Akai 1730D-SS reel to reel
Quadraphonic Discography
POPULAR Quad Reels
7-23-2017 VERSION 1.9

   This is a list of popular quadraphonic recordings on reel to reel. 
   Popular recordings include music from all countries and include rock,
jazz, easy listening, polka, avant-garde & country. 
   This is not a complete list. Information about quadraphonic recordings
that are not listed here or corrections to list are greatly appreciated
and encouraged.
   Country of origin has been listed to help in the search of a 
recording. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was
only available in that country.
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format (LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track, QR (quad reel to reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox.net
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets [ ]. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are indicated by an asterisk (*). 5. Abbreviations : ( ) QR - Quad Reel to Reel D** - Dolby Quad Reel or Dolby Quad 8-Track SQR - SQ Encoded QSR - SQ Encoded EVR - EV Encoded
    A RONNIE ALDRICH - Christmas with Ronnie Aldrich. London H-144051 (QR), L-744051 (Q8) Close to you. London H-17156 (QR), L-77156 (Q8), LEQ-44156 (Q8) [Canada] Come to Where the Love Is. London H-17190 (QR), L-77190 (Q8), LEQ-44190 (Q8) [Canada] Destination Love. London H-144135 (QR), L-744135 (Q8) For Young Lovers. London H-144108 (QR), L-744108 (Q8) In the Gentle Hours. London H-144221 (QR), L-744221 (Q8) Invitation to Love. London L-77176 (Q8), LEQ-44176 (Q8) [Canada] It’s Happening Now. London H-144127 (QR), L-744127 (Q8) Love Story. London H-144162 (QR), L-744162 (Q8) Magic Moods Of. London H-144062 (QR), L-744062 (Q8) Magnificent Pianos. London H-144029 (QR), L-744029 (Q8) Romantic Pianos. London H-144042 (QR), L-744042 (Q8), 4D-26 (CD4) [Japan] Soft & Wicked. London H-17195 (QR), L-77195 (Q8), LEQ-44195 (Q8) [Canada] The Way We Were. London H-144209 (QR), L-744209 (Q8) Top of the World. London H-17203 (QR), L-77203 (Q8) ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - At the Fillmore East. Capricorn [2] CTSQ-0131-QM-DP (QR) Eat a Peach. Capricorn [2] CTSQ-0102-QM-DP (DQR) AMERICA - Hearts. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2852 (DQR) Holiday. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2808 (DQR) THE AWAKENING - Mirage. Black Jazz M-115 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} BURT BACHARACH - Live in Japan. A&M 4CHA 6 (QR) [Japan] {Live in Japan comes with lyrics to the songs in English & Japanese, A silver sticker on the cover identifies it as quad, the Quad reel came with an OBI strip} BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE - Not Fragile. Mercury H-11004 (QR) JOAN BAEZ - Blessed Are..Vanguard [2] VSS-12/13 (DQR) David's Album. Vanguard VSS-8 (QR), # unknown (QR) [Japan] Hits/Greatest & Others. Vanguard VAN J 14032 (QR) THE BEACH BOYS - Surfs Up. Reprise RST-6453 (DYQR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} HARRY BELAFONTE - Belafonte at Carnegie Hall. RCA EPQ1-5002-QM (DQR) LOUIE BELLSON - Breakthrough. Project 3 PR4C-5029 (QR) GEORGE BENSON - Body Talk. CTI CTRQ-6033 (QR) STANLEY BLACK - * Film Spectacular, Vol. 4/The Epic. London H-17173 (QR), 4CHA (L)-11 (QR) [Japan] Spirit of the People. London H-144206 (QR) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - Raunch 'n Roll Live. ATCQ-7019-QR (QR) BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid. Warner Bros. WSTQ-1887-QF (DQR) GEORGE BLACKMORE - At the Magnificent Moeller. Doric DO(Q)-1503 (QR) Live at the Robert Morton Theater Organ. Doric DO(Q)-1501 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} {Available from Doric Records as a custom made reel or cassette} BLOODSTONE - Riddle of the Sphinx. London H-1654 (QR) PHIL BODNER - Brass Ring. Project 3 PR4C-5067 (QR) BREAD - Baby I'm-a Want You. Elektra ESTQ-5015-QF (QR) Best. Elektra ESTQ-5056-QF (QR)
