TEAC 2340 4-channel Reel to Reel
Quadraphonic Discography
6-6-2014 VERSION 1.6

    This is a list of Anthology, Sampler, Test, Set Up & Sound Effects
Quadraphonic recordings on reel to reel. 
    This is not a complete list. Information about quadraphonic recordings
that are not listed here or corrections to list are greatly appreciated
and encouraged.
   Country of origin is listed for recordings manufactured outside of 
the United States. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was
only available in that country.

Updates to this list have been provided by members of the 
QuadraphonicQuad Forum and links have been provided to track listings
on selected titles
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    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format (LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track, QR (quad reel to reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K, Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox.net
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets [ ]. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are indicated by an asterisk (*). 5. Abbreviations : ( ) D** - Dolby Quad Reel EVR - EV Encoded Reel QR - Quad Reel to Reel QS - SQ Encoded SQ - SQ Encoded
    A AMBIPHON The Sound of Space, QRS-1 (QR)
    J JVC AKAI Surround Stereo. ATD-74 (QR)
    L LONDON * The Quadraphonic World of Phase 4 Stereo. LON J-17192 (QR)
    O OVATION Experience Ovation 4-Channel Quadraphonic Sound. Q-121 (QR) Ovation Quadraphonic Sound. Q-101 [previously ODT-1](QR) Ovation Quad Sound Effects/Sounds of the City. Q-201 [previously J-11501] (QR) Ovation Quad Sound Effects/Sounds of Railroad Nostalgia. Q-202 [previously J-11502] (QR) Ovation Quad Sound Effects/Sounds of Today & Tomorrow. Q-203 [previously J-11503] (QR) Ovation Quad Sound Effects/Sounds of the Road. Q-204 (QR) Ovation Quad Sound Effects/Sounds of Nature. Q-205 (QR)
    P PROJECT 3 Four Channel Stereo Demonstration. PR4C-D700 (QR) Project 3/Popular Science Quad Test Record. PR4C-401 (QR)
    R REALISTIC (Radio Shack) Stereo-4 Encoded Sound Effects & Demonstration Tape. 51-3410 (EVR)
    S SONY Quadradial Stereo, 4 Track, 4 Channel Demonstration Tape. DSE-4721 (QR)
    V VANGUARD REALISTIC 4-Channel Discrete Demonstration Tape. 51-1778 (QR) Quadraphonic Demonstration Album, Program 1. VSS-22 (QR) {Quad reel is missing 1 track from the Album version} Quadraphonic Demonstration Album, Program 2. VSS-1 (QR) {Quad reel and Quad 8-Track is missing 1 track from the Album version} Quadraphonic Demonstration Album, Program 3. VSS-18 & 20 (QR) Quadraphonic Demonstration Album, Program 4. VSS-19 (DQR) * This Is Surround Stereo. # unknown (QR) [Japan]
    W WARNER BROTHERS Green Board South/Actual Sounds of Southern Railway Steam Engines in Motion. WSTQ-2656-QF (QR) Sound in Motion. WSTQ-2656-QF (QR)

    List Compiled and Copyright By
    Mark Anderson

    Acknowledgments :
    This page would like to thank and acknowledge the fine work
    done by the contributors to "Quad Incorporated." for the contributions
    to this page in layout and additional notations to the listings.
    Larry Clifton - editor, with the assistance of Brian Moura,
    Nick Perugini, Mike Robin and Gary Thilgen.
    These fine folks pioneered the research in quad collecting.
    A majority of the listings come from "Quad Incorporated" and are
    reprinted by permission.
    and to the following folks who have passed on information from their
    collections with additions, comments and corrections to this list :
    Eero Aro
    Klaus Hoenemann		
    Ron Brain
    Tad Bartel
    Ulrich F. Kaltenpoth
    Allen Wolney
    Michael Klewin
    Johan Strikkers
    Mark Zalesky
    Tom Lukashow
    Andre Perras (vinylsniffer)
    Paul DiZinno
    Jay Laush
    Nick Perugini

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