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Quadraphonic Discography
POPULAR Quad 8-Tracks
7-23-2017 VERSION 1.9

   This is a list of popular quadraphonic recordings on 8-track. 
   Popular recordings include music from all countries and include rock,
jazz, easy listening, polka, avant-garde & country. 
   This is not a complete list. Information about quadraphonic recordings
that are not listed here or corrections to list are greatly appreciated
and encouraged.
   Country of origin has been listed to help in the search of a 
recording. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was
only available in that country.

    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format (LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track, QR (quad reel to reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
    Please send any additions or corrections to this list to :
      *        /|\               *     Mark Anderson
              / | \     *              multichannel AT cox.net
     *       /  |  \                   
      ------/   |   \---------------        
           /    |    \                 
    This list can be accessed from :
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets [ ]. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are indicated by an asterisk (*). 5. Abbreviations : ( ) Q8 - Quad 8-Track (Discrete 4-channel) D** - Dolby Quad Reel or Dolby Quad 8-Track SQ8 - SQ Encoded 8-Track QS8 - QS Encoded 8-Track EV8 - EV Encoded 8-Track
    A AEROSMITH - Get Your Wings. Columbia CAQ-32847 (DQ8) Rocks. Columbia CAQ-34165 (DQ8) Toys in the Attic. Columbia CAQ-33479 (DQ8) RONNIE ALDRICH - Christmas with Ronnie Aldrich. London L-744051 (Q8) Close to you. London L-77156 (Q8), LEQ-44156 (Q8) [Canada] Come to Where the Love Is. London L-77190 (Q8), LEQ-44190 (Q8) [Canada] Destination Love. London L-744135 (Q8) For Young Lovers. London L-744108 (Q8) In the Gentle Hours. London L-744221 (Q8) Invitation to Love. London L-77176 (Q8), LEQ-44176 (Q8) [Canada] It’s Happening Now. London L-744127 (Q8) Love Story. London L-744162 (Q8) Magic Moods Of. London L-744062 (Q8) Magnificent Pianos. London L-744029 (Q8) Romantic Pianos. London L-744042 (Q8) Soft & Wicked. London L-77195 (Q8), LEQ-44195 (Q8) [Canada] The Way We Were. London L-744209 (Q8) Top of the World. London L-77203 (Q8) ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND - At the Fillmore East. Capricorn 2X9-0131 (Q8) Eat a Peach. Capricorn [2] 2K9-0102 (Q8) RICO DE ALMENDA ORCHESTRA - Samba vivo. Vedette Q8S 3064 (Q8) [Italy] * Tumbando Cha Cha Cha E Samba. Vedette Q8S 3058 (Q8) [Italy] HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS - Greatest Hits. A&M 8Q-54245 (Q8) * Whipped Cream. A&M 8Q-54110 (Q8), # unknown (Q8) [UK] AMERICA - Hearts. Warner Bros. L9B-2852 (Q8) Holiday. Warner Bros. L9W-2808 (Q8) ED AMES - Best. RCA PQ8-1476 (Q8) LYNN ANDERSON - * Greatest Hits. Columbia CAQ-31641 (Q8) * Rose Garden. Columbia CAQ-30411 (Q8) PAUL ANKA - * The Painter. United Artists EA 653-H (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} FRANCESCO ANSELMO ORCHESTRA - * Carrellata Film Themes Vol. 13. Vedette Q8S 3084 (Q8) [Italy] Operette Allo Specchio. Vedette Q8S 3081 (Q8) [Italy] THE ARCHIES - Sugar, Sugar. Kirshner PQKO-1002 (Q8) ARGENT - In Deep. Epic EAQ-32195 (Q8) EDDY ARNOLD - Best. RCA PQ8-1185 (Q8) My World. RCA PQ8-1088 (Q8) ASPEN SINGERS - Beatles Songbook. USTI Q104 (Q8) CHET ATKINS - Picks the Best. RCA PQ8-1261 (Q8) Superpickers. RCA APT1-0329 (Q8) AVERAGE WHITE BAND - Average White Band. Atlantic QT-7308 (Q8) THE AWAKENING - * Hear, Sense & Feel. Black Jazz Q-8709 (Q8) Mirage. Black Jazz Q-8715 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} AZTECA - Azteca. Columbia CAQ-31776 (Q8)
    B BABE RUTH - Babe Ruth. Harvest Q8W-11367 (Q8) BURT BACHARACH - Greatest Hits. A&M 8Q-53661 (Q8) Make it Easy on Yourself. A&M 8Q-54188 (Q8) Reach Out. A&M Q8-54130 (Q8) BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE - II. Mercury MQ8-1-696 (Q8) Bachman Turner Overdrive. Mercury MQ8-1-673 (Q8) Four Wheel Drive. Mercury MQ8-1-1027 (Q8) Head On. Mercury MQ8-1-1067 (Q8) Not Fragile. Mercury H-11004 (QR) JOAN BAEZ - * Come From the Shadows. A&M 8Q-54339 (Q8), Y8QAM 64339 (Q8) [UK] Diamonds & Rust. A&M 8Q-54527 (Q8) Hits/Greatest & Others. Vanguard L-74032 (Q8) GATO BARBIERI - * Chapter 1/ Latin America. Impulse A 8027 9248 (QS8) DON BARRY - Sax with love. Senn-Sound Q8 4057 (Q8) [Italy] Sax with love 2. Senn-Sound Q8 4062 (Q8) [Italy] Sax with love 3. Senn-Sound Q8 4063 (Q8) [Italy] Sax with love 4. Senn-Sound Q8 4064 (Q8) [Italy] COUNT BASIE - Broadway Basie's Way. Command 7145-40004H (Q8) SHIRLEY BASSEY - Live at Carnegie Hall - Complete [2] United Artist UA-DA1110-P (Q8) Volume 1. United Artist UA-DA1111-H (Q8) Volume 2. United Artist UA-DA1112-H (Q8) Never, Never, Never. United Artist UA-DA055-H (Q8) LUCIO BATTISTI - Il Nostro Caro Angelo. RCA ZQ8N-55660 (Q8) [Italy] JEFF BECK - Beck, Bogert & Appice. Epic EAQ-32140 (DQ8) Blow by Blow. Epic EAQ-33409 (DQ8) Jeff Beck Group. Epic EAQ-31331 (Q8) Rough & Ready. Epic EAQ-30973 (Q8) Wired. Epic EAQ-33849 (DQ8) HARRY BELAFONTE - Belafonte at Carnegie Hall. RCA OQ8-5002 (Q8) LOUIE BELLSON - Breakthrough. Project 3 PRQ8-5029 (Q8) GEORGE BENSON - Body Talk. CTI CTQ8-6033 (Q8) CHUCK BERRY London Sessions. Chess 7033-60020H (Q8) ACKER BILK - * Some Of My Favorite Things. Pye Y8QP 1022 (Q8) [UK] * That’s My Desire. Pye no unknown (Q8) [UK] WALTER BISHOP - Keeper of My Soul. Black Jazz Q-8714 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} BILL BLACK COMBO - Bill Black Combo. Romulus RQ-5007 (Q8) STANLEY BLACK - * Film Spectacular, Vol. 4/The Epic. London L-77173 (Q8) Music of a People. London L-77060 (Q8) Spirit of the People. London H-144206 (QR), L-744206 (Q8) Tribute to Charlie Chaplin. London L-77184 (Q8) BLACK OAK ARKANSAS - Raunch 'n Roll Live. Atco QT-7019 (Q8) BLACK SABBATH - Paranoid. Warner Bros. L9W-1887 (Q8) BLACKBYRDS - Flying Start. Fantasy 7196-4004H (Q8) ART BLAKEY & THE JAZZ MESSENGERS - Jazz Messengers '70. JVC NQW-7006 (Q8) [Japan] JACK BLANCHARD & MISTY MORGAN- Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. Romulus RQ-5005 (Q8) BLIND HOG - Hits of the Fifties. Romulus RQ-5008 (Q8) BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS - * Blood Sweat & Tears II. Columbia CAQ-30994 (Q8) Greatest Hits. Columbia CAQ-31174 (Q8) Mirror Image. Columbia CAQ-32979 (DQ8) New City. Columbia CAQ-33484 (DQ8) BLOODSTONE - Natural High. London PS7-620 [previously L-72703] (Q8) Riddle of the Sphinx. London L-7654 (Q8) MIKE BLOOMFIELD/AL KOOPER/STEVE STILLS - Supersession. Columbia CAQ-30991 (Q8) BLUE OYSTER CULT - Secret Treaties. Columbia CAQ-32858 (DQ8) Tyranny & Mutation. Columbia CAQ-32017 (Q8) PHIL BODNER - Brass Ring. Project 3 PRQ8-5067 (Q8) BREAD - Baby I'm-a Want You. Elektra 8Q-5015 (Q8) Best. Elektra 8Q-5056 (Q8) BRECKER BROTHERS - Back to Back. Arista 7301-4061H (Q8) ALEX BROWN - * Music Maestro Please. Vedette Q8S-3098 (Q8) [Italy] JIM ED BROWN - It's That Time of Year. RCA APT1-O572 (Q8) MEL BROWN - * Big Foot Country Girl. Impulse A 8027-9249 (QS8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JACKSON BROWNE - Late for the sky. Asylum 8Q-1017 (Q8) ERIC BURDON - Sun Secrets. Columbia Q8W-11359 (Q8) JOHNNY BUSH - Texas Dance Hall Girl. RCA APT1-0369 (Q8) DONALD BYRD - Black Byrd. BN BN-DA047-H (Q8) Street Lady. BN BN-DA140-H (Q8)