    C NORMAN CANDLER ORCHESTRA - * Moonlight Party. London 4CHA L-12 (QR) [Japan] ACE CANNON - Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me. Hi H-12076 (QR) Canon Country/ Ace That is.. Hi H-12076 (QR) Country Comfort. Hi H-12080 (QR) DOUG CARN - * Revelation. Black Jazz H-116 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE CARPENTERS - * Now & Then. A&M 4CHA (R)-15 (QR) [Japan] FRANK CHACKSFIELD - Plays Bacharach. London H-17158 (QR) Plays Simon & Garfunkel & Jim Webb. London H-17151 (QR) The Glory that was Gershwin. London SPO-44194-QF (DQR) [previously H-17194 (QR)] CHI-LITES - Chi-Lites. Brunswick H-14197 (QR) Greatest Hits. Brunswick H-14184 (QR) Toby. Brunswick H-14200 (QR) DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS - David Clayton Thomas. RCA EPQ1-0173-QF (QR) JUDY COLLINS - Colors of the Day / Best. Elektra ESTQ-5030-QF (QR) PERRY COMO - And I Love You So. RCA EPQ1-0100-QF (QR) ALICE COOPER - Muscle of Love. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2748-QF (QR) LARRY CORYELL - * At the Village Gate. Vanguard J-14006 (QR) Introducing Eleventh House. Vanguard J-14036 (QR) COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - Greatest Hits. Vanguard VSS-14 (QR) {Also available with the Title "Here We Are Again"} The Life & Times of Country Joe & the Fish from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock. Vanguard [1 Tape, Excerpts] VSS-17 (DQR) HANK CRAWFORD - Wildflower. Kuda KQRX-15 (QR) CREATIVE SOURCE - Migration. Sussex H-18035 (QR) BOB CREWE GENERATION - Let Me Touch You. CGC-1000 (EVR)
    D DEEP PURPLE - * Machine Head. Warner Bros. BWSTQ-2607-QF (DQR) Stormbringer. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2832-QF (DQR) CLAUDE DENJEAN - Open Circuit. London H-17196 (QR) EUMIR DEODATO - Deodato 2. CTI CTRQ-6029 (QR) Prelude. CTI CTRQ-6029 (QR) EUMIR DEODATO & AIRTO MOREIRA - Deodato / Airto in Concert. CTI CTRQ-6041 (QR) WILLIAM DEVAUGHN - Be Thankful for What You Got. Roxbury H-1100 (QR) WILLIE DIXON - Catalyst. Ovation Q-133 [previously J-11433] (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} DOOBIE BROTHERS - The Captain and Me. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2694-QF (DQR) Toulouse Street. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2634-QF (DQR) * Stampede. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2835-QF (DQR) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2750-QF (DQR) THE DOORS - Best of the Doors. Elektra ESTQ-5035-QF (QR) {Originally released as Quad only, stereo version released later}
    F THE FAMLEY GUITAR BAND - Circles. Ampex H-1706 (QR) Get it On. Ampex H-1705 (QR) Help Me Make it Thru the Night. Ampex H-1703 (QR) Smoke on the Water. Ampex H-1704 (QR) The Nights the Lights Went Out in Georgia. Ampex H-1702 (QR) Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree. Ampex H-1701 (QR) JOSE FELICIANO - Compartments. RCA EPQ1-0141-QF (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} ARTHUR FIEDLER & THE BOSTON POPS - Greatest Hits of the '70's. RCA ERQ1-0035-QF (QR) {Originally released in quad only, stereo version released later} Greatest Hits of the '70's Vol. 2. RCA ERQ1-0552-QF (QR) WILLIAM FISHER - Make Believe. Ovation Q-122 (QR) Reflections. Ovation Q-130 [previously J-11430] (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} REGINALD FOORT - Master of the Magnificent Moller. Doric DO(Q)-1506 (QR) ARETHA FRANKLIN - Best. Atlantic ATLQ-8305-QF (QR) THE FREE DESIGN - Kites Are Fun. Project 3 PPR4C-5019 (QR) FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION - Greatest Hits. RCA EPQ1-0276-QF (QR)
