAWA BRASS BAND - March, March, March. JVC CD4B-5030 (CD4) [Japan] NEW HERD ORCHESTRA - * Perfect Sound In Big Band. Toshiba TP-90014V (CD4) [Japan] NEW KILLERS - Taiyoo ni Asiaetai. King 4K-29 (QS) [Japan] NEW ORLEANS RASCALS - * Best Of New Orleans Jazz. RCA R4J-7075 (CD4) [Japan] NEW SCREEN GRAND ORCHESTRA - * Action Screen Music. Teichiku CDX-19 (CD4) [Japan] * Invitation To Screen Music. Teichiku CDX-5 (CD4) [Japan] * Panic And Suspense. Teichiku CDX-21 (CD4) [Japan] * Perfect Sound-Disc Road Show. Teichiku CDX-2510 (CD4) [Japan] * Screen Music-Love Story. Teichiku CDX-15 (CD4) [Japan] * Screen Themes. Teichiku CDX-13 (CD4) [Japan] NEW SOUND CREATORS - * Japanese Boys-Orchestral Sounds. RCA R4J-7060 (CD4) [Japan] NEW SOUNDS WIND ENSEMBLE - * New Sounds In Brass. CBS/Sony SOLL-8 (SQ) [Japan] KYO NO NIWAKA - Ame. Toho Records AX-2001 (CM4) [Japan] MINEKO NISHIKAWA - Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5093 (CD4) [Japan] YURI NISHIMURA - Electone Fantastic-Songs of Love. CBS/Sony SOLJ-26 (SQ) [Japan] * Live In Nemu. CBS/Sony SOJL-48 (SQ) [Japan] GORO NOGUCHI - Goro On Stage. Polydor AR-2001 (CM4) [Japan] YUKIKO NOJI - * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7098 (CD4) [Japan] * Higanbana. RCA R4J-7039 (CD4) [Japan] * Japanese Popular Songs. RCA R4J-7105 (CD4) [Japan]
    O EISAKU OHKAWA - Japanese Popular Melodies of Koga. Nippon Columbia 4AX-9017 (UD4) [Japan] K. OKAZAKI & K. TANAKA - * CD-4 Perfect Sound-Soft Rock & Drum. Teichiku CDU-2505 (CD4) [Japan] MITSURU ONO & THE SWING BEAVERS - * Big Band Special. JVC CD4B-5071 (CD4) [Japan] Discotheque Hit. JVC CD4B-5090E (CD4) [Japan] Japanese Screen Theme Victor. JVC CD4B-5075 (CD4) [Japan] * Western Movie Themes. JVC CD4B-5087 (CD4) [Japan] T. ONODERA & LOS ONODERAS - Latin Drums. JVC CD4B-5033E (CD4) [Japan] Rock & Drums-Free. JVC CD4B-5012E (CD4) [Japan] T. ONODERA & SOUL FIT ORCHESTRA - Festival Night / Rock & Drums. JVC CD4B-5016 (CD4) [Japan] YUJI ONO & ORCHESTRA - * Perfect Sound-Screen Themes. Teichiku CDX-2505 (CD4) [Japan] ORQUESTA SINFONICA ESTRELLAS - Latin Festival. JVC CD4M-7002 (CD4) [Japan] KIYOHIKO OZAKI - Favorite Collection. Philips 4FX-8105 (CD4) [Japan] * Kieyo In Person. Philips 4FX-8103 (CD4) [Japan] * Kieyo Now. Philips 4FX-8005 (CD4) [Japan] Lovers & Fools. Nippon Phonogram PH-7501-2 (CD4) [Japan]
    P PYG - * Free With Pyg-Pyg Live In Colosseum. Polydor MR 9096/7 [2LP] (CM4) [Japan]
    R ROCK ACADEMY ORCHESTRA - * Four Seasons With Love Sounds. JVC CD4W-5085 (CD4) [Japan] ROMANTIC GUITAR - Koga Melody. Teichiku CDX-2521 (CD4) [Japan] ROGER ROUGER GRAND ORCHESTRA - Evergreen Screen music. Denon 4RX-9003N (UD4) [Japan] ROYAL POPS ORCHESTRA - Dynamic Continental Tango. Toshiba TP 9514Z (QS) [Japan]