    C CALIFORNIA POPPY PICKERS - Play & Sing Hair, Aquarius & Others. Audio Spectrum QST-9 (Q8) GLEN CAMPBELL - Reunion. Capitol Q8W-11336 (Q8) ACE CANNON - Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me. Hi L-72076 (Q8) Canon Country/ Ace That is.. Hi L-72080 (Q8) Country Comfort. Hi L-72080 (Q8) THE CAPTAIN & TENNILLE - Love Will Keep Us Together. A&M 8Q-54552 (Q8) HENSON CARGILL - 1932. Romulus RQ-5003 (Q8) CARLINI'S WORLD OF STRINGS - * When The Lights Are Low. Gold Award Q8-20 (Q8) ERIC CARMEN - Eric Carmen. Arista 7301-4057 (Q8) DOUG CARN - Adam's Apple. Black Jazz Q-8721 (Q8) * Revelation. Black Jazz H-8716 (Q8) * Spirit of the New Land. Black Jazz Q-8708 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE CARPENTERS - * A Song for You. A&M 8Q-53511 (Q8), Y8QAM-63511 (Q8) [UK] * Close to you. A&M 8Q-54271 (Q8), # unknown (Q8) [UK] Horizon. A&M 8Q-54530 (Q8) * Now & Then. A&M 8Q-53519 (Q8), A&M 4CHA (M)-15 (Q8) [Japan] The Carpenters. A&M 8Q-53502 (Q8), Y8QAM-63502 (Q8) [UK] The Singles 1969-1973. A&M 8Q-53601 (Q8) VICKI CARR - Nashville. Liberty A-9007 (Q8) CASEY - Crystal. USTI Q105 (Q8) Lights. USTI Q109 (Q8) JOHNNY CASH - * At San Quentin. Columbia CAQ-30961 (Q8) THE JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH - * Dimension III. RCA APT1-0103 (Q8), APDT-0103 (Q8) [Italy] {The title above was reported to be released only in quad with no stereo version known, A stereo 8-track APS1-0103 was also released} Phase II. RCA PQ8-2064 (Q8), PQ8-2064 (Q8) [Italy] CARMEN CAVALLARO - Plays the 3 B's (Beatles, Bacharach & Bach). Romulas RQ-5012 (Q8) CHABUCA GRANDA With DON LUIS GONZALEZ - Paso De Vencedores. Sono Radio QS-1001 (QS) [Peru] FRANK CHACKSFIELD - Music of Cole Porter. London L-77185 (Q8), LEQ-44185 (Q8) [Canada] Plays Bacharach. London L- 77158 (Q8), LEQ-44158 (Q8) [Canada] Plays Simon & Garfunkel & Jim Webb. London L-77151 (Q8), LEQ-44151 (Q8) [Canada] The Glory that was Gershwin. London L-77194 (Q8), LEQ-44194 (Q8) [Canada] THE CHANCELLORS - Songs Made Famous by Led Zeppelin "A Tribute to Led Zeppelin." Sound Alike Music SAM Q 139 (Q8) RAY CHARLES SINGERS - Love Me With All Your Heart. Command 7145-40005H (Q8) CHASE - Chase. Epic EAQ-30472 (Q8) * Pure Music. EAQ-32572 (Q8) CHICAGO - Chicago Transit Authority. Columbia [2] QCA-33255 (DQ8) Chicago II. Columbia [2] QCA-33258 (DQ8) Chicago III. Columbia [2] QCA-30110 (DQ8) Chicago V. Columbia CAQ-31102 (DQ8) Chicago VI. Columbia CAQ-32400 (DQ8) Chicago VII. Columbia [2] QCA-32810 (DQ8) Chicago VIII. Columbia QCA-33100 (DQ8) Chicago IX, Greatest Hits. Columbia CAQ-33900 (DQ8) Chicago X. Columbia CAQ-34200 (DQ8) CHI-LITES - Chi-Lites. Brunswick L-74197 (Q8) Greatest Hits. Brunswick L-74184 (Q8) Toby. Brunswick L-74200 (Q8) CHORAL DES ENFANTS OF THE PARIS OPERA - Children of France. London L-77150 (Q8) Christmas with the Children of France. London L-77188 (Q8) BOBBY CHRISTIAN - Vibe-rations. Ovation D8116 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} CINEMA ORCHESTRA & CHORUS - Music from Cabaret & Other Songs. Alshire QST-14 (Q8) CINEMA SOUND STAGE ORCHESTRA - Award winning film themes. Gold Award. Q8-48 (Q8) ERIC CLAPTON - 461 Ocean Boulevard. RSO QT-4801 (Q8) There's One in Every Crowd. RSO QT-4806 (Q8) ROY CLARK - Best. Dot 7310-25986H (Q8) Come Live with Me. Dot 7310-26010H (Q8) Superpicker. Dot 7310-26008H (Q8) The Family Album. Dot C7150-26018 (Q8) DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS - David Clayton Thomas. RCA APT1-0173 (Q8) JOE COCKER - Joe Cocker !. A&M 8Q-54224 (Q8) With a Little Help from My Friends. A&M 8Q-54182 (Q8) BUDDY COLE & THE ALL STARS - Golden Age of the Dance Bands. Audio Spectrum QST-12 (Q8) JUDY COLLINS - Colors of the Day / Best. Elektra 8Q-5030 (Q8) Judith. Elektra 8Q-1032 (Q8) PERRY COMO - And I Love You So. RCA APT1-0100 (Q8) Just Out of Reach. RCA APT1-0863 (Q8) Live in Las Vegas, At the International Hotel. RCA PQ8-1608 (Q8) Perry. RCA APT1-0585 (Q8) RAY CONNIFF - Alone Again (Naturally). Columbia CAQ-31629 (Q8) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song. Columbia CAQ-33139 (DQ8) Harmony. Columbia CAQ-32553 (DQ8) Laughter in the Rain. Columbia CAQ-33332 (DQ8) Love Story. Columbia CAQ-30498 (Q8) * Love Theme from the "Godfather". Columbia CAQ-31473 (Q8) Love Will Keep Us Together. Columbia CAQ-33884 (DQ8) * The Happy Sound of Ray Conniff / The Great Hits of Yesterday. Columbia CAQ-33139 (DQ8) The Way We Were. Columbia CAQ-32802 (DQ8) Themes from S.W.A.T. and MASH & Others. Columbia CAQ-34312 (DQ8) ALICE COOPER - Billion Dollar Babies. Warner Bros. L9B-2685 (Q8) Muscle of Love. Warner Bros. L9B-2748 (Q8) LARRY CORYELL - * At the Village Gate. Vanguard L-7406 (Q8) Introducing Eleventh House. L-74036 (Q8) COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH - Greatest Hits. Vanguard L-714 (Q8) {Also available with the Title "Here We Are Again"} The Life & Times of Country Joe & the Fish from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock. Vanguard [1 Tape, Excerpts] L-7405 (Q8) FLOYD CRAMER - Class of '70. RCA PQ8-1640 (Q8) Class of '73. RCA APT1-0299 (Q8) Class of '74 & '75. RCA APT1-1191 (Q8) Floyd Cramer Country. RCA APT1-1541 (Q8) In Concert. RCA APT1-0661 (Q8) Piano Masterpieces (1900-1975). RCA APT1-0893 (Q8) Super Country Hits. RCA APT1-0155 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} The Young & the Restless. RCA APT1-0469 (Q8) With the Music City Pops. RCA PQ8-1592 (Q8) HANK CRAWFORD - Wildflower. Kuda KQ8X-15 (Q8) PAPA JOHN CREACH - Papa John Creach. Grunt PQFT-1003 (Q8) CREATIVE SOURCE - Migration. Sussex L-78035 (Q8) CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - Creedence Gold. Fantasy 7163-4001H (Q8) JIM CROCE - * I Got a Name. Command ABC 7022-797H & C7022-769 (Q8) Life & Times. Command ABC 7022-769H (Q8), CQT-40007 (Q8) [Canada] Photographs & Memories / His Greatest Hits. Command ABC 7022-835H (Q8) You Don't Mess Around with Jim. Command ABC 7022-756H (Q8) XAVIER CUGAT - * My Shawl. JVC NQW-7002 (Q8) [Japan] BURTON CUMMINGS - Burton Cummings. Portrait RAQ-34261 (DQ8) BETTY CURTIS - * Folk No. 2. Alpha Record 3029 (Format? 8-Track) [Italy] {Cover states "Quadrifonico"} CYMANDE - Cymande. Janus 7098-3044H (Q8) Second Time Around . Janus 7098-3054H (Q8)
    D BRUNO BATTISTI D'AMARIO - * Granada. Vedette Q8S 3086 (Q8) [Italy] Rhapsody. Vedette Q8S 3065 (Q8) [Italy] Samba Para Ti. Vedette Q8S 3082 (Q8) [Italy] DANNY DAVIS & THE NASHVILLE BRASS - Bluegrass Country. RCA APTI-0565 (Q8) Caribbean Cruise. RCA APTI-0232 (Q8) Country Gold. RCA APTI-1240 (Q8) Dream Country. RCA AAPTI-1043 (Q8) Latest & Greatest. RCA APTI-0774 (Q8) More Nashville Sounds. RCA PQ8-1470 (Q8) Something Else. RCA PQ8-1692 (Q8) Texas. RCA APTI-1578 (Q8) Travlin'. APTI-0034 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} Turn on Some Happy Music. RCA PQ8-2090 (Q8) You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet. RCA PQ8-1568 (Q8) MAC DAVIS - All the Love in the World. Columbia CAQ-32927 (DQ8) Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me. Columbia CAQ-31770 (Q8) Burnin' Thing. Columbia CAQ-33551 (Q8) Stop & Smell The Roses. Columbia CAQ-32582 (DQ8) Thunder in the Afternoon. Columbia CAQ-34313 (DQ8) MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew. Columbia [2 LP] GQ-30997 (SQ). CBS/Sony SOPL-24/25 [Later SOPJ-58/59] (SQ) [Japan] * Live - Evil. Columbia GQ-3092582 (SQ), CBS/Sony SOPL 143/4 (SQ) [Japan], CBS Q-67219 (SQ) [UK] RAY DAVIES & THE BUTTON DOWN BRASS - I Believe In Music. Pye Y8QP 41021 (Q8) [UK] The Real Sound Of... PYE Y8QP 1009 (Q8) [UK] Why Can't We All Get Together. Pye Y8QP-1004 (Q8) [UK] {The title above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} DEEP PURPLE - * Machine Head. Warner Bros. L9B-2607 (Q8), TPSA-7504 (Q8) [UK] Stormbringer. Warner Bros. L9P-2832 (Q8) ROBERTO DELGADO - Bouzouki. Polydor Q3811 245 (Q8) [Canada] JACK DE MELLO GRAND ORCHESTRA - * Days Of Youth and Cherry Blossoms. JVC NQW-7004 (Q8) [Japan] * Golden Western Movie Themes. JVC NQW-7012 (Q8) [Japan] JACK DE MELLO HAWAIIAN ALL STARS - * Hawaiian Deluxe. JVC NQW-7013 (Q8) [Japan] CLAUDE DENJEAN - Open Circuit. London L-77196 (Q8), LEQ-44196 (Q8) [Canada] JOHN DENVER - Poems, Prayers & Promises. RCA PQ8-1711 (Q8) EUMIR DEODATO - Deodato 2. CTI CTQ8-6029 (Q8) Prelude. CTI CTQ8-6029 (Q8) EUMIR DEODATO & AIRTO MOREIRA - Deodato / Airto in Concert. CTI CTQ8-6041 (Q8) RICK DERRINGER - All-American Boy. Blue Sky ZAQ-32481 (DQ8) Spring Fever. Blue Sky ZAQ-33423 (DQ8) WILLIAM DEVAUGHN - Be Thankful for What You Got. Roxbury L-7100 (Q8) NEIL DIAMOND - Serenade. Columbia CAQ-32919 (DQ8) WILLIE DIXON - Catalyst. Ovation Q-8133 [previously J-11433] (Q8) DORSEY DODD - Moog Moods, The Rocking Dorsey Dodd. Vedette Q8S 3062 (Q8) [Italy] Mood Magic 2. Vedette Q8S 3069 (Q8) [Italy] JOHNNY DOE - Sings the Songs of Johnny Cash. Audio Spectrum QST-7 (Q8) ANTHONY DONADIO SAX & ORCHESTRA - Mi Ritorni In Mente. Vedette Q8S 3054 (Q8) [Italy] * Sax and Stars. Vedette Q8S 3077 (Q8) [Italy] LOU DONALDSON - Sassy Soul Strut. Blue Note BN-DA109-H (Q8) DOOBIE BROTHERS - The Captain and Me. Warner Bros. L9B-2694 (Q8) Toulouse Street. Warner Bros. L9W-2634 (Q8) * Stampede. Warner Bros. L9B-2835 (Q8) What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits. Warner Bros. L9W-2750 (Q8) THE DOORS - Best of the Doors. Elektra 8Q-5035 (Q8) KEITH DROSTE - Big Band Moog. Realistic 51-3206 (Q8), Ampex Q8112 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known, The Ampex version does not mention Keith Droste} BOB DYLAN - Nashville Skyline. Columbia CAQ-32872 (DQ8) Planet Waves. 8Q-1003 (Q8)