    G GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION - Graham Central Station. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2763-QF (DQR) AL GREEN - Call Me. Hi H-12077 (QR) Explores your Mind. Hi H-132087 (QR) Greatest Hits. Hi H-132089 (QR) Living For You. Hi H-12082 (QR) URBIE GREEN - Bein' Green. Project 3 PR4C-5066 (QR) Big, Beautiful Band. Project 3 PR4C-5087 (QR) Twenty-One Trombones Vol. 2. Project 3 PR4C-5024 (QR) BAND OF THE GRENADIER GAURDS - Sousa Marches. London H-17103 (QR) THE GUESS WHO - #10. RCA EPQ1-0130-QF (QR) Best. RCA EPQ1-1710-QF (DQR) Best Vol. 2. RCA APD1-0269 (CD4), APT1-0269 (Q8) ARLO GUTHRIE - Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys. Reprise RSTQ-2142-QF (QR)
    H BOBBY HACKETT - A Time for Love. Project 3 PR4C-5016 (QR) DONNY HATHAWAY - Extension of a Man. Atco ATCQ-7029-QR (QR) JUSTIN HAYWARD & JOHN LODGE - Blue Jays. Threshold THSO-14 [previously H-114 (QR)] (DQR) TED HEATH - A Salute to Glenn Miller. London SPQ-44186-QF [previously H-17186 (QR)] (DQR) Salutes the Duke. London H-144220 (QR) The Big Ones. London J-17140 (QR) HEAVEN & EARTH - Jenny B/W Voice In The Wind. Ovation Q-128 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} HOLLINS & STARR - Sidewalks Talking. Ovation Q-113 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} CECIL HOLMES - Black Motion Picture Experience. Buddah H-15129 (QR) Music for Soulful Lovers. Buddah H-15139 (QR) PAUL HORN - And the Concert Ensemble. Ovation D-109 [previously J-18293] (QR) ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - My Love. Parrot H-171065 (QR) DICK HYMAN - Traditional Jazz Piano. Project 3 PR4C-5080 (QR)
    I IGUANA - The Winds of Alamar. Quadratrak SQD101 [previously QOD75A101] (QR), SQD101-15 [previously QOD15A101] (10-1/2", 15 ips QR)
    J JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Volunteers. Grunt EPQ1-0320-QF (QR) Worst. Grunt EPQ1-1653-QF (DQR) JEFFERSON STARSHIP - Dragon Fly. Grunt EGQ1-0717-QF (DQR) Red Octopus. Grunt EGQ1-0999-QF (DQR) Spitfire. Grunt EGQ1-1557-QF (DQR) JETHRO TULL - Aqualung. Chrysalis CHRQ-1044-QF (DQR) War Child. Chrysalis CHRQ-1067-QF (DQR) JOHNSON & DRAKE - Carry it On. Ovation Q-134 [previously J-11434] (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} SYL JOHNSON - Back for a Taste of Love. Hi H-12081 (QR) TOM JONES - Body & Soul of Tom Jones. Parrot H-79160 (QR) TOMMY JONES - Tommy's Place. Ovation Q-4119 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} DICK JURGENS - Here's That Band Again. Project 3 PR4C-5071 (QR)
    K SAMMY KAYE - * If You've Got the Time. Project 3 PR4C-5065 (QR) Swing & Sway with Sammy Kay. Project 3 PR 5065/LLP QD-263 (QSEP) {Includes-Everything Is Beautiful; We've Only Just Begun; For The Good Times; I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing; You Got Me Crying} B.B. KING - Live In Japan. ABC 4CHA-A-10 (QR) [Japan] {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - Imagination. Buddah H-15141 (QR) BONNIE KOLOC - After All This Time. Ovation Q-118 (QR) * Bonnie Koloc. Ovation Q-129 (QR) Hold on to Me. Ovation Q-120 (QR) You're Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning. Ovation H-11438 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known}