    S NAOMI SAGARA - Carpenters Song Book. JVC CD4B-5073 (CD4) [Japan] Green Grass of Home. JVC CD4B-5010 (CD4) [Japan] NAOMI SAGARA & TAKAO SAEKI - * Suzukake No Michi. JVC CD4B-5020 (CD4) [Japan] HIDEKI SAIJO - * Exciting Hit Songs Vol. 5. RCA R4J-7106 (CD4) [Japan] * Exciting Pops. RCA R4J-7059 (CD4) [Japan] * Exciting Pops-Hageshii Koi. RCA R4J-7066 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7091 (CD4) [Japan] * Hideki On Tour. RCA R4J-7112 (CD4) [Japan] * Hideki Recital. RCA R4J-7046 (CD4) [Japan] * On Stage. RCA R4J-7041 (CD4) [Japan] * Recital At Yubin Chokin Hall. RCA R4J-7078 (CD4) [Japan] KOICHI SAITOH - * The World of Screen Themes. RCA R4J-7082 (CD4) [Japan] FRANKY SAKAI - * Space Musical-Song of the Earth. JVC CD4M-5001 (CD4) [Japan] HIROSATO SAKATA & KIMIKO YAMAGUCHI - * Koto & Shakuhachi. Teichiku CDX-2519 (CD4) [Japan] HIROSATO SAKATA & SEIFUU SUGIOKA - * Oldies In CD-4. Teichiku CDX-8 (CD4) [Japan] JUNKO SAKURADA - * Best Hits. JVC CD4B-5069 (CD4) [Japan] Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5083 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Deluxe Vol. 2. JVC CDBW-5094 (CD4) [Japan] * 16 Sai No Recital. JVC CD4B-5086 (CD4) [Japan] * Live At Bunkyo Hall. JVC CD4B-5105 (CD4) [Japan] MASAHIKO SATO & THE COTTON FIELD ROCK BAND - Moog Synthesizer - Melody of Japan. #unknown (CD4) [Japan] Switched on East. Nippon-Columbia 4KX-9025 (QX) [Japan] Wonderful Moog Sound (Manchurian Beat). JVC CD4B-5015E (CD4) [Japan] KENJI SAWADA - Recital, Julie III. Polydor AR-9001/2 [2 LP] (CM4) [Japan] {OBI Strip lists CM-4} SCREEN GRAND ORCHESTRA - * Johnny Guitar-High Noon. Teichiku CDX-2520 (CD4) [Japan] SEA TOPIA - Same. RCA R4J-7109 (CD4) [Japan] SHARPS & FLATS ORCHESTRA - Japanese New Jazz. Nippon-Columbia QB-9005 (QX) [Japan] CHIYOKO SHIMAKURA - The Best of. Nippon-Columbia 4AX-9009 (UD4) [Japan] HARUO SHIOTA - Dazzling Trumpet. JVC CD4B-5026E (CD4) [Japan] BUCKIE SHIRAKATA & ALOHA HAWAIIANS - Golden Hawaiian. Teichiku CDX-2524 (CD4) [Japan] * Perfect Sound-Hawaiian Hits. Teichiku CDX-2506 (CD4) [Japan] * Tropical Rhythm of Tahiti. Teichiku CDX-2507 (CD4) [Japan] * Sound Free Buckie. Teichiku CDX-2508 (CD4) [Japan] Wide Hawaiian Standard Hits. Teichiku MX-4008 (QS) [Japan] MIYASHITA SHURETSU - Seoseo Ruten. JVC CD4K-7015 (CD4) [Japan] RINZAI SHOFUKUJI - * Zen Head Sounds. Philips 4FX-8001 (CD4) [Japan] SINGERS THREE TIMES FIVE - Spanish Strings. King 4K-39 (QS) [Japan] SINGERS THREE TIMES FIVE & VICTOR ORCHESTRA - * Fascinating Sounds-One Rainy Night in Tokyo. JVC CD4B-5078 (CD4) [Japan] * Chorus in CD-4, Lyrical Songs of Japan. JVC CD4K-7021 (CD4) [Japan] SOUND CREATION - Rock Fantasia. Teichiku FX-408 (4S) [Japan] SOUND OF 71 KOOZU - The Flight of the Bumble Bee. Nippon-Columbia QJ-9010J (QS) [Japan] THE SOUND OUTFIT - Pop, Pop 4 Dimensions. Nippon-Columbia 4KX-9007 (UD4) [Japan] THE SOUNDTRACK ORCHESTRA - Melody Fair. Nippon-Columbia QB-9012 (QX) [Japan] * This Is Italian Western. Teichiku CDX-10 (CD4) [Japan] SQ SOUND & SINGERS THREE - * Latin Balada In SQ. CBS/Sony SOLJ-19 (SQ) [Japan] LES SUCHER ORCHESTRA - Multiple Golden Guitar. Nippon-Columbia QB-9015 (QS) [Japan] KUNIHIKO SUGANO & SUSUMU ARIMA - The More I See You. JVC CD4B 5038E (CD4) [Japan] YOICHI SUGAWARA - * Live. Polydor GR-2006 (CD4) [Japan] * Recital. Polydor GR-7001 (CD4) [Japan] SUGINAMI BOYS & GIRLS CHORUS - * TV Cartoon Themes. RCA R4J-7076 (CD4) [Japan] HIROMASA SUZUKI – * Rock Joint Biwa (Kumikyoku Fulukotofumi). RCA R4J-7015 (CD4) [Japan] Rock Joint Cither-Silk Road. RCA R4J-7019 (CD4) [Japan] SHOJI SUZUKI Live in Nemu Vol. 1. JVC CD4K-7002E (CD4) [Japan] Live in Nemu Vol. 2. JVC CD4K-7003E (CD4) [Japan] TSUGARA SYAMISEN & MITSUGU KOYAMA - * The World Of CD-4. Teichiku CDX-4 (CD4) [Japan]
    T SADAKAZU TABATA - * Stylish Drum Sounds of Tabata. RCA R4J-7006 (CD4) [Japan] Y. TABATA - Omoide no Kayoo Meikyoku-Shuu. Minoruphone KC-7011 (QS) [Japan] TATSUYA TAKAHASHI & TOKYO UUNION ORCHESTRA – The Rock Season-World Of Four Channel. Toshiba TP-92004Z (CD4) [Japan] YUJIRO TAKAHASHI - Purcellis Last Pieces. Nippon Columbia 4OX-9023 (UD4) [Japan] * Shamisen of Tsugaru. JVC CD4K-7009 (CD4) [Japan] HIDEAKI TAKEBE - The Big 20 Drum Zyugoya no kimi. Atlantic QL-6073A (RM) [Japan] K. TANAKA & THE SOUND SPIRITS AND H. ISHIMATSU & SOUL BRASS - Fantastic Brass World By Rocking Drum. Teichiku CDX-2502 (CD4) [Japan] SEIJI TANAKA - * Tobidase! JVC CD4K-7026 (CD4) [Japan] TEICHIKU VOLUNTEER BRASS BAND - * Senyuu-Umi Yukaba-Aibashin Gunka. Teichiku CDX-2529 (CD4) [Japan] N. TERASHIMA & HIS CHANSONNET - Paris Yesterday, Today. King 4K-13 (QS) [Japan] TERRY TERAUCHI - One Man Show, Takeshi. King 4K-4 (QS) [Japan] TERRY TERAUCHI & HIS BLUE JEANS - Complete Collection of Japanese Folksongs. King 4K-36 (QS) [Japan] Japanese Hit Tunes, Electric Guitar. King 4K-40 (QS) [Japan] Midsummer Sea. King 4K-21 (QS) [Japan] Rashomon. King 4K-31 (QS) [Japan] Zen Jyoo. King 4K-11 (QS) [Japan] YOSHIO TABATA - * Best Album. Teichiku CDX-2522 (CD4) [Japan] TOKYO ACADEMY CHORUS - Chorus Big Demo. King 4K-14 (QS) [Japan] TOKYO BOYS & GIRLS CHORUS - Japanese Songs. King 4K-19 (QS) [Japan] TOKYO CUBAN BOYS - Dynamic Latin. Nippon-Columbia QB-9002 (QX) [Japan], Nippon-Columbia 4KX-9018 (UD4) [Japan] * El Cumbanchero. RCA R4J-7055 (CD4) [Japan] TOKYO CUBAN BOYS SHARPS & FLATS - Espana Carnival. King 4K-17 (QS) [Japan] TOKYO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - * Fantastic Japan-Jogashima No Ame. Teichiku CDX-2528 (CD4) [Japan] * Japanese Moods. Teichiku CDX-23 (CD4) [Japan] Symphony Koga. Nippon-Columbia QB-9023 (QS) [Japan] TOKYO UNION ORCHESTRA - * Perfect Sound In Jazz Rock. Toshiba TP-90015V (CD4) [Japan] TOKYO TANGO ORCHESTRA - * Oldies In Tango-Namiki No Ame. Teichiku CDX-2509 (CD4) [Japan] TOKYO VIVALDI ORCHESTRA - Four Seasons of Japan. Nippon-Columbia QC-9009N (QX) [Japan] AKA TOMBO - New Symphonic Sound. Nippon Columbia 4-GX-9016 (UD4) [Japan] The Red Dragonfly. Nippon Columbia 4-GX-9019 (UD4) [Japan] TONOSAMA KINGS - * Golden Deluxe. JVC CD4B-5092 (CD4) [Japan] TRIO LOS TITANES - * Besame Mucho. RCA R4P-5073 (CD4) [Japan] MASAYOSHI TSURUOKA & HIS TOKYO ROMANTICS - Best Selections. Nippon-Columbia 4AX-9014 (UD4) [Japan] KOJI TSURUTA - * Otoko No Enka. JVC CD4B-5017 (CD4) (Japan) * Koji Sings Blues. JVC CD4B-5018 (CD4) (Japan) KOJI TSURUTA & MINA AOE - * Golden Hits. JVC CD4B-5013 (CD4) (Japan)
    U HIROSHI UCHIYAMADA & COOL FIVE - * Big Hits. RCA R4J-7077 (CD4) [Japan] * Defune-Kobe. RCA R4J-7031 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Hits Deluxe in CD4. RCA R4J-7096 (CD4) [Japan] * Hiren. RCA R4J-7009 (CD4) [Japan] * Hit Songs Vol. 6. RCA R4J-7038 (CD4) [Japan] * Kage Wo Shitaite. RCA R4J-7029 (CD4) [Japan] * On Stage-Encore At Nichigeki. [2 LP] RCA R4J-7051/2 (CD4) [Japan] * Original Golden Hits. RCA R4J-7026 (CD4) [Japan] * Otoko Naki. RCA R4J-7020 (CD4) [Japan] Recital at Royal Akasaka. RCA R4J-7023 (CD4) [Japan] * Uminari. RCA R4J-7073 (CD4) [Japan] * Uwasa. RCA R4J-7103 (CD4) [Japan] HIROSHI UCHIYAMADA & COOL FIVE & KEIKO FUJI - * Hit Songs. RCA R4J-7042 (CD4) [Japan] TAHIRO UCHIYAMADA & COOL FIVE - * Popular Songs Grand Prix '75. RCA R4J-7111 (CD4) [Japan] C. UEDA & HIS CARAVAN - Rock Impulse. King 4K-41 (QS) [Japan]
    V THE VICTOR BOYS FOLK CHORUS - * Sing In U.S.A. JVC CD4K-7027 (CD4) [Japan] THE VICTOR CD-4 SOUND ORCHESTRA - CD-4 Golden Screen Theme. JVC CD4B-5036E (CD4) [Japan] Excellent CD-4 Sound (II). CD4B-5037 (CD4) [Japan] Golden Screen Themes. JVC 4D-106 (CD4) [Japan] * CD-4 Golden Screen Theme. JVC CD4B-5056/7 (CD4) [Japan] [2 LP] * It's Love Time. JVC/Nivico NQH-1010 (Q8) [Japan] THE VICTOR ORCHESTRA - The Latest Screen Music Best 12. JVC CD4B-5050E (CD4) [Japan] THE VICTOR ORCHESTRA & LATIN RYTHEM BOYS - Latin Festival. JVC CD4B-5042E (CD4) [Japan] THE VICTOR SOUND ORCHESTRA - CD-4 Sound Special Vol. 2. Exodus. JVC CD4B-5034 (CD4) [Japan] THE VIOLETS SEVEN - The World of Love. King 4K-26 (QS) [Japan]
