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Quadraphonic Discography
4-5-2014 VERSION 2.5a

   This list was created out of the need to help folks find quadraphonic
matrixed recordings that have made their way to the compact disc format.
This list will only grow with your help, so any additional info is
greatly appreciated.

 Many stereo only CD's can decode nicely, and have great surround effects
due to phase differences or ambience in the recording....but that alone
doesn't make them "quad".  In regards to almost all the titles listed 
below, one of the key indicators is that they were "quad only" releases,
therefore no separate "stereo" version was ever released.  As the labels
& producers have neither the desire nor the time & money to perform 
complete re-mixes from the raw multi-channel masters, they simply use
the already existing 2 channel master tapes which carry the appropriate
encoding with them on these releases. 
For titles that were released in both stereo and quad there are 
differences between the mixes. Identifying those differences help to
identify the quad mix on a CD.

A CD that has been remastered does not mean that it does not contain the
quad matrix encoding. It was common practice to record on multitrack tape,
mix to analogue tape and then send that tape to a mastering engineer who
would use compression and equalization to get the best out of the final
format to be issued. Since vinyl records had limitations that reel to reel
tape did not; it was not uncommon to master a tape just for the vinyl release.
When CD's first came about it was not uncommon to use the vinyl mastered tape
for the CD release. Over the years folks realized the problem of doing this 
and would go back to the 2 channel tape and remaster it for cd eliminating
the EQ and compression that was needed to squeeze the recording onto vinyl.

A recording that has been remixed means that the multitrack tape was used
to create the new master and a quad matrix encoder was not used in that 
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., etc.) since catalog numbers change with
       country of origin
    6. Year of release
    7. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the recording
       and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson
    2. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country 
       code in brackets  [ ].
    3. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ or NM)
    4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are
            indicated by an asterisk (*) instead of a  dash (-).
    5. Abbreviations :       (  )
    	EV - Matrix Format
    	Matrix H - BBC Matrix Format
            SQ - Matrix Format 
            QS - Matrix Format
    Maybe Quad Classical Soundtracks Rumors Not Quad

    Lists of Quad only releases that if are found on CD, might be Quad:
    List of Classical recordings that if are found on CD might be QuadList of Popular recordings that if are found on CD might be Quad