    L BILLY LANGFORD - For Spacious Skies. Doric DO(Q)-1504 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JOHN LENNON - * Imagine. Apple # unknown (QR) [Japan] O'DONEL LEVY - Simba. Groove Merchant H-1526 (QR) ENOCH LIGHT - Big "Hit Movie" Themes. Project 3 PR4C-5051 (QR) Brass Menagerie. Project 3 PR4C-5036 (QR) Brass Menagerie Vol. 2. Project 3 PR4C-5042 (QR) Permissive Polyphonics. Project 3 PR4C-5048 (QR) * Spaced Out/ the Music of Bach, Bacharach & the Beatles. Project 3 PR4C-5043 (QR), 4CHA(P) 5 (QR) [Japan] * Spanish Strings. Project 3 PR4C-5000 (QR) Beatles Classics. Project 3 PR4C-5084 (QR) Best of the Movie Themes 1970. Project 3 R4C-5046 (QR) Big Hits of the 20's. Project 3 PR4C-5059 (QR) Big Band Hits of the 30's. Project 3 PR4C-5049 (QR) Big Band Hits of the 30's Vol. 2. Project 3 PR4C-5089 (QR) Big Band Hits of the 30's & 40's. Project 3 PR4C-5056 (QR) Big Band Hits of the 40's & 50's. Project 3 PR4C-5076 (QR) * Brass Menagerie 1973. Project 3 PR4C-5060 (QR) Charge. Project 3 PR5073QD (PR4C-5073 (QR) Disco Disque. Project 3 PR4C-5092 (QR) * 4 Channel Dynamite!. Project 3 PR4C-5068 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} * Future Sound Shock. Project 3 PR4C-5077 (QR) * Great Hits from the Great Gatsby Era. Project 3 PR4C-5086 (QR) Greatest Movie Themes of the Decade 1964-1974. Project 3 PR4C-5081 (QR) * Movie Hits. Project 3 PR4C-5063 (QR) GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Cold on the Shoulder. Reprise RSTQ-2206-QF (DQR) Sundown. Reprise RSTQ-2177-QF (QR)
    M HENRY MANCINI - Best. RCA EPQ1-1128-QF (DQR) Best Vol. 2. RCA EPQ1-1315-QF (DQR) Mancini Salutes Sousa. RCA EPQ1-0013-QF (DQR) Theme from "Z" & Other Film Music. RCA EPQA-4350-QF (DQR) HENRY MANCINI & DOC SEVERINSEN - Brass, Ivory & Strings. RCA EPQ1-0098-QF (DQR) HARVEY MANDEL - * Get Off in Chicago. Ovation Q-124 (QR) HERBIE MANN - * Hold On, I'm Coming. Atlantic ATLQ-1632-QR (QR) MANTOVANI - * An Evening with Mantovani. London H-17902 (QR) Annunzio Paolo Mantovani. London H-17193 (QR) Christmas Greetings. London H-1338 (QR) Classical Encores. London H-1269 (QR) Golden Hits. London H-1483 (QR) Great Film Themes. London H-1224 (QR) Gypsy Soul. London H-1900 (QR) Hollywood. London H-1516 (QR) Incomparable Mantovani. London H-1392 (QR) Latin Rendezvous. London H-1295 (QR) Magic. London H-1448 (QR) Mantovani Scene. London H-1548 (QR) Mantovani Sound. London H-1419 (QR) Mantovani Touch. London H-1526 (QR) Memories. London H-1542 (QR) Ole. London H-1422 (QR) Musical Moments. London H-1907 (QR) Today. London H-1572 (QR) World of Mantovani. London H-1565 (QR) MANUEL & THE MUSIC OF THE MOUNTAINS - * Carnival. EMI EOXA-5502Z (QR) [Japan] RAY MARTIN ORCHESTRA & CHORUS - Memories Are made of Music, London J-12707 (QR) CURTIS MAYFIELD - Back to the World. Curtom H-18015 (QR) JIMMY McGRIFF & GROOVE HOLMES - Giants of the Organ Come Together. Groove Merchant H-1520 (QR) ROD McKUEN - San Sebastian Strings-Summer. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2707-QF (QR) ETHEL MERMAN [see also MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS] - Ethel's Ridin' High. London H-1909 (QR) BETTE MIDLER - The Divine Miss M. Atlantic ATLQ-7238 (QR) HUGO MONTENEGRO - Best. RCA EPQ1-1591-QF (DQR) Hugo in Wonder-Land. RCA EPQ1-0413-QR (DQR) Love Theme from The Godfather. RCA EPQ1-0001-QF (QR) Mammy Blue. RCA EPQA-4631-QR (QR) Neil's Diamonds. RCA EPQ1-0132-QF (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} Scenes & Themes/Love Licks from the Golden Flicks. RCA EPQ1-0025-QF (QR) {The title above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE MOODY BLUES - A Question of Balance. Threshold THSO-3-QF (DQR) [previously H-12403 (QR)] Days of Future Passed. Deram DESO-18012-QF (DQR) [previously H-17012 (QR)] Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. Threshold THSO-5-QF (DQR) [previously H-72403 (QR)] On the Threshold of a Dream. Deram DESO-18025-QF (DQR) Seventh Sojourn. Threshold THSO-7-QF (DQR) [previously H-12407 (QR)] To Our Children's Children's Children. Threshold THSO-1-QF (DQR) AIRTO MOREIRA [see also EUMIR DEODATO] - Fingers. CTI CTQR-6028 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JOE MORELLO - Another Step Forward. Ovation Q-114 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE MOTHERS [see also FRANK ZAPPA]- Over-Nite Sensation. Discreet DISQ-2149-QF (QR) TONY MOTTOLA - A Latin Love In. Project 3 PR4C-5010 (QR) Lush, Latin & Lovely. Project 3 PR4C-5020 (QR) Roma Oggi / Rome Today. Project 3 PR4C-5032 (QR) The Tony Touch/Best. Project 3 PR4C-5041 (QR) * And the Brass Menagerie. Project 3 PR4C-5082 (QR) * And the Quad Guitars. Project 3 PR4C-5078 (QR) * Superstar Guitar. Project 3 PR4C-5062 (QR) Tony & Strings. Project 3 PR4C-5069 (QR) Warm, Wild & Wonderful. Project 3 PR4C-5025 (QR) MARIA MULDAUR - Waitress in the Donut Shop. Reprise RSTQ-2194-QF (QR) WERNER MULLER ORCHESTRA - Relax Music Learn To Love. London H-17493 (QR) MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA - Awakening. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2690-QF (QR) Clear Light. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2745-QF (QR) Highway One. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2648-QF (QR) Love the One your With. Warner Bros. WSTQ-2577-QF (QR)
    N THE NASHVILLE JETS - Nashville Now. Project 3 PR4C-5079 (QR) THE NEW SEEKERS - Best. Elektra ESTQ-5051-QF (QR) MICKEY NEWBURY - Frisco Mabel Joy. Elektra ESTQ-4107-QF (QR) RANDY NEWMAN - Good Ol' Boys. Reprise RSTQ-2193-QF (QR) Sail Away. Reprise RSTQ-2064-QF (QR) HARRY NILSSON - Nilsson Schmilsson. RCA EPQ1-0319-QF (QR) 101 STRINGS - Exciting Sounds of Les Baxter. Audio Spectrum ASQ 002-QC (QR) Fiddler on the Roof & Other Songs. Audio Spectrum ASQ-015-QC (QR) Latin Holiday. Audio Spectrum ASQ-017-QC (QR) Million Sellers from the Movies. Audio Spectrum ASQ-005-QC (QR) Plus Guitars. Audio Spectrum ASQ-011-QC (QR) * Soul of Spain Vol. 3. Audio Spectrum ASQ-001-QC (QR) The Hits of Bacharach & Webb. Audio Spectrum ASQ-019-QC (QR) * Swinging Songs/Nelson Riddle Conducts. Audio Spectrum ASQ-016-QC (QR) * Theme From The Godfather And Other Movie Hits. Audio Spectrum ASQ-013-QC (QR) Today's Hits. Audio Spectrum ASQ-004-QC (QR) Today’s Sound. Audio Spectrum ASQ-018-QC (QR) GILBERT O'SULLIVAN - I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter. Mam H-17 (QR)
    P DOLLY PARTON (also see PORTER WAGONER) - Bubbling Over. RCA EPQ1-0286-QF (QR) ANN PEEBLES - I Can't Stand the Rain. Hi J-12079 (QR) JEAN JACQUES PERREY - The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound. Vanguard VSS-10 (QR) ELVIS PRESLEY - Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite. RCA [EPQB-6089-QM-DP (QR) CHARLEY PRIDE - Sweet Country. RCA EPQ1-0217-QF (QR)
    Q THE QUADRASTRINGS - Hollywood Gold Vol. 1. Ovation [2 TAPES] H-11601/2 (QR) {Tape editions each contain half of the Vol. 1 disc program and are identified as Vol. 1 & 2} Hollywood Gold Vol. 2. Ovation [2 TAPES] H-11603/4 (QR) {Tape editions each contain half of the Vol. 2 disc program and are identified as Vol. 3 & 4} {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} PAUL QUARINO - Heads the Bill at the Orpheum. Doric DO(Q)-1505 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known}
    R JERRY REED - Lord, Mr. Ford. RCA EPQ1-0238-QF (QR) BUDDY RICH - Roar of '74. Groove Merchant H-1528 (QR) RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER - * Rich Mountain Tower. Ovation Q-106 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} ERIC ROGERS - Great Scott/The Music of Scott Joplin. London J-17105 (QR) Tribute to Satchmo. London H-144170 (QR)