    W AKIKO WADA - Ako On Stage. RCA R4J-7014 (CD4) [Japan] * Ako Recital. RCA R4J-7045 (CD4) [Japan] * Ako Sings Love Themes. RCA R4J-7049 (CD4) [Japan] * En Blue Jeans Et Blouson D Cuir. RCA R4J-7007 (CD4) [Japan] * Hare Nochi Kumori. RCA R4J-7065 (CD4) [Japan] * Hit Songs. RCA R4J-7107 (CD4) [Japan] * Golden Hits Deluxe In CD-4. RCA R4J-7095 (CD4) [Japan] * Live On Stage at Shinjuku. RCA R4J-7001 (CD4) [Japan] * The World of Pops. RCA R4J-7027 (CD4) [Japan] WISTFUL MELODIES FROM JAPAN - Vols. 1 & 2. Nippon-Columbia 4AX-9021/22 [2 LP] (UD4) [Japan] WORLD POPS ORCHESTRA - All About Latin Music Vol. 1. Union CDU-2502 (CD4) [Japan] All About Latin Music Vol. 2. Union CDU-2503 (CD4) [Japan] Perfect Sound-Beatles Super Sound Deluxe. Union CDU-2504 (CD4) [Japan] Perfect Sound-Love Me Tonight. Union CDU-2501 (CD4) [Japan]
    Y HOZAN YAMAMOTO - * Shakuhachi Mood. JVC CD4K-7018 (CD4) [Japan] HOZAN YAMAMOTO & NORIO MAEDA ALL STARS - * Italian Western Screen Themes. RCA R4J-7022 (CD4) [Japan] HOZAN YAMAMOTO & TOKYO CUBAN BOYS - * Japanese Folk Songs & Shakuhachi. RCA R4J-7072 (CD4) [Japan] NAOZUMI YAMAMOTO & ORCHESTRA - * Famous Hawaiian Music. Trio 3X6 (CD4) [Japan] * Japanese Poetic Mood. Trio 3X3 (CD4) [Japan] * Screen Love Themes. Trio 3X2 (CD4) [Japan] * World Hit Songs. Trio 3X4 (CD4) [Japan] * World Famous Songs. Trio 3X5 (CD4) [Japan] STOMU YAMASHITA - Red Buddha. Vanguard VSQ-40035 (SQ), London 4L(J)-2 (QS) [Japan] MOMOE YAMAGUCHI - * Best Hits. CBS/Sony SOLL-107 (SQ) [Japan] KIMIKO YAMAUCHI - * Trad Harp Fantasy. Teichiku CDX-27 (CD4) [Japan] HIRO YANAGIDA & LOVE SOUND ORCHESTRA - Folk & Rock Best Collection. JVC CD4B-5044E (CD4) [Japan] * Superstars New Hit-The Sound Spirits. Teichiku FX-413 (4S) [Japan] AKI YASHIRO - * Ai No Shunen. Teichiku CDX-6 (CD4) [Japan] * On Stage. Teichiku CDX-2531 (CD4) [Japan] * Journey of Enka. Teichiku CDX-2517 (CD4) [Japan] SHOJI YOKOUCHI SCREEN STUDIO ORCHESTRA - * Fantastic Mood In 4 Channel. Toshiba TP-92003Z (CD4) [Japan] Love Story Dynamic 4channel Screen Music. Toshiba TP-9501Z (QS) [Japan] Screen Music. Toshiba TP-9529Z (QS) [Japan] IZUMI YUKIMURA - Sings Popular Hits. JVC CD4B-5089 (CD4) [Japan] YUKIO - * Noji-Ai No Sazanami. RCA R4J-7062 (CD4) [Japan] YOUNG 101 - * NHK Stage 101- Young, Young, Young. CBS Sony SOLJ-11 (SQ) [Japan]

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