    E EAGLES - On the Border. Asylum 8Q-1004 (Q8) One of These Nights. Asylum Q8-1039 (Q8) EARTH, WIND & FIRE - Head to the Sky. Columbia CAQ-32194 (DQ8) Open Our Eyes. Columbia CAQ-32712 (DQ8) Spirit. Columbia CAQ-34241 (DQ8) That's the Way of the World. Columbia CAQ-33280 (DQ8) CLEVELAND EATON - * Plenty Good Eaton. Black Jazz Q-8720 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA - * The Electric Light Orchestra. Harvest Q8-SHVL 797 (Q8) [UK] DUKE ELLINGTON - New Orleans Suite. Atlantic QT-1580 (Q8)Q) EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER - Welcome Back My Friends, To the Show That Never Ends - Ladies & Gentlemen. Manticore QT-3-200 (Q8) DAVID ESSEX - Rock On. Columbia CAQ-32560 (DQ8) GIL EVANS - Plays the Music of Jimi Hendrix. RCA APT1-0667 (Q8) Svengali. Atlantic QT-1643 (Q8) EVERGREENS - Happy Driving No. 2. Duo 479029 (Q8) [Germany] EXOTIC GUITARS - All Time Guitar Hits. Ranwood 7058-8090H (Q8) Exotic Guitars. Ranwood 7058-8104H (Q8)
    F PERCY FAITH - Black Magic Woman. Columbia CAQ-30800 (Q8) Chinatown. Columbia CAQ-33244 (DQ8) Clair. Columbia CAQ-32164 (DQ8) * Day by Day. Columbia CAQ-31627 (Q8) Joy. Columbia CAQ-31301 (Q8), New Thing. Columbia CAQ-32803 (DQ8) * Romeo & Juliet. Columbia CAQ-31004 (Q8) The Entertainer. Columbia CAQ-33006 (DQ8) THE FAMLEY GUITAR BAND - Circles. Ampex L-7706 (Q8) Get it On. Ampex L-7705 (Q8) Help Me Make it Thru the Night. L-7703 (Q8) Smoke on the Water. Ampex L-7704 (Q8) The Nights the Lights Went Out in Georgia. Ampex L-7702 (Q8) Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree. L-7701 (Q8) DONNA FARGO - All About a Feeling. Dot 7310-26019H (Q8) My Second Album. Dot 7310-26006H (Q8) The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A. Dot 7310-26000H (Q8) SERGIO FARINA – * Apache. Vedette QPS-3091 (Q8) [Italy] * Guitars and Boogie Woogie. Vedette Q8S 3080 (Q8) [Italy] ROBERT FARNON - * Live From The Royal Festival Hall, London (London Symphony Orchestra). Astor Pye Y8QP-400 (Q8) [UK] JOSE FELICIANO - 10 to 23. RCA PQ8-1479 (Q8) Alive Alive-O!. RCA [2 tapes] PQ8-1537/8 (Q8) Compartments. RCA APT1-0141 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} Feliciano!. RCA PQ8-1377 (Q8) Fireworks. RCA PQ8-1595 (Q8) MAYNARD FERGUSON - Conquistador. Columbia CAQ-34457 (DQ8) FERRANTE & TEICHER - Killing Me Softly. United Artist UA-DA118-H (Q8) Midnight Cowboy. Liberty A-8168 (Q8) LARRY FERRARI - At the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ/Encore. Sure 708 (SQ8) I Wish You The Merriest. Sure 703/T-8 (SQ8) Musical Varieties. Sure 710 (SQ8) Rainbow of Musical Favorites. Sure 711 (SQ8) Return to Paradise. Sure VOL 709-8 (SQ8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} GABRIELLA FERRI - Sempre. RCA LPQ8-10588 (Q8) [Italy] ARTHUR FIEDLER & THE BOSTON POPS - Best of the Boston Pops. RCA RQ8-1047 (Q8) Greatest Hits of the '70's. RCA ART1-0035 (Q8) {Originally released in quad only, stereo version released later} Greatest Hits of the '70's Vol. 2. RCA ART1-0552 (Q8) Music From the Million Dollar Movies. RCA RQ8-1010 (Q8) Up, Up & Away. RCA RQ8-1103 (Q8) THE FIRESIGN THEATRE - Everything You Know Is Wrong. Columbia CAQ-33141 (DQ8) I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus. Columbia CAQ-30737 (Q8) WILLIAM FISHER - Make Believe. Ovation Q-8122 (Q8) Reflections. Ovation OVQD-1430 Q-8130 [previously L-71430] (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} ROBERTA FLACK - Killing Me Softly. Atlantic QT-7271 (Q8) MYRON FLOREN - Spanish Eyes. Ranwood 7058-8081C (Q8) FOCUS - Live at the Rainbow. Sire 7147-7408H (Q8) Moving Waves. Sire 7147-7401H (Q8) DAN FOGELBERG - Captured Angel. Epic EAQ-33499 (DQ8) THE FOUR TOPS - Keeper of the Castle. Command Dunhill 7023-50129H (Q8) * Main Street People. Command Dunhill 7023-50144H (Q8) Meeting of the Minds. Dunhill 7023-50166H (Q8) ARETHA FRANKLIN - Best. Atlantic QT-8305 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} Live at the Fillmore West. Atlantic QT-7205 [previously TP-7205Q] (Q8) HENRY FRANKLIN - The Skipper. Black Jazz Q-8707 (Q8) The Skipper at Home. Black Jazz Q-8717 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE FREE DESIGN - Kites Are Fun. Project 3 PRQ8-5019 (Q8) {Originally released in EV encoding. version marked as SQ or QS may actually be EV. This title may have been originally released in EV and remastered for QS.} FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION - Grazin'. RCA PQ8-1443 (Q8) Greatest Hits. RCA APT1-0276 (Q8) Highly Distinct. RCA PQ8-1489 (Q8) Love Can Make It Easier. RCA PQ8-2113 (Q8) Real Friends. RCA PQ8-1555 (Q8) Whatever. RCA PQ8-1622 (Q8) FUNKADELIC - Cosmic Slop. Westbound 7198-2022C (Q8)
    G ART GARFUNKEL - * Angel Clare. Columbia CAQ-31474 (Q8) Breakaway. Columbia CAQ-33700 (DQ8) TOMMY GARRETT - Down Mexico Way. United Artist UA-DA123-H (Q8) DAVID GATES - David Gates. Elektra 8Q-5066 (Q8) Never Let Her Go. Elektra 8Q-1028 (Q8) MARVIN GAYE - [see also DIANA ROSS & MARVIN GAYE] Live ! Tamla TQ8-333KT (Q8) J. GEILS BAND - Nightmares..and Other Tales From the Vinyl Jungle. Atlantic QT-18107 (Q8) GENEVA LTD - First Year A.D. Sound Values Q-20 (Q8) DIZZY GILLESPIE - Souled Out. Romulus RQ-5016 (Q8) BOBBY GOLDSBORO - Summer (The First Time). United Artist UA-DA124-H (Q8) RON GOODWIN * In Concert. EMI Q8-TWO 339 (Q8) [UK] GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION - Ain't no 'Bout-A-Doubt It. Warner Bros. L9B-2876 (Q8) Graham Central Station. Warner Bros. L9B-2763 (Q8) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - All the Girls in the World Beware. Capitol Q8W-11356 (Q8) Shinin' On. Capitol Q8W-11278 (Q8) We're An American Band. Capitol 8QW-11207 (Q8) THE GRASS ROOTS - * Their 16 Greatest Hits. Command Dunhill 7023-50107H (Q8), CQT-40013 (Q8) [Canada] {Almost all the blue GRT Quad tapes with the "C" prefix on the catalog number are usually associated with a channel error in the mix. Usually the front right channel is swapped with back left. All "H" branded cartridges are the "repaired" versions. The tapes differ in the fact that the "C" version uses pretty much mono band tracks (one front, one rear) with the vocals split front & rear and various overdubs hard left and right. The "H" tape has much greater separation with the band tracks (guitar hard right, organ hard left) but almost all vocals straight up the middle. Armyofquad} {More info can be found here AL GREEN - Call Me. Hi SHL7-32007 [previously L-72077] (Q8), SEQ 32077 (Q8) [Canada] Explores your Mind. Hi SHL7-32087 [previously L-732087] (Q8) Gets Next to You. Hi SHL7-32062 [previously L-72062] (Q8) Greatest Hits. Hi SHL7-32089 [previously L-732089] (Q8) Green is Blues. Hi SHL7-32055 [previously L-72055] (Q8) I'm Still in Love with You. Hi SHL7-32074 [previously L-72074] (Q8) Let's Stay Together. Hi SHL7-32070 [previously L-72070] (Q8) Living For You. Hi SHL7-32082 [previously L-72082] (Q8) URBIE GREEN - Bein' Green. Project 3 PRQ8-5066 (Q8) Big, Beautiful Band. Project 3 PRQ8-5087 (Q8) Twenty-One Trombones Vol. 2. Project 3 PRQ8-5024 (Q8) BAND OF THE GRENADIER GAURDS - Sousa Marches. London L-77103 (Q8), LEQ-44103 (Q8) [Canada] THE GUESS WHO - #10. RCA PQ8-0130 (Q8) American Woman. RCA PQ8-1518 (Q8) Artificial Paradise. RCA PQ8-2114 (Q8) Best. RCA PQ8-1710 (Q8) Best Vol. 2. RCA APT1-0269 (Q8) Canned Wheat Packed by the Guess Who. RCA PQ8-1472 (Q8) Flavours. RCA APT1-0636 (Q8) Power In the Music. RCA APT1-0995 (Q8) * Road Food. RCA APT1-0405 (Q8), Nimbus 9 APT1-0405 (Q8) [Canada] Rockin'. RCA PQ8-1828 (Q8) Share the Land. RCA PQ8-1590 (Q8) Wheatfield Soul. RCA PQ8-1442 (Q8) OLGA GUILLOT - Quien Da Mas...?. Musart Records CDM8-Q14507 (Q8) ARLO GUTHRIE - Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys. Reprise L9M-2142 (Q8)