    A THE AWAKENING - * Hear, Sense And Feel. Black Jazz Records BJ/9 (QS) * Mirage. Black Jazz Records BJ/1 (QS)
    B GATO BARBIERI - Latin America. MCA (Impulse) MCAD-39124 US (QS) 1989 Chapter Three - Viva Emiliano Zapata, Impulse GRD-111 (QS) [Europe] BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST - Once Again. Brimstone BRIM002 (SQ) Harvest Years. Harvest Label [2 CD] 796 3002 (SQ) {Only two tracks on this CD are Quad. Disc 2 contains "Happy old world" & "Ball & Chain". Quadraphonic notation on the cover} BEAVER & KRAUSE - * All Good Men. Collectors' Choice Music CCM-642 (EV) * Gandharva. Warner Bros. 9362-45472-2 [Germany '93], Collectors Choice Music CCM-641 [US '06] (EV) ACKER BILK - Some of my Favorite Things. PYE 4D Series CDNSPL 4102 (QS) The Collection.. Castle Communications CCSCD209 (QS) [UK] {Only tracks 1-8, 13, 14, 19 & 20 are QS encoded, almost everything Acker Bilk recorded for PYE up to about 1978 was QS only. Therefore every compilation CD, and there are doubtless many, will contain some QS encoded material.} BLOOMFIELD, KOOPER, STILLS - * Super Session. Sony 836778 4547366039122 (SQ) {Mini LP released in 2008, the OBI has a SQ logo, the bonus tracks are not quad} MARION BROWN - * Vista. Impulse MVCZ-118 [Japan] (QS)
    C DOUG CARN - * Adam's Apple. Black Jazz Records BJ/21, P-Vine Records PCD-22106 [Japan] (QS) * Revelation. Black Jazz Records BJQD/16 (QS) * Spirit Of The New Land. Black Jazz Records BJ/8 (QS) CHASE - * Chase. One Way Records A26660 [US '96] * Pure Music. Sony SICP-20088 (SQ) {Mini LP, the OBI has a SQ logo}
    D DZYAN - Electric Silence. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 288-09-120 [Germany] (SQ) Time Machine. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 288-09-108 [Germany] (SQ] DEEP PURPLE - The Anthology. EMI [2 CD] EM155363 (SQ) [UK] {Only two songs "Never Before" & Smoke on the Water" are from the SQ Quad release} Machine Head (25th Ann. Issue). EMI Records [2CD] 7243 8 59506 2 9 (SQ) [UK], EMI 072 7243 8 59506 2 9 (SQ) [Italy] {Only two songs "Maybe I'm a Leo" & "Lazy" are from the SQ Quad release} * Machine Head (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition). EMI TPSAD 7504 (SQ) {4 CD, 1 DVD set with Disc 3 in SQ}
    E CLEVELAND EATON - * Plenty Good Eaton. Black Jazz Records BJQD 20 (QS)
    F ROBERT FARNON - Sketches of Tony Bennett & Frank Sinatra. PYE 4D Series CDMP 8824 (QS) FIREBALLET - * Night On Bald Mountain. Setticlavio Records SET 1007 [Italy] (QS) HENRY FRANKLIN - * The Skipper. Black Jazz Records BJQD/7, P-Vine Records PCD-5239 [Japan] (QS) * The Skipper At Home. Black Jazz Records BJ/17, P-Vine Records PCD-8286 [Japan] (QS)
    G MIGUEL GALLARDO - * Autorretrato. (SQ)
    H HOLLINS AND STARR - * Sidewalks Talking. Fallout FOCD2084 [UK] (EV) JOHN LEE HOOKER - * Live At Soledad Prison / Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive. BGO Records BGOCD897 [UK] (QS) Never Get Out of These Blues. MCA MCAD-31361 (QS) Free Beer & Chicken. MCA BGOCD-123 [England] (QS) DAN HICKS AND HIS HOT LICKS - Striking it Rich. MCA MCAD-31187 (QS)
    J KEITH JARRETT - * Backhand. Impulse UCCI-9052, Impulse ASH-9305 [Japan] (QS) Death and the Flower. Impulse GRD-139 (QS) Fort Yawuh. MCA MCAD-33122 (QS) Treasure Island. MCA MCA-39106 (QS) RUDOLPH JOHNSON - * The Second Coming. Black Jazz Records BJQD/11, P-Vine Records PCD-22096 [Japan] (QS)
    K KARTHAGO - Rock-n-Roll Testiment. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 288-09-036 [Germany] (SQ) JOHN KEATING - * Space Experience / Space Experience 2. EMI 7243 4 95619 2 2 [Europe] (SQ) {Space Experience is SQ, Space Experience 2 is only stereo} CALVIN KEYS - * Proceed With Caution. P-Vine Records PCD-22103 [Japan] (QS) B.B. KING - * Friends. BGO Records BGOCD125 [UK] (QS) * Guess Who. BGO Records BGOCD71 [UK] (QS) * In London. MCA Records MCD 18223 [UK] (QS) * Live In Japan. MCA Records MCD-11810. [Europe] (QS) The Best Of. MCA MCAD-31040 (QS) JOHN KLEMMER - Waterfalls. MCA MCAD-33123 (QS) KROKODIL - Sweat and Swim. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 288-09-115 [Germany] (SQ)
    M MANDINGO - The Primal Rythem of Life. EMI 8142112 (SQ) [Australia] {Quadraphonic notation on the cover} AIRTO MOREIRA - Fingers. PJL (CTI) Japan MTCJ-4001 (SQ) 2002 MESSAGE - From Books and Dreams. Bellaphon 288-09-119 [Germany] (SQ) MOUNTAIN - Twin Peaks (SQ) {All copies of this title should be quad}