    S BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE - Illuminations. Vanguard VSS-9 (QR) Moonshot. Vanguard VSS-21 (DQR) Quiet Places. Vanguard J-14020 (QR) SANTANA - BBC Rock Hour Paris Theater '77, show #31 & 32 (SQR) two 7-1/2ips 2-track Reel to Reels [UK] PETER SCHICKELE - The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach. Vanguard J-1408 [Excerpts] (QR) DICK SCHORY - At Carnegie Hall. Ovation [2] Q-107/8 (QR) * Movin' On. Ovation Q-115 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} SEALS & CROFTS - Diamond Girl. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2699-QF (QR) I'll Play for You. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2848-QF (QR) Summer Breeze. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2629-QF (QR) Unborn Child. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2761-QF (QR) DON SEBESKY - Giant Box. CTI [2] CTRQX-6031/32 (QR) CARLY SIMON - Carly Simon. Elektra ESTQ-4082-QF (QR) Hotcakes. Elektra ESTQ-1002-QF (QR) No Secrets. Elektra ESTQ-5049-QF (QR) FRANK SINATRA - Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Reprise RSTQ-1034-QF (QR) My Way. Reprise RSTQ-1029-QF (QR) Ol' Blue Eyes is Back. Reprise RSTQ-2155-QF (QR) THE SPINNERS - The Spinners. Atlantic ATLQ-7256-QR (QR) STARDRIVE (Robert Mason) - Intergalactic Trot. Elektra ESTQ-5058-QF (QR) DAKOTA STATON - I Want a Country Man. Groove Merchant H-1521 (QR) RON STEELE - * Chicago Guitar. Ovation Q-117 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} AL STEWART - Museum of Modern Brass. RCA ERQ1-0032-QF (QR) GEOFFREY STONER - Watch Out ! Ovation Q-1431 [previously J-11431] (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} BIG JIM SULLIVAN - * Sullivan Sings O'Sullivan. Mam H-16 (QR)
    T JAMES TAYLOR - Gorilla. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2866-QF (DQR) One Man Dog. Warner Brothers WSTQ-2660-QF (DQR) LES THATCHER - * Multiple Guitars. Audio Spectrum ASQ-003-QC (QR) TOMITA - Firebird. RCA ERQ1-1312 (QR) * Kosmos. RCA ERQ1-2616 (QR) Pictures At An Exhibition. RCA ERQ1-0838-QF (QR) Snowflakes Are Dancing. RCA AERQ-1 (QR) The Planets. RCA ERQ1-1919-QF (QR) STANLEY TURRENTINE - Don't Mess with Mr. T. CTI CTRQ-6030 (QR) DON TWEEDY - Chorus & Orchestra. Ovation Q-110 (QR) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known}
    W WAR - Deliver the Word. United Artist USTQ-128-QF (QR) The World is a Ghetto. United Artist USTQ-5652-QF (QR) GROVER WASHINGTON - Soul Box. Kudu KRQX-1213 (QR) WORLD'S GREATEST JAZZBAND OF YANK LAWSON & BOB HAGGART - Extra! Project 3 PR4C-5039 (QR) World's Greatest Jazzband. Project 3 PR4C-5033 (QR)
    Y LAURA YAGER - Comin' Apart. Ovation Q-123 (QR) Laura. Ovation Q-111 (QR) Play with Fire. Ovation J-11436 (QR) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE YOUNGBLOODS - Get Together. RCA EPQA-3724-QF (QR)
    Z Z Z TOP - Tres Hombres. London H-17206 (QR), PS7-631 [previously L-77206] (Q8)

    List Compiled and Copyright By
    Mark Anderson

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    Christopher Jensen
    Glenn Connell
    Bob Herndon
    Daniel Ford
    Ulrich F. Kaltenpoth
    Geoff McDade
    Scott Lewandowski
    Dave Hern
    Jay Laush
    Andre Perras (vinylsniffer)
    Christopher Lees 
    Tim Marshall
    Jürgen Bongenberg
    Wit Ashbrook
    Michael Moser
    Arthur Shapoval
    Charles Hunfeld
    Rob S (Doctarobb)
    David Matthews
    Rich Silverman
    Urban Spaceman
    Bob Romano
    Quad Linda
    Clark Novak

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