    H GUY & RALNA HOVIS - Country Songs We Love to Sing. Ranwood 7058-8110H (Q8) BOBBY HACKETT - A Time for Love. Project 3 PRQ8-5016 (Q8) PETER HAMILTON CHORUS & ORCHESTRA - * Ciak. Vedette Q8S 3056 (Q8) [Italy] * Mirage-Film Themes. Vedette Q8S-3059 (Q8) [Italy] * Spotlight-Fil Themes Vol. 12. Vedette Q8S-3079 (Q8) [Italy] * Tango Tango. Vedette VQ8S-3092 (Q8) [Italy] JOHNNY HAMMOND (SMITH) - Higher Ground. Kuda KQX8-16 (Q8) HARBOUR BRASS - Soul Symphony. USTI Q110 (Q8) HARBOUR VOICES - Bacharach. USTI Q112 (Q8) Sing Simon & Garfunkel. USTI Q106 (Q8) BOBBY HARDIN - Bobby Hardin. Romulus RQ-5004 (Q8) RICHARD HARRIS - The Prophet. Atlantic QT-18120 (Q8) TONY HATCH - * Hits Symphonic. Pye Y8QP 1017 (Q8) [UK] {The title above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} DONNY HATHAWAY - Extension of a Man. Atco QT-7029 (Q8) ALAN HAVEN - I'll Walk Beside You. Pye # Unknown (Q8) [UK] ISAAC HAYES - Joy. Enterprise EEQ8-5007 (Q8) Live at the Sahara Tahoe. Enterprise [2] XQ8-5005 (Q8) ROLAND HAYNES - The Second Wave. Black Jazz Q-8719 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JUSTIN HAYWARD & JOHN LODGE - Blue Jays. Threshold THS7-14 [previously L-714] (Q8), TH6-14 (Q8) [Canada] TED HEATH - A Salute to Glenn Miller. London L-77186 (Q8), LEQ-44186 (Q8) [Canada] Salutes the Duke. London L-744220 (Q8) The Big Ones. London L-77140 (Q8) HEAVEN & EARTH - Refuge. Ovation Q-8128 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} HERBIE HANCOCK - Headhunters. Columbia CAQ-32731 (DQ8) Secrets. Columbia CAQ-34280 (DQ8) Sextant. Columbia CAQ-32212 (DQ8) Thrust. Columbia CAQ-32965 (DQ8) STU HERMAN - It Won't Never Happen No More. Sound Values Q-13 (Q8) Mountain Jew. Sound Values Q-10 (Q8) WOODY HERMAN - Children of Lima. Fantasy 7163-4003H (Q8) THE HILTONAIRES - Beatles Hits in the Glenn Miller Sound. Gold Award Q8-37 (Q8) AL HIRT - Best. RCA PQ8-1011 (Q8) Paint Your Wagon. Romulus RQ-5011 (Q8) HIT SONGS PERFORMED IN THE STYLE OF THE ORIGINAL ARTIST - A Tribute to Grand Funk. Sound Alike Music (Q8) STAN HITCHCOCK - Country Hits Of '72. Romulus RQ 5009 (Q8) HOLLINS & STARR - Sidewalks Talking. Ovation Q-8113 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} HOLLYWOOD POPS ORCHESTRA - Great Hit Songs From Fiddler on the Roof & New Love Themes. Capitol Q8L-6790 (Q8) CECIL HOLMES - Black Motion Picture Experience. Buddah L-75129 (Q8) Music for Soulful Lovers. Buddah L-75139 (Q8) LEROY HOLMES - Everybody’s Talkin'. Liberty A-8173 (Q8) JOHN LEE HOOKER - * Free Beer and Chicken. ABC # unknown (QS8) * Live at Soledad Prison. ABC # unknown (QS8) * Never Get Out of These Blues Alive. Pickwick 7022-736H [previously L-7736] (Q8). # unknown (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} PAUL HORN - And the Concert Ensemble. Ovation Q-8109 [previously L-7293] (Q8) HOT TUNA - America's Choice. Grunt BFT1-0820 (Q8) Burgers. Grunt PQFT-1004 (Q8) Electric / Recorded Live. RCA PQ8-1762 (Q8), R4P-5030 (CD4) Hot Tuna. RCA PQ8-1613 (Q8) Yellow Fever. Grunt BFD1-1238 (CD4), BFT1-1238 (Q8) HUES CORPORATION - Love Corporation. RCA APT1-0938 (Q8) Rockin' Soul. RCA APT1-0775 (Q8) HUMBLE PIE - Smokin'. A&M 8Q-54342 (Q8) ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK - King of Hearts. Parrot PAS7-71061 [previously L-79761] (Q8), PEQ-71061 (Q8) [Canada] My Love. Parrot PAS7-71065 [previously L-71065] (Q8) HYDE PARK ENSEMBLE - Swinging London. USTI Q102 (Q8) DICK HYMAN - Traditional Jazz Piano. Project 3 PRQ8-5080 (Q8)
    I IGUANA - The Winds of Alamar. Quadratrak Q8DA101 (Q8) THE ISLEY BROTHERS - 3 + 3. T-Neck ZAQ-32453 (DQ8) Go for Your Guns. T-Neck ZAQ-34432 (DQ8) Live it Up. T-Neck ZAQ-33070 (DQ8) The Heat is On. T-Neck ZAQ-33536 (DQ8)
    J BOB JACKSON - * "Boots" the Sax with Strange Ones. Audio Spectrum QST-6 (Q8), Pye Y8QP 1011 (Q8) [UK] AHMAD JAMAL - Heat Wave. Cadet 7035-777C (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} JAMES GANG - Miami. Atco QT36-102 (Q8) TOMMY JAMES & THE SHONDELLS - Best. Roulette 7045-42040H (Q8) KEITH JARRETT - * Death & the Flower. Impulse 8027-9301H (QS8) JAZZ PIANO QUARTET - (Hyman, Hanna, McPartland, & H. Jones) Let it Happen. RCA APT1-0680 (Q8) JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - Bark. Grunt PQFT-1001 (Q8) Volunteers. Grunt PQ8-1507 (Q8) Worst. Grunt PQ8-1653 (Q8) JEFFERSON STARSHIP - Dragon Fly. Grunt BFT1-0717 (Q8) Red Octopus. Grunt BFT1-0999 (Q8) Spitfire. Grunt BFT1-1557 (Q8) GORDON JENKINS - Malibu Singers. Romulus RQ-5015 (Q8) WAYLON JENNINGS - Lonesome, On'ry & Mean. RCA PQ8-2136 (Q8) JETHRO TULL - Aqualung. Chrysalis QCH-1044 [previously L9C-1044] (Q8) War Child. Chrysalis QCH-1067 (Q8) BILLY JOEL - Piano Man. Columbia L-72544 (Q8) Streetlife Serenade. L-73146 (Q8) JOHNSON & DRAKE - Carry it On. Ovation Q-8134 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} BIG WILLIE JOHNSON - Boogie Woogie Session. Duo 454257 (Q8) [Germany] RUDOLPH JOHNSON - Second Coming. Black Jazz Q-8711 (Q8) SYL JOHNSON - Back for a Taste of Love. Hi L-72081 (Q8) QUINCY JONES - Body Heat. A&M 8Q-53617 (Q8) Mellow Madness. A&M 8Q-54526 (Q8) * Walking in Space. A&M 8Q-53023 (Q8), Y8QAM-961 (Q8) [UK] You've Got It Bad Girl. A&M 8Q-53041 (Q8) TOM JONES - Body & Soul of Tom Jones. Parrot PAS7-71060 [previously L-79760] (Q8), PEQ-71060 (Q8) [Canada] TOMMY JONES - Tommy's Place. Ovation Q-8119 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JANIS JOPLIN - Pearl. Columbia CAQ-30322 (Q8) DICK JURGENS - Here's That Band Again. Project 3 PRQ8-5071 (Q8)
    K PAUL KANTNER & GRACE SLICK - Sunfighter. Grunt PQFT-1002 (Q8) SAMMY KAYE - * If You've Got the Time. Project 3 PRQ8-5065 (Q8) Swing & Sway with Sammy Kay. Project 3 PRQ8-5065 (Q8) JOHN KEATING - * 250 Years of Film Music. Columbia CAQ-32381 (Q8), EMI Q8-TWO 398 (Q8) [UK] * Hits In Hi-Fi 1. Capitol Q8W-6421 (Q8) [Canada], * Space Experience. Columbia CAQ-32382 (Q8), EMI Q8 TWO 393 (Q8) [UK] {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE KENDALLS - Heavens Just a Sin Away. Ovation OV8-1719 (QS8) CALVIN KEYS - Proceed with Caution, Black Jazz Q-8718 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} B.B. KING - Best. ABC (QS8) * Friends. Command ABC 7022-825H (Q8) * Guess Who. ABC 7022-759H (Q8) In London. ABC 7022-730H (Q8) * L.A. midnight. ABC 7022-743H (Q8) To Know You is to Love You. ABC 7022-794H (Q8) B.B. KING & BOBBY BLAND - Together for the First Time....Live. Command Dunhill 7023-50190BZ (Q8) CAROLE KING - Fantasy. Ode 8Q-88018 (Q8) * Music. Ode 8Q-88013 (Q8), Y8QAM 67013 (Q8) [UK] Rhymes & Reasons. Ode 8Q-88016 (Q8) * Tapestry. Ode QU-88013 (QS), 8Q-88009 (Q8), Y8QAM 2025 (Q8) [UK] JOHN KLEMMER - Intensity. MCA 8027-9244 (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - Imagination. Buddah L-75141 (Q8) BONNIE KOLOC - After All This Time. Ovation Q-8118 (Q8) * Bonnie Koloc. Ovation Q-8129 [previously L-71429] (Q8), OVT-81429 (QS8) Hold on to Me. Ovation Q-8120 (Q8) You're Gonna Love Yourself in the Morning. Ovation Q-8138 [previously L-71438] (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} AL KORVIN - * Plays Anni '30. Vedette Q8S 3087 (Q8) [Italy] Plays Italy. Vedette Q8S 3063 (Q8) [Italy] ANDRE KOSTELANETZ - A Quadraphonic Concert (Including Rhapsody in Blue W/ Peter Nero). Columbia CAQ-32147 (DQ8) Quadraphonic Pop Concert. Columbia CAQ-32856 (DQ8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} * Plays Michael Legrand's Greatest Hits. Columbia CAQ-32580 (DQ8) KRAFTWERK - Autobahn. Vertigo VQ8-2003 (Q8) KRIS KRISTOFFERSON - Best. Monument 7044-18902C (Q8) * Border Lord. Monument 7044-31302C (Q8) * Jesus Was a Capricorn. Monument 7044-31909 (Q8) Me & Bobby McGee. Monument 7044-30817C (Q8) Spooky Lady's Sideshow. Monument ZAQ-32914 [previously 7044-31302C] (Q8) * The Silver Tongued Devil & I. Monument ZAQ-30679 [previously 7044-30679C] (Q8)
