Pioneer model QX-747 Quadraphonic Receiver
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Quadraphonic 8 Track Tape Product Reviews
site about quadraphonic music & gear

HiFi Database. Quadraphonic Receiver Info™ Manuals. Scans of old "out of print" manuals provided by the Quadraphonic community

Quadraphonic preservation Society. disgruntled former member’s very biased view

EVOLUTION / 4-QUAD. keeping quad alive and to keeping interested parties up to date

YOU ARE SURROUNDED - Surround Sound Explained

Quadrophonic Matrix Encoder v.1.0

Quadrophonic Matrix Decoder & Player v.1.7

SQdecode v1.2 - freeware quadrophonic sound decoder software

Quadraphonic FM

The History of Stereo and Quadraphonic Sound

The making of Quadrafile, quadraphonic system comparison record

Quadraphonic Record Collecting

Quadraphonic Sound Reproduction

History of Analog Quadraphonic Formats

Nick Perugini's 4-Channel, Quadraphonic information site

Quadraphonic audio mixer

Live At Pompeii - QUADRAPHONIC - Pink Floyd Online

Jeff Lynne Song Database - The Quadraphonic Mixes

Commercial Quadraphonics-about dreadful new CBS 4-channel system

QUADEK-Digital Quadraphonic Audio Decoder for Mac OS X

Quadraphonic Quad-all discussions about quad
Quadraphonic Systems-How The Various Systems of the '70'S Worked

Four Speakers from Two Channels? Artical on phonograph records

Ageing Audio-Quadraphonic, 8-track and valves

The Principles of Quadraphonic Recording Part One: Are Four Channels Really Necessary? Reproduced from Studio Sound, Vol. 12, pp. 338-342 (August 1970)

The Principles of Quadraphonic Recording Part Two: The Vertical Element Reproduced from Studio Sound, Vol. 12, pp. 380-384 (September 1970)

Seeburg's Quadraphonic Sound Jukeboxes

Quarter Inchers-A site about tape formats.

Tab's Quadraphonic Site

A Discreet Guide to 8-track Quadromania

What comes around, Goes Surround. Adventures in Surround Sound, from 7.2 to Quad personal and historical notes, basics, and acoustic realities often forgotten by Wendy Carlos.

GEMM. Welcome to the World's largest music catalog! 11 million items from 4000 sellers. Search for Quad

We convert the QUAD recording to a Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoded CD. You place the CD in your DVD (or CD) player, and suddenly you are transported into another world: the world of multi-dimensional surround stereo.
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Check out the "Internet's Quad Market Place", where you can trade, offer or look for Quad records, CDS, Cassettes, 8-tracks, open-reels, surround video cassettes, laserdiscs or Quad equipment. The "Internet's Quad Market Place"
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