    N NEKTAR - Down to Earth. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 289-09-006 [Germany] (SQ) Remember the Future. Bacillus (Bellaphon) 289-09-001 [Germany] (SQ) NINE DAYS WONDER - We Never Lost Control. Bellaphon 288-09-113 [Germany] (SQ) Only the Dancers. Bellaphon 288-09-116 [Germany] (SQ) NOMADI - * i nomadi interpretano guccini. EMI 0077779404223 [Italy] (SQ)
    O MIKE OLDFIELD - Exposed, Caroline Records - CAROL 1852-2 (2 CD) (SQ). {Says "A quadraphonic recording" on the back of the CD} Boxed. Virgin Records - CDBOX-1 (triple CD) (SQ) [UK]
    P PINK FLOYD - Works. Capitol CDP-7-46478-2 (SQ) {Only two tracks "Brain Damage" & "Eclipse" from D.S.O.T.M. are Quad} NORRIE PARAMOR - Temptation. PYE 4D Series CDMP 8822 (QS)
    R DEWEY REDMAN - The Ear of the Behearder. MCA/Impulse MVCI-23045 (QS) BUDDY RICH - Live in King Street. CAFE [2 CD] CD2-732 (SQ) {Quadraphonic notation on the cover} SAM RIVERS - * Crystals. Verve Records 314 589 760-2 (QS) GENE RUSSELL - * Talk To My Lady. Black Jazz Records BJQD/10 (QS)
    S PHAROAH SANDERS - * Black Unity. Impulse IMP 12192 [Europe] (QS) * Elevation Impulse MVCZ-121 [Japan] (QS) * Live At The East. Impulse UCCU-9016 [Japan] (QS) * Village Of The Pharoahs. Impulse UCCI-3008 [Japan] (QS) * Wisdom Through Music. Impulse UCCI-9136 [Japan] (QS) SANTANA - Lotus. Columbia C2K-46764 (2 CD) (SQ) ARCHIE SHEPP - * Attica Blues. Impulse MVCI-23038 [Japan] (QS) * The Cry of My People. Impulse 179002 (QS) TIGER B. SMITH - Were the Tiger Bunch. Bellaphon 288-09-114 [Germany] (SQ) DAVID SNELL - Harp Transplant. PYE 4D Series CDNSP 7771 (QS) SUN RA - * Space Is The Place. Impulse IMP 12492 [Europe] (QS) SYNERGY - Electronic Realization for Rock Orchestra. Third Contact 3CR 1001 (QS)
    W MICHAEL WHITE - * The Land Of Spirit And Light. Impulse B0004277-02 (QS)
    Classical CBS MASTERWORKS [previously Columbia Masterworks] MK-33208* (SQCD) JOAQUIN RODRIGO: Concerto de Aranjuez for Guitar & Orchestra. HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS: Concerto for Guitar (Williams, Barenboim/English Chamber Orchestra) [previously released as Columbia Masterworks M-33208] MK-34557* (SQCD) IGOR STRAVINSKY: Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) (Mehta/New York Philharmonic) [previously released as Columbia Masterworks M-34557] MK-34566* (SQCD) RICHARD STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben, Op.40 (Maazel /Cleveland Orchestra [previously released as Columbia Masterworks M-34566] MMG/Vox A Ceremony of Carols. MWCD 7104 {Contains selections from the Vox LP QTV 34710 (QS) The Gregg Smith Singers/ The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir: The World Rejoices/A Festival of Carols, also contains a recording of "A Ceremony of Carols" by Benjamin Britten which is stereo} MOSS MUSIC GROUP MCD-10014* (QSCD) MODEST MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition; Night on Bald Mountain (Slatkin/St. Louis Symphony) [previously available as Turnabout QTV-S 34633]
    Soundtracks Annie - Original Cast Recording; Columbia CK-34712 (SQ). * Company - Original Broadway Cast. Columbia CK 3550 (SQ) Sisters - Movie Soundtrack. Southern Cross SCCD 903 (QS) {The CD is listed as stereo but the SPARS code is AAD} * Spellbound (Original Motion Picture Score). Stanyan STZ116-2 (SQ) {The back of the CD has the Stanyon SQ Quad logo and the SPARS code is AAD}
    Maybe Quad The following CD's have shown up in catalog listings, They have not been confirmed as Quad releases, but where originally only released in a Quad matrix format. The easiest way to identify if the Quad encoding remains intact is to look for the (SPARS code) recording information listed as AAD. This would signify that an analog multi-track tape was mixed down to the original matrixed 2-channel tape then transferred into the digital CD format as opposed to going back to the multi-track and mixing to a digital 2 channel tape then transferring to CD (ADD). DAVID BEDFORD – Instructions For Angels. Virgin 7243 8 44344 2 7 (Matrix H) MARION BROWN – Geechee Recollections. Impulse MVCZ-120 [Japan] (QS) Sweet Earth Flying. Impulse MVCZ-119 [Japan] (QS) Vista. Impulse MVCZ-118 [Japan] (QS) ALICE COLTRANE – Eternity. Sepia Tone STONE05 (QS) Lord Of Lords. Impulse UCCI-9110 [Japan] (QS) JOHN COLTRANE - Interstellar Space. GRP GRD110 (QS) FIREBALLET – Night On Bald Mountain. Setticlavio Records SET 1007 [Italy] CHARLIE HADEN – Liberation Music Orchestra. Impulse IMPD 188 (QS) RUDOLPH JOHNSON – The Second Coming. Black Jazz Records BJQD/11 (QS) BOBBY PAUNETTO - Paunetto's Point. RSVP Jazz Records, Inc. CD 1782 (QS) SAM RIVERS – Crystals. Verve Records 314 589 760-2 (QS) Streams. MCA Records MCAD-39120 (QS) SEASTONES - Seastones. Rykodisc RCD-40193 (SQ) {Originally thought to be SQ, CD mentions SQ and QS and could be a remaster from 1990 which would not contain the quad encoding} ARCHIE SHEPP - Kwanza. Impulse MVCZ-124 [Japan] (QS) THIJS VAN LEER – Introspection. CBS CDCBS 26606 [Netherlands] (SQ) MICHAEL WHITE – Pneuma. Impulse UCCI-3010 [Japan] (QS) The Land Of Spirit And Light. Impulse B0004277-02 (QS)