    L LABELLE - Nightbirds. Epic EAQ-33075 (DQ8) * Phoenix. Epic EAQ-33579 (DQ8) JAN LANGOSZ ORCHESTRA & MANDOLINS - Forever With Napali. Senn-Sound Q8-4021 (Q8) [Italy] JAMES LAST - Beach Party 5. Polydor Q3811 250 (Q8) [Canada] Happy Hammond. Polydor Q3811 194 (Q8) [Canada] Non Stop Dancing 1974. Polydor Q3811 228 (Q8) [Canada] Non Stop Dancing 2. Polydor Q3811 246 (Q8) [Canada], Polydor #unknown (Q8) [Germany] JOHN LENNON - * Imagine. Apple Q8W-3379 (Q8), Q8-PAS 10004 (Q8) [UK] Walls & Bridges. Apple Q8W-3416 (Q8) THE LETTERMEN - There is No Greater Love. Capitol Q8W-11364 (Q8) O'DONEL LEVY - Simba. Groove Merchant L-7526 (Q8) RAMSEY LEWIS - Best. Cadet 7053-839H (Q8) Movie Album. Cadet 7035-782H (Q8) Upendo Ni Pamoja. Columbia CAQ-31096 (Q8) VIC LEWIS - * Conducts The R.F.O. Film Themes-My Way. DJM Y8QDJ-430 (Q8) [UK] * My Friends the Stars. Pye # unknown (Q8) [UK] ENOCH LIGHT - Big "Hit Movie" Themes. Project 3 PRQ8-5051 [previously L-75051] (Q8) Brass Menagerie. Project 3 PRQ8-5036 [previously L-75036] (Q8) Brass Menagerie Vol. 2. Project 3 PRQ8-5042 [previously L-75042] (Q8) Permissive Polyphonics. Project 3 PRQ8-5048 [previously L-75048] (Q8) * Spaced Out/ the Music of Bach, Bacharach & the Beatles. Project 3 PRQ8-5043 [previously L-75043] (Q8) * Spanish Strings. Project 3 PRQ8-5000 [previously L-75000] (Q8) A New Concept of Great Cole Porter Songs. Command C7145-40002H (Q8) Beatles Classics. Project 3 PRQ8-5084 (Q8) * Beatles Alla Classica. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6017/18 (Q8) Best of the Movie Themes 1970. Project 3 PRQ8-5046 (Q8) Big Hits of the 20's. Project 3 PRQ8-5059 (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 30's. Project 3 PRQ8-5049 [previously L-75049] (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 30's Vol. 2. Project 3 PRQ8-5089 (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 30's & 40's. Project 3 PRQ8-5056 [previously L-75056] (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 30's & 40's Vol. 2. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6013/14 (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 30's, 40's & 50's. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6005/6 (Q8) Big Band Hits of the 40's & 50's. Project 3 PRQ8-5076 (Q8) Big Hits of the 70's. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6003/4 (Q8) Big Hits of the 70's Vol. 2. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6015/16 (Q8) Big Hits of the 70's Vol. 3. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-5060 (Q8) Charge. Project 3 PRQ8-5073 (Q8) Disco Disque. Project 3 PRQ8-5092 (Q8) * 4 Channel Dynamite!. Project 3 PRQ8-5068 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} * Future Sound Shock. Project 3 PRQ8-5077 [previously PRJ L75077] (Q8) * Great Hits from the Great Gatsby Era. Project 3 PRQ8-5086 (Q8) Greatest Movie Themes of the Decade 1964-1974. Project 3 PRQ8-5081 (Q8) * Movie Hits. Project 3 PR8T-5063 [previously PRJ L75063] (Q8), PRQ8-5093 (Q8) * Super Solo, By The Great Ones. Project 3 PRQ8-6011 (Q8) GORDON LIGHTFOOT - Cold on the Shoulder. Reprise L9M-2206 (Q8) Sundown. Reprise L9M-2177 (Q8) LIVING STRINGS & VOICES - Beautiful Sounds of the '70's. RCA DAT1-0391 (Q8) {Produced by RCA Music Service} LOGGINS & MESSINA - Full Sail. Columbia CAQ-32540 (DQ8) Loggins & Messina. Columbia CAQ-31748 (Q8) LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Pops Concert in Vienna. Gold Award Q8-35 (Q8) LONDON POPS - Ten Best Selling Movie Themes. Realistic 51-3202 (Q8) * Ten of Tom Jones' Greatest Hits. Realistic 51-3204 (Q8) Thirty Minutes of Simon & Garfunkel's Best. Realistic 51-3203 (Q8) LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - * Space Odyssey. Pye Y8QP-103 (Q8) [UK] DENIS LOPEZ - * Liquid Latin 'Cinnamon Rock'. Pye Pye Y8QP 1019 (Q8) [UK]
    M THE MAGIC ORGAN (Jerry Smith) - Travelin' With the Magic Organ. Ranwood 7058-8116H (Q8) MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA (John McLaughlin) [see also CARLOS SANTANA] - Between Nothingness & Eternity. Columbia CQA-32766 (DQ8) Birds of Fire. Columbia CAQ-31996 (Q8) THE MAIN INGREDIENT - Euphrates River. RCA APT1-0335 (Q8) MAMA LION - Preserve Wildlife. Family Productions L-72702 (Q8) MELISSA MANCHESTER - Better Days & Happy Endings. Arista 7301-4031H (Q8) Melissa. Arista 7301-4067H (Q8) HENRY MANCINI - Best. RCA PQ8-1128 (Q8) Best Vol. 2. RCA PQ8-1315 (Q8) The Concert Sound Of. RCA PQ8-1226 (Q8), APDT-1226 (Q8) [Italy] Country Gentleman. RCA APT1-0270 (Q8) Hangin' Out. RCA APT1-0672 (Q8) Mancini Country. RCA PQ8-1552 (Q8) Mancini Salutes Sousa. RCA APT1-0013 (Q8) Six Hours Past Sunset. RCA PQ8-1508 (Q8) Symphonic Soul. RCA APT1-1025 (Q8) Theme from "Z" & Other Film Music. RCA PQ8-1583 (Q8), PQ8-1583 (Q8) [Italy] Warm Shade of Ivory. RCA PQ8-1441 (Q8) HENRY MANCINI & DOC SEVERINSEN - Brass On Ivory. RCA PQ8-1862 (Q8) Brass, Ivory & Strings. RCA APT1-0098 (Q8), APDT-0098 (Q8) [Italy] HARVEY MANDEL - * Get Off in Chicago. Ovation Q-8124 (Q8), M-8420 (QS8) {The title above was reported to be released only in quad, no stereo version known. Some copies have a gold sticker on front cover that says-Produced on EV-Stereo-4 System and the label makes no mention of EV or quad, just says Stereo and has the # OV/1415. Later pressings are only numbered OV/14-15 with no mention of quad anywhere. Some have "QS quad" on the back cover and mention quad on the front, numbered OVQD/1415. The non-quad version has master number A4RS-2445 for side 1 and A4RS-2546 for side 2, these numbers are etched in the runout area. No master numbers on quad version. Song 2 on side 1 on the quad version is listed as 6 minutes 16 seconds and the initial guitar solo goes until the first break on quad version and is shorter on non-quad version at 5 minutes 19 seconds. Guitar parts at end of song is also different. Intro guitar solo on quad version swirls around, non-quad version does not} MANDINGO - Mandingo III. Capitol Q8W 6420 (Q8) [Canada] CHUCK MANGIONE - Chase the Clouds Away. A&M 8Q-54518 (Q8) THE MANHATTANS - It Feels So Good. Columbia CAQ-3450 (DQ8) BARRY MANILOW - II. Arista 7301-4016H (Q8) Tryin' to Get the Feeling. Arista 7301-4060H (Q8) HERBIE MANN - * Hold On, I'm Coming. Atlantic QT-1632 (Q8) * Push-Push. Embryo QT-532 [previously L-7532 & EMB L-532Q] (Q8) Reggae. Atlantic QT-1655 (Q8) TONY MANSELL SINGERS - Burt Bacharach with Love. Gold Award Q8-41 (Q8) MANTOVANI - * An Evening with Mantovani. London PS7-02 [previously L-77902] (Q8), LEQ-901 (Q8) [Canada] Annunzio Paolo Mantovani. London PS7-193 [previously L-77193] (Q8), LEQ-610 (Q8) [Canada] Christmas Greetings. London L-7338 (Q8) Classical Encores. London L-7269 (Q8) Golden Hits. London PS7-483 [previously L-7483] (Q8) Great Film Themes. London PS7-224 [previously L-7224] (Q8) Gypsy Soul. London PS7-900 [previously L-7900] (Q8) Hollywood. London H-1516 (QR), PS7-516 [previously L-7516] (Q8) Incomparable Mantovani. London PS7-392 [previously L-7392] (Q8) Latin Rendezvous. London PS7-295 [previously L-77295] (Q8) Magic. London PS7-448 [previously L-7448] (Q8) Mantovani Scene. London PS7-548 [previously L-7548] (Q8) Mantovani Sound. London PS7-419 [previously L-7419] (Q8) Mantovani Touch. London PS7-526 [previously L-7526] (Q8) Memories. London PS7-422 [previously L-7422] (Q8) Ole. London PS7-422 [previously L-7422] (Q8) Musical Moments. London PS7-907 [previously L-7907] (Q8) Today. London H-1572 (QR), PS7-572 [previously L-7572] (Q8) World of Mantovani. London PS7-565 [previously L-7565] (Q8) MANUEL MEETS PEPE JARAMILLO - * Manuel Meets Pepe Jaramillo. EMI Q8-TWO 359 (Q8) [UK] MANUEL & THE MUSIC OF THE MOUNTAINS - * Carnival. EMI EMI Q8 TWO 337 (Q8) [UK] MARINA STRINGS - Play Neil Diamond Solid Gold Songbook. 20th Century QT-8404 (Q8) RAY MARTIN ORCHESTRA & CHORUS - Memories Are made of Music, London L-72707 (Q8) DAVE MASON - Dave Mason. Columbia CAQ-3309 (DQ8) It's Like You Never Left. Columbia CAQ-31721 (DQ8) JOHNNY MATHIS - I'm Coming Home. Columbia CAQ-32435 (DQ8) In Person. Columbia [2] GAQ-30979 (Q8) Me & Mrs. Jones. Columbia CAQ-32114 (Q8) * Song Sung Blue. Columbia CAQ-31626 (Q8) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Columbia CAQ-31342 (Q8) When Will I See You Again. Columbia CAQ-33420 (DQ8) You've Got a Friend. Columbia CAQ-30740 (Q8) PETER MATZ - Quadraphonic Spectacular. Columbia CAQ-31247 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} CURTIS MAYFIELD - Back to the World. Curtom H-18015 (QR), L-78015 (Q8) Roots. Curtom L-78015 (Q8) PAUL McCARTNEY [& WINGS] - Band on the Run. Apple Q8W-3415 (Q8) Venus & Mars. Capitol Q8W-11419 (Q8) CHARLIE McCOY - Fastest Harp in the South. Monument ZAQ-32749 (DQ8) Nashville Hit Man. Monument AZ-32922 (DQ8) JIMMY McGRIFF & GROOVE HOLMES - Giants of the Organ Come Together. Groove Merchant L-7520 (Q8) ROD McKUEN - San Sebastian Strings-Summer. Warner Bros. L9B-2707 (Q8) HAROLD MELVIN & THE BLUE NOTES - Black & Blue. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32407 (DQ8) SERGIO MENDES - * Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Greatest Hits. A&M 8Q-54252 (Q8), Y8QAM 985 (Q8) [UK] Sergio Mendes. Elektra 8Q-1027 (Q8) ETHEL MERMAN [see also MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS] - Ethel's Ridin' High. London L-7909 (Q8) Merman Sings Merman. London L-77901 (Q8), LEQ-901 (Q8) [Canada] MFSB - Love Is the Message. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32707 (DQ8) LEE MICHAELS - Nice Day for Something. Columbia CQA-32275 (DQ8) BETTE MIDLER - The Divine Miss M. Atlantic AT-7238 (Q8) BUDDY MILES (see also CARLOS SANTANA) - Booger Bear. Columbia QA-32694 (DQ8) Chapter VII. Columbia CAQ-32048 (Q8), 18SQ 32048 (Q8) [Canada] STEVE MILLER - Fly Like An Eagle. Capitol Q8W-11497 (Q8) The Joker. Capitol QSW-11235 (Q8) RONNIE MILSAP - A Legend in My Time. RCA APT1-0846 (Q8) Pure Love. RCA APD1-0500 (CD4), APT1-0500 (Q8) Where My Heart Is. RCA APT1-0338 (Q8) CHARLES MINGUS - Mingus Moves. QT-1653 (Q8) LIZA MINNELLI - The Singer. Columbia CAQ-32149 (Q8) THE MIRACLES - Love Crazy. Columbia CQA-34460 (DQ8) JONI MITCHELL - Court & Spark. Asylum 8Q-1001 (Q8) The Hissing of Summer Lawns. Asylum 8Q-1051 (Q8) MODERN JAZZ QUARTET - Blues on Bach. Atlantic QT-1652 (Q8) Plastic Dream. Atlantic L-72589 (Q8) The Last Concert. Atlantic [2] QT-2-090 (Q8) BROWNIE McGHEE & SONNY TERRY - I Couldn't Believe My Eyes. Bluesway 6059-8 (QS8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} MOMS & DADS - Ranger Waltz, GNP Cresendo 7038-2061C (Q8) MONTAGE - Frankenstein, Sound Values Q-7 (Q8) Shadow of Your Smile, Sound Values Q-11 (Q8) So Long Dixie. Sound Values Q-8 (Q8) Your Mama Don't Dance. Sound Values Q-9 (Q8) HUGO MONTENEGRO - Best. RCA EPQ1-1591-QF (DQR), PQ8-1591 (Q8), PQ8-1591 (Q8) [Italy] Dawn Of Dylan. Romulus RQ-5013 (Q8) Hugo Montenegro. RCA APD1-0025 APDT-0025 (Q8) [Italy] Hugo in Wonder-Land. RCA APT1-0413 (Q8) Love Theme from The Godfather. RCA APT1-0001 (Q8), APDT-0001 (Q8) [Italy] Mammy Blue. RCA PQ8-1861 (Q8), PQ8-1861 (Q8) [Italy] Music from Fistful of Dollars. For a Few Dollars More/The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. RCA PQ8-1301 (Q8) Neil's Diamonds. RCA APT1-0132 (Q8) Others by Brothers. RCA APT1-0784 (Q8) Rocket Man. RCA APT1-1024 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} Scenes & Themes/Love Licks from the Golden Flicks. RCA APT1-0025 (Q8) {The title above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} WES MONTGOMERY - Greatest Hits. A&M 8Q-54247 (Q8) THE MOODY BLUES - A Question of Balance. Threshold THS7-3 [previously L-72403] (Q8), THQ.3 (Q8) [Canada] Days of Future Passed. Deram DES7-18012 [previously L-77712] (Q8), DEQ.18012 (Q8) [Canada] Every Good Boy Deserves Favour. Threshold THS7-5 [previously L-72405] (Q8), London THQ.5 (Q8) [Canada] On the Threshold of a Dream. Deram DES7-18025 [previously L-77725] (Q8), DEQ 18025 (Q8) [Canada] Seventh Sojourn. Threshold THS7-7 [previously L-72407] (Q8), THQ.7 (Q8) [Canada], To Our Children's Children's Children. Threshold THS7-1 [previously L-72401] (Q8), THQ.1 (Q8) [Canada] ELLIE MOORE - * Sings the Best of Janis Joplin. SAM (Sound Alike Music) (Q8) PHIL MOORE & FRIENDS - The Best of Jimmy Webb. Realistic 51-3315 (EV8) DICKIE MORAN - The Ultimate Taxation. Sound Values Q-18 (Q8) AIRTO MOREIRA [see also EUMIR DEODATO] - Fingers. CTI CTQ8-6028 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} JOHN MORELL - Instrumental Hit Sounds. Capitol Q8L-6836 (Q8) JOE MORELLO - Another Step Forward. Ovation Q-8114 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR - Climb Every Mountain. Columbia MAQ-30647 (Q8) Stars & Stripes Forever. Columbia MAQ-32298 (Q8) ENNIO MORRICONE - Soundtracks. RCA LPQ8 10611 (Q8) [Italy] {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE MOTHERS [see also FRANK ZAPPA]- Over-Nite Sensation. Discreet L9B-2149 (Q8) MOTT THE HOOPLE - The Hoople. Columbia PCAQ-32871 (DQ8) TONY MOTTOLA - A Latin Love In. Project 3 PRQ8-5010 (Q8) Lush, Latin & Lovely. Project 3 PRQ8-5020 (Q8) Roma Oggi / Rome Today. Project 3 PRQ8-5032 (Q8) The Tony Touch/Best. Project 3 PRQ8-5041 (Q8) * And the Brass Menagerie. Project 3 PRQ8-5082 (Q8) * And the Quad Guitars. Project 3 PRQ8-5078 (Q8) Close to You. Project 3 PRQ8-5050 (Q8) * Guitar Paris. Command 7145-40001H (Q8) I Only Have Eyes for You. Project 3 PRQ8-5094 (Q8) My Favorite Things. Project 3 [2] PRQ8-6007/8 (Q8) * Superstar Guitar. Project 3 PRQ8-5062 (Q8) Tony & Strings. Project 3 PRQ8-5069 (Q8) Warm, Wild & Wonderful. Project 3 PRQ8-5025 [previously L-75025] (Q8) MOUNTAIN - Avalanche. Columbia CAQ-33088 (DQ8) Best. Columbia CAQ-32079 [previously Windfall 7119-32079H] (Q8) Flowers of Evil. Windfall [2 tape] 7119-5501A/B (Q8) {basically double stereo} MARIA MULDAUR - Waitress in the Donut Shop. Reprise L9M-2194 (Q8) WERNER MULLER ORCHESTRA - Relax Music Learn To Love. London L-77493 (Q8), LEQ-44193 (Q8) [Canada] THE WALTER MURPHY BAND - A Fifth of Beethoven. RCA DAT1-0393 (Q8) {Produced by RCA music service} MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA - Awakening. Warner Bros. L9B-2690 (Q8) Being with You. Sound Bird 7313-7510H (Q8) Clear Light. Warner Bros. L9B-2745 (Q8) Erogenous. Sound 7313-7509H [previously Warner Bros. L9B-2786] (Q8) Highway One. Warner Bros. L9B-2648 (Q8) [later released as Touch] Love the One your With. Sound Bird S7313-7508H [previously Warner Bros. L9B-2577] (Q8) Touch. Sound Bird 7313-7507H (Q8) [previously released as Highway One]
    N JIM NABORS - Help Me Make It Through the Night. Columbia CAQ-30810 (Q8) JOHNNY NASH - My Merry-Go-Round. Epic EAQ-32158 (Q8) THE NASHVILLE JETS - Nashville Now. Project 3 PRQ8-5079 (Q8) PETER NERO (also see Andre Kostelanetz) - Summer of '42. Columbia CAQ-31105 (Q8) MICHAEL NESMITH & THE FIRST NATIONAL BAND - Loose Salute. RCA PQ8-1633 (Q8) Magnetic South. RCA PQ8-1636 (Q8)] THE NEW BIRTH - It's Been a Long Time. RCA APT1-0285 (Q8) NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE - The Adventures of Panama Red. Columbia CAQ-32450 (DQ8) THE NEW SEEKERS - Best. Elektra 8Q-5051 (Q8) MICKEY NEWBURY - Frisco Mabel Joy. Elektra 8Q-4107 (Q8) RANDY NEWMAN - Good Ol' Boys. Reprise L9M-2193 (Q8) HARRY NILSSON - Duit On Mon Dei. RCA APT1-0817 (Q8) Nilsson Schmilsson. RCA PQ8-1734 (Q8) * Pussy Cats. RCA APT1-0570 (Q8) Sandman. RCA APT1-1031 (Q8) NITE-LITERS - Morning, Noon & Nite-Liters. RCA PQ8-1798 (Q8) TED NUGENT - Free-for-All. Epic EAQ-34121 (DQ8)
    O DES O'CONNER - * Sing a Favourite Song. Pye Y8QP-18390 (Q8) [UK] OHIO PLAYERS - Contradiction. Mercury MQ8-1-1088 (Q8) Ecstasy. Westbound 7198-2021C (Q8) Fire. Mercury MQ8-1-1013 (Q8) Honey. Mercury MQ8-1-1038 (Q8) Skin Tight. Mercury MQ8-1-705 (Q8) THE O'JAYS - Live in London. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32953 (DQ8) Message in the Music. Philadelphia International ZAQ-34245 (DQ8) Ship Ahoy. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32408 (DQ8) MIKE OLDFIELD - * Tubular Bells. Virgin QT-13-105 (Q8) 101 STRINGS - Country Hall of Fame. Audio Spectrum QST-8 (Q8) Dynamic Sounds. Audio Spectrum QST-20 (Q8) Exciting Sounds of Les Baxter. Audio Spectrum QST-8 (Q8), Pye Y8QP 1006 (Q8) [UK] Fiddler on the Roof & Other Songs. Audio Spectrum QST-15 (Q8) Latin Holiday. Audio Spectrum QST-17 (Q8), Toyo TQ1-17 (Q8) [Japan] Million Sellers from the Movies. Audio Spectrum QST-5 (Q8) Movie Themes & Other Selections. Audio Spectrum QST-24 (Q8) Music From Lost Horizon. Audio Spectrum QST-23 (Q8) Plus Guitars. Audio Spectrum QST-11 (Q8) Songs Written by Carole King. Audio Spectrum QST-22 (Q8) Soul of Israel. Audio Spectrum QST-10 (Q8) * Soul of Spain Vol. 3. Audio Spectrum QST-1 (Q8), Pye Y8QP 1005 (Q8) [UK] The Hits of Bacharach & Webb. Audio Spectrum QST-19 (Q8) * Audio Dimensional Excursion. Pye Y8QP 1008 (Q8) [UK] * Plus Dynamic Percussion–An Experience In Sound. Audio Spectrum QST- (Q8) Sounds of Today. Alshire TQ1-18 (Q8) * Swinging Songs/Nelson Riddle Conducts. Audio Spectrum QST-16 (Q8), Pye Y8QP-1013 (Q8) [UK] * Theme From The Godfather And Other Movie Hits. Audio Spectrum QST-13 (Q8), Pye Y8QP-1013 (Q8) [UK] Today's Hits. Audio Spectrum QST-4 (Q8) Today’s Sound. Audio Spectrum QST-18 (Q8) * Whiter Shade of Pale. PYE Y8QP-1018 (Q8) [UK] TONY ORLANDO & DAWN - Greatest Hits. Arista 7301-4045H (Q8) He Don't Love You. Elektra 8Q-1034 (Q8) To Be With You. Elektra 8Q-1049 (Q8) EUGENE ORMANDY & THE PHILIDELPHIA ORCHESTRA - Love Story. RCA RQ8-1179 (Q8) GILBERT O'SULLIVAN - Back to Front. Mam L-75 (Q8), D-23 (CD4) [Japan], MAMQ-5 (Q8) [Canada] I'm a Writer, Not a Fighter. Mam L-77 (Q8) OUTLAWS - Lady in Waiting. Arista A7301-4070 (Q8) OZARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS - It'll Shine When it Shines. A&M 8Q-53654 (Q8)