    Rumors * Chase - Chase. Epic ESCA 7576 [Japan '97], Epic EICP 20086 [Japan '12] (SQ) {Rumored to be SQ but have not seen comparisons between the stereo and quad mixes to confirm the CD has the quad mix} * Ray Coniff - The Way We Were. The Way We Were/The Happy Sound of Ray Coniff. CD - Collectables 7434 (SQ) {The songs from "The Way we were" are rumored to be SQ but have not seen comparisons between the stereo and quad mixes to confirm the CD contains the quad mix} * Kevin Coyne – In Living Black And White. Virgin CDVM 2505 [UK] (SQ) {Rumored to be SQ but have not seen comparisons between the stereo and quad mixes to confirm the CD contains the quad mix} * Neil Diamond - Serenade. (SQ) {It is rumored that the stereo album received negative reviews and CBS mentioned that all later releases would be from the SQ mix but have not seen evidence that the mix on the CD matches the quad mixes} see * Electric Light Orchestra - Early ELO (1971-1973). EMI CDS 79 7471 2 (SQ) [UK] {Only "1'st movement", "Mr. Radio", "Nellie takes her bow" & "Whisper in the night" are listed as from the Quadraphonic mix and might have come from the U.K. SQ tape.} * Carole King - Music. Epic/Ode EK 34949, SKU 0-7464-34949-2 {The original CD issue is thought to contain the QS quad mix} * Preservation Hall Jazz Band – New Orleans, Vol. 1. CBS MK 34549 [ADD] {The SPARS code could be wrong. Have not seen a comparison to the original quad mix} Procol Harum – BBC Live In Concert. Strange Fruit SFRSCD089 [UK] {CD of the BBC Radio show that was broadcast in SQ} * Purlie [Original Broadway Cast]. RCA Victor 60229 {The Quad Soundtrack discography list this as only being released in quad but a stereo 8-Track and LP was issued. The CD issued in 1990 is unknown on which version it contains} Santana - Amigos. CBS CDCBS-86005 (SQ) {Austria and cover printed in Holland} The Taj-Mahal Travelers - July 15, 1972. Vivid Sound {Issued in Japan as an SQ LP This CD comes in a Mini LP cover}
    Definitely NOT Quad The liner notes inside these CD's might mention that they were made from the quad tapes. Even though the original Quad album might have been a matrixed format like SQ, This CD is not Quad and was probably remixed from the original four channel tape. * Allman Brothers - Dreams, Box Set. {The tracks 'Whipping Post' and 'In Memory of Elizabeth Reed' are listed as quad mixes taken from the quad release of 'Live at Fillmore East' but are just stereo on this CD} Barcley James Harvest - Live / Conisuier Collection '74. Polydor VSOP CD-164. (SQ) {This title was wrongly listed as a Quad CD release. The confusion probably came from the fact the BJH did a live BBC show in Quad SQ (see the radio discography) and folks might of felt that this Polydor release was from that broadcast.} Dave Brubeck and Paul Desmond - 1975 : The Duets. A&M CD-3290 John Coltrane – Infinity. Impulse WMC5-117 [Japan] Bob Dylan - Desire. Columbia Jefferson Airplane CD Box Set. Grunt Grateful Dead - Steal Your Face. Grateful Dead Records GDCD4006 (QS) Jethro Tull - Aqualung. EMI [U.K.] {The 25 Ann. edition has one song listed as being Quadraphonic, but is probably just the Quad mix in stereo} Sly & the Family Stone - Greatest Hits. Epic {The three songs on the Quad version are the only release with them in true stereo. The CD versions sound different than the stereo LP as they are not rechanneled, but they are not Quad and may have been remixed for the CD. They also sound almost Mono.} Ray Thomas - From Mighty Oakes. Polygram 820782-2 {This title was thought to be quad but is not} Tommy - Original Soundtrack Recording; Polydor 841 121-2 {Long rumored to be QS encoded. Consensus is that LP and CD's are merely stereo} Edger Winter - They Only Come Out at Night. Epic

    List Compiled and Copyright By
    Mark Anderson

    Acknowledgments : Thanks to the following folks who have passed on additions, comments and corrections to this list : Ron Brain Tad Bartel Keith Domone Bob Herndon Brian Lewis David Hern David Dunnington Larry Clifton Jόrgen Bongenberg J.D. Mack Oxford Dickie Quad Linda atrocity Mark Hawling

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