    P DOLLY PARTON (also see PORTER WAGONER) - Bubbling Over. RCA APT1-0286 (Q8) Real Live Dolly. RCA PQ8-1601 (Q8) KELLEE PATTERSON - * Maiden Voyage. Black Jazz Q-8712 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} BILLY PAUL - Live in Europe. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32952 (DQ8) 360 Degrees of Billy Paul. Philadelphia International ZAQ-31793 (Q8) War of the Gods. Philadelphia International ZAQ-32409 (DQ8) ANN PEEBLES - I Can't Stand the Rain. Hi L-72079 (Q8) MARIO PEZZOTTA - * Serenade in Blue. Vedette Q8S-3057 (Q8) [Italy] Sophisticated lady. Vedette Q8S 3089 (Q8) [Italy] PHILADELPHIA STRING BANDS - Annual Salute to the Mummers 11th / 1972. Sure [2] 46-2 (SQ8) 12th / 1973. Sure [2] 49-2 (SQ8) 13th / 1974. Sure [2] 52-2 (SQ8) 14th / 1975. Sure [2] 54-2 (SQ8) 15th / 1976. Sure [2] 55-2 (SQ8) 16th / 1977. Sure [2] 57-2 (SQ8) 17th / 1978. Sure [2] 60-2 (SQ8) 18th / 1979. Sure [2] 62-2 (SQ8) Best of the Mummers / Spotlight Series 2 / 1972. Sure 47 (SQ8) 3 / 1973. Sure 50 (SQ8) 4 / 1974. Sure [2] 51-2 (SQ8) 5 / 1975. Sure [2] 53-2 (SQ8) 6 / 1977. Sure [2] 53-2 (SQ8) 7 / 1978. Sure [2] 61-2 (SQ8) Ferco String Band/Before the Parade Passes By. Sure 42 (SQ8) Fralinger String Band / Goes Pop. Sure 40 (SQ8) Fralinger String Band / In the Mood. Sure 58 (SQ8) Greater Overbrook String Band/Musical Gems. Sure 48 (SQ8) Polish American String Band/Pulaski Day Parade Polkas. Sure 43 (SQ8) Welcome to Philadelphia/Souvenir of the Bicentennial. Sure 56-2 (SQ8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} RAY PILLOW - Pillow Talk. Romulus RQ-5001 (Q8) PINK FLOYD - * Atom Heart Mother. Harvest Q8W-382 (Q8), Q8-SHVL-781 (Q8) [UK] {The English Q8 Is discrete quad, the U.S. is from a matrixed source and decoded to 4 channels} The Dark Side of the Moon. Harvest Q8W-11163 (Q8)Q8-SHVL-804 (Q8) [UK] {The English Q8 Is discrete quad, the U.S. is from a matrixed source and decoded to 4 channels} Wish You Were Here. Columbia CAQ-33453 (Q8), POCO - Cantamos. Epic PEAQ-33192 (DQ8) Crazy Eyes. Epic EAQ-32354 (DQ8) * Deliverin'. Epic EAQ-30209 (Q8) Seven. Epic EAQ-32895 (DQ8) FRANCK POURCEL - * Western. EMI Q8-2-412 (DQ8) [UK] PEREZ PRADO - Mambo Jambo. JVC NQW-7007 (Q8) [Japan] PATTY PRAVO - Pazza idea. RCA LPQ8 10591 (Q8) [Italy] PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND - * Preservation Hall Jazz Band Vol. 1. Columbia MA-34549 (SQ8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} ELVIS PRESLEY - Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite. RCA [2] PQ8-2140/41 (Q8) From Elvis in Memphis. RCA PQ8-1456 (Q8) Live on Stage in Memphis. RCA APT1-0606 (Q8) On Stage/Februrary 1970. RCA PQ8-1594 (Q8) Promised Land. RCA APT1-0873 (Q8) Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden. RCA PQ8-2054 (Q8), PQ8-2054 (Q8) [Italy] That's the Way It Is. RCA PQ8-1652 (Q8) Today. RCA APT1-1039 (Q8) BILLY PRESTON - Music is My Life. A&M 8Q-53516 (Q8) RAY PRICE - For the Good Times. Columbia CAQ-30106 (Q8) CHARLEY PRIDE - 10th Album. RCA PQ8-1593 (Q8) Amazing Love. RCA APT1-0397 (Q8) Best. RCA PQ8-1505 (Q8) Charley. RCA APT1-1038 (Q8) Just Plain Charley. RCA PQ8-1536 (Q8) Pride of America. RCA APT1-0757 (Q8) Sensational Charley Pride. RCA PQ8-1452 (Q8) Songs of Love. RCA PEQ-2120 (Q8) Sunday Morning. RCA APT1-1359 (Q8) Sweet Country. RCA APT1-0217 (Q8) The Happiness of Having You. RCA APT1-1241 (Q8) PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE - If the Shoe Fits. RCA APT1-1247 (Q8) Two Lane Highway. RCA APT1-0933 (Q8) FLORA PURIM - Stories to Tell. Milestone 7163-4005H (Q8)
    Q THE QUADRASTRINGS - Hollywood Gold Vol. 1. Ovation [2 TAPES] Q-8601/2 [previously L-71601/2] (Q8) {Tape editions each contain half of the Vol. 1 disc program and are identified as Vol. 1 & 2} Hollywood Gold Vol. 2. Ovation [2 TAPES] Q-8603/4 [previously L-71603/4] (Q8) {Tape editions each contain half of the Vol. 2 disc program and are identified as Vol. 3 & 4} {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known}
    R RAIDERS - Indian Reservation. Columbia CAQ-30768 (Q8) BOOTS RANDOLPH - Homer Louis Randolph III. Monument 7044-30678C (Q8) REDBONE - Beaded Dreams Through Turquoise Eyes. Epic EAQ-33053 (DQ8) Message From a Drum. Epic EAQ-30815 (Q8) HELEN REDDY - Free & Easy. Capitol Q8W-11348 (Q8) I Am Woman. Capitol Q8W-11068 (Q8) Long Hard Climb. Capitol Q8W-11213 (Q8) Love Song for Jeffrey. Capitol Q8W-11284 (Q8) JERRY REED - Hot A'Mighty. RCA PQ8-2121 (Q8) Lord, Mr. Ford. RCA APT1-0238 (Q8) The Uptown Poker Club. RCA APT1-0356 (Q8) LOU REED - Metal Machine Music/The Amine Beta Ring. RCA [2] CPT2-1101 (Q8) R.E.O. SPEEDWAGON - Lost in a Dream. Epic EAQ-32948 (DQ8) This Time We Mean It. Epic CAQ-33338 (DQ8) BUDDY RICH - Best . Liberty A-9025 (Q8) Different Drummer. RCA PQ8-1819 (Q8) Rich in London. RCA PQ8-1895 (Q8) Roar of '74. Groove Merchant L 7528 (Q8) CHARLIE RICH - Behind Closed Doors. Epic EAQ-32247 (DQ8) * Best. Epic EAQ-31933 (DQ8) Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High). Epic EAQ-33455 (DQ8) The Silver Fox. Epic EAQ-33250 (DQ8) Very Special Love Songs. Epic EAQ-32531 (DQ8) RICH MOUNTAIN TOWER - * Rich Mountain Tower. Ovation Q-8106 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Give It to the People. Haven Q8W-9201 (Q8) RIO GRANDE BRASS - Great Western Themes. USTI Q101 (Q8) MINNIE RIPERTON - Adventure in Paradise. Epic EAQ-33454 (DQ8) Perfect Angel. Epic EAQ-32561 (DQ8) THE HARRY ROCHE CONSTELLATION - * Sometimes. Pye Y8QP-1022 (Q8) [UK] {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} ROCKFOLKET– * Första Repetitionen. Polydor 3840 111 (QS8) ERIC ROGERS - Great Scott/The Music of Scott Joplin. London L-77105 (Q8) Tribute to Satchmo. London L-744170 (Q8) EDMUNDO ROS - Latin King. London L-77169 (Q8), LEQ-44169 (Q8) [Canada] This is My World. London L-44189 (Q8), LEQ-44189 (Q8) [Canada] DIANA ROSS - Live at Caesars Palace. Motown MQ8-801KT (Q8) ROYAL ORCHESTRA - European Suite. USTI Q108 (Q8) Tales from the Vienna Woods. USTI Q111 (Q8) RUFUS - Rags to Rufus. Command ABC 7022-809H (Q8) Rufusized. Command ABC 7022-837H (Q8) GENE RUSSELL - Talk to My Lady. Black Jazz Q-8710 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} JOHNNY RUSSELL - Rednecks, White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer. RCA APT1-0345 (Q8)
    S BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE - Quiet Places. Vanguard L-74020 (Q8), # Unknown (Q8) [UK] SAN FERNANDO BRASS - The New Brass Sound of the Hits. Capitol Q8L-6789 (Q8) SAN FRANCISCO STRINGS - Award Winning Movie Themes. USTI Q103 (Q8) Symphony for Lovers. USTI-Q107 (Q8) MONGO SANTAMARIA - At Montreux. Atlantic QT-1593 [previously L-71593] (Q8) SANTANA - Abraxas. Columbia CAQ-30130 (Q8) Borboletta. Columbia CAQ-33135 (DQ8) Caravanserai. Columbia CAQ-31610 (Q8) * Festival. Columbia CAQ-34423 (DQ8) Greatest Hits. Columbia PCAQ-33050 (DQ8) Santana (1st Album). Columbia CAQ-32964 (DQ8) Santana (3rd Album). Columbia CAQ-30595 (DQ8) * Welcome. Columbia CAQ-32445 (DQ8) CARLOS SANTANA & ALICE COLTRANE - Illuminations. Columbia CAQ-32900 (Q8) CARLOS SANTANA & BUDDY MILES - Live. Columbia CAQ-31308 (Q8) CARLOS SANTANA & JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Love, Devotion, Surrender. Columbia CAQ-32034 (Q8) GARY SARACHO - * En Medio. Impulse A 8027-9247 (QS8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} SAVOY BROWN - Jack the Toad. Parrot L-79759 (Q8) ARMANDO SCIASCIA - * Capriccio. Vedette Q8S 3083 (Q8) [Italy] * Fly. Vedette Q8S 3060 (Q8) [Italy] * Hot Film Themes. Vedette Q8S 3061 (Q8) [Italy] Intermezzo. Vedette Q8S 3094 (Q8) [Italy] * Largo E Appassionato. Vedette Q8S 3053 (Q8) [Italy] * Si Gira. Vedette Q8S 3278 (Q8) [Italy] * Western Ride N. 2. Vedette Q8S 3076 (Q8) [Italy] * Zoom. Vedette Q8S 3055 (Q8) [Italy] PETER SCHICKELE - The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach. Vanguard L-1408 [Excerpts] (Q8) DICK SCHORY - At Carnegie Hall. Ovation [2] Q-8107/8 (Q8) * Movin' On. Ovation Q-8115 [previously L-7199] (Q8), M8199 (QS8) {Originally released in EV encoding. version marked as SQ or QS may actually be EV. This title may have been originally released in EV and remastered for QS.} {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} GUNTHER SCHULLER/NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY JAZZ REPERTORY ORCHESTRA - Happy Feet/A Tribute to Paul Whiteman. Golden Crest #unknown (SQ8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} GUNTHER SCHULLER/NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY RAGTIME ENSEMBLE - The Road from Rags to Jazz. Golden Crest CA-31042 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} J. SCHWERZMANN & KADETTENMUSIK HORGEN - Hafenkonzert - Quadrophonie. Eurex Records Q8 CAREX 4010 (Q8) [Switzerland] STEPHEN MICHAEL SCHWARTZ - Stephen Michael Schwartz. RCA APT1-0604 (Q8) ARMANDO SCIASCIA ORCHESTRA - Hot Film Themes. Vedette Q8S 3061 (Q8) [Italy] Largo e Appassionato. Vedette Q8S 3053 (Q8) [Italy] * Violin Vertigo. Vedette Q8S 3075 (Q8) [Italy] Zoom (Film Themes). Vedette Q8S 3055 (Q8) [Italy] SEALS & CROFTS - Diamond Girl. Warner Brothers L9B-2699 (Q8) I'll Play for You. Warner Brothers L9B-2848 (Q8) Summer Breeze. Warner Brothers L9B-2629 (Q8) Unborn Child. Warner Brothers L9B-2761 (Q8) DON SEBESKY - Giant Box. CTI [2] CTQ8X-6031/32 (Q8) SENN-SOUND - (This is a record label and no artist is listed for the titles below) * Hitparade Orchester. Senn-Sound Q8 4059 (Q8) [Italy] * Instrumental Hit Parade 5. Senn-Sound # unknown (Q8) [Italy] Music from movies. Senn-Sound Q8 4001 (Q8) [Italy] Sounds like Santo & Johnny. Senn-Sound Q8 4000 (Q8) [Italy] Top Hits 1. Senn-Sound Q8 4002 (Q8) [Italy] * Top-Hits 3. Senn-Sound Q8 4070 (Q8) [Italy] * Top Hits 5. Senn-Sound Q8 4006 (Q8) [Italy] Top Hits 8. Senn-Sound Q8 4009 (Q8) [Italy] * Top Orchester Party. Senn-Sound Q8 4026 (Q8) [Italy] DOC SEVERINSEN [see also HENRY MANCINI] - Fever. Command 7145-40003H (Q8) Rhapsody for Now. RCA APT1-0273 (Q8) ARCHIE SHEPP - * Attica Blues. Impulse V 8027-9222 (QS8) * Cry of My People. Impulse A 8027-9231 (QS8) * Kwanza. Impulse 8027-9262 (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} GLEN SHERLEY - Glen Sherley. Romulus RQ-5002 (Q8) CARLY SIMON - Best. Elektra 8Q-1048 (Q8) Carly Simon. Elektra 8Q-4082 (Q8) Hotcakes. Elektra 8Q-1002 (Q8) No Secrets. Elektra 8Q-5049 (Q8) Playing Possum. Elektra 8Q-1033 (Q8) PAUL SIMON - Paul Simon. Columbia CAQ-30750 (Q8) Still Crazy After All These Years. Columbia CAQ-33540 (DQ8) There Goes Rhymin' Simon. Columbia CAQ-32280 (DQ8) SIMON & GARFUNKEL - * Bridge Over Troubled Water. Columbia CAQ-30995 (Q8) NINA SIMONE - Best. RCA PQ8-1597 (Q8) FRANK SINATRA - Greatest Hits Vol. 2. Reprise L9F-1034 (Q8) My Way. Reprise L9F-1029 (Q8) Ol' Blue Eyes is Back. Reprise L9F-2155 (Q8) Some Nice Things I've Missed. Reprise L9F-2195 (Q8) * The Main Event/Live from Madison Square Garden. Reprise L9F-2207 (Q8) SLY & THE FAMILY STONE (see also SLY STONE) - * Greatest Hits. Epic EAQ-30325 (Q8) {When the stereo version of "Greatest Hits" was mixed, the master tapes for three songs, "Hot Fun in the Summertime", "Thank You" & Everyone's A Star" were not available. These three songs were put on the stereo album re-channeled. When it came time to mix the Quad version, the master tapes were found and used for the project. Thus, the Quad version is the only format were you can hear these songs in true stereo} Small Talk. Epic EAQ-32930 (Q8) DEREK SMITH & VENUS - Don’t let Go. Project 3 PRQ8-5095 (Q8) SARA SMITH - A Tribute to Joni Mitchell/Hit Songs Performed in the Style of the Original Artists. Sound Alike Music Q-132 (Q8) TERRY SNYDER - * Persuasive Percussion. Command 7145-40000H (Q8) SOUL SYMPHONY (see also WORLD OF STRINGS) - Symphony of Soul Hits. Gold Award Q8-15 (Q8) SOUNDS OF THE 70's ORCHESTRA - New Songs of the Seventies. Capitol Q8L-6876 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} Songs of the Seventies. Capitol Q8L-6774 (Q8) SOUTHER, HILLMAN, FURAY BAND - Souther, Hillman, Fury Band. Asylum 8Q-1006 (Q8) Trouble in Paradise. Asylum 8Q-1036 (Q8) THE SPINNERS - New & Improved. Atlantic QT-18118 (Q8) Pick of the Litter. Atlantic QT-18141 (Q8) The Spinners. Atlantic QT-7256 (Q8) STAPLE SINGERS - Be What You Are. Stax SQ8-3015 (DQ8) CYRIL STAPLETON & HIS ORCHESTRA - Great Film & Television Themes. Pye Pye Y8QP 1003 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} STARDRIVE (Robert Mason) - Intergalactic Trot. Elektra 8Q-5058 (Q8) RINGO STARR - Goodnight Vienna. Apple Q8W-3417 (Q8) DAKOTA STATON - I Want a Country Man. Groove Merchant L-7521 (Q8) RON STEELE - * Chicago Guitar. Ovation Q-8117 (Q8) {The title above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} STEELY DAN - Can't Buy a Thrill. Command ABC 7022-758H (Q8) Countdown to Ecstasy. Command ABC 7022-779H (Q8) Pretzel Logic. Command ABC 7022-808N (Q8), ABC CQT-40015 (Q8) [Canada] CAT STEVENS - Buddha & the Chocolate Box. A&M 8Q-53623 (Q8) Catch a Bull at Four. A&M 8Q-54365 (Q8) Foreigner. A&M 8Q-54391 (Q8) Greatest Hits. A&M 8Q-54519 (Q8) Tea for the Tillerman. A&M 8Q-54280 (Q8) Teaser & the Firecat. A&M QU-54313 (Q8) RAY STEVENS - * Greatest Hits. Barnaby ZAQ-30770 (Q8) Turn Your Radio On. Barnaby ZAQ-30809 (Q8) B.W. STEVENSON - Calabasas. RCA APT1-0410 (Q8) My Maria. RCA APT1-0088 (Q8) [Canada] AL STEWART - Museum of Modern Brass. RCA ART1-0032 (Q8) DAVEY STEWART Sings the Best of John Denver. Sound Alike Music No# (Q8) STEPHEN STILLS - Stills. Columbia PCAQ-33575 (DQ8) SLY STONE - High on You. Epic PEQ-33835 (SQ), EAQ-33835 (DQ8) GEOFFREY STONER - Watch Out ! Ovation Q-8131 [previously L-71431] (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} HARRY STONEHAM - * Hammond Hits the Highway. EMI EMI Q8-TWO 375 (Q8) [UK] BARBRA STREISAND [see also MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS] - Barbra Joan Streisand. Columbia CAQ-30792 (Q8) Butterfly. Columbia CAQ-33005 (DQ8) Lazy Afternoon. Columbia CAQ-33815 (DQ8) Live at the Forum. Columbia PCQ-CAQ-31760 (Q8) Stoney End. Columbia CAQ-30378 (Q8) The Way We Were. Columbia CAQ-32801 (Q8) NAT STUCKEY - Take Time to Love Her/I Used It All on You. RCA APT1-0080 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} BIG JIM SULLIVAN - * Sullivan Sings O'Sullivan. MAM L-76 (Q8) SUN RA - * Space is the Place. Blue Thumb BTE-M-841 (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} SUPERSAX - Plays Bird with Strings. Capitol Q8W-11371 (Q8) SYNERGY - Electronic Realization for Rock Orchestra. Passport 7167-98009H (Q8) (QS) [Canada] {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} SYNTHESONIC SOUNDS - Moog At The Movies. Pye #unknown (Q8) [UK] Ye Old Moog. Pye Y8QPT 1001 (Q8) [UK]
    T JAMES TAYLOR - Gorilla. Warner Brothers L9B-2866 (Q8) One Man Dog. Warner Brothers L9B-2660 (Q8) JOHNNIE TAYLOR - Rated Extraordinaire. Columbia CAQ-34401 (DQ8) TEN YEARS AFTER - A Space in Time. Columbia CAQ-30801 (Q8) LES THATCHER - * Multiple Guitars. Audio Spectrum QST-3 (Q8), PYE Y8QP 1007 (Q8) [UK] PETER THOMAS ORCHESTRA - THREE DOG NIGHT - Coming Down Your Way. Command ABC 7022-888H (Q8) Hard Labor. Command Dunhill 7023-50168N (Q8) TIP OF THE ICEBERG - Tip of the Iceberg. Project 3 PRQ8-5091 (Q8) TONY TOMAS - Hymne A L'amour Tony Tomas Musette Magique. Vedette Q8S 3068 (Q8) [Italy] TOMITA - Firebird. RCA ART1-1312 (Q8) * Kosmos. RCA ART1-2616 (Q8) Pictures At An Exhibition. RCA ART1-0838 (Q8) Snowflakes Are Dancing. RCA ART1-0488 (Q8) [Canada] The Planets. RCA AART1-1919 (Q8) JUAN TORRES - * Organo Melodico Of. Musart # unknown (Q8) TOWER OF POWER - Ain't Nothin’ Stoppin' Us Now. Columbia CAQ-34302 (DQ8) IKE & TINA TURNER - Live at Carnegie Hall (Complete). United Artist [2 TAPE] UA-DA1870-P (Q8) Live at Carnegie Hall Vol. 1. United Artist UA-DA1871-H (Q8) Live at Carnegie Hall Vol. 2. United Artist UA-DA1872-H (Q8) STANLEY TURRENTINE - Don't Mess with Mr. T. CTI CT8Q-6030 (Q8) Pieces of Dreams. Fantasy 7163-4002H (Q8) DON TWEEDY - Chorus & Orchestra. Ovation Q-8110 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} TWIGHLIGHT STRINGS & BRASS - Memories. Holiday HQ 3005 (Q8) McCOY TYNER - Song of the New World. Milestone 7163-4006H (Q8)
    V CATERINA VALENTE - Love. London L-77181 (Q8) VALENTINO - Contrasts. Pye Y8QP 1020 (Q8) [UK] THIJS VAN LEER - Introspection. Columbia CAQ-32346 (Q8) PINTO VAREZ ORCHESTRA – Caliente. Vedette Q8S 3088 (Q8) [Italy] * Summer Wind. Vedette Q8S 3052 (Q8) [Italy] BILLY VAUGHN - Country's Greatest Hits. Paramount 7091-6044H (Q8) THE VENTURES - Hawaii Five-O. Liberty A-8948 (Q8) Only Hits (Complete). United Artist [2 TAPE] UA-DA1470-P (Q8) Only Hits Vol. 1. United Artist UA-DA1471-H (Q8) Only Hits Vol. 2. United Artist UA-DA1472-H (Q8)
    W PORTER WAGONER - The Farmer. RCA APT1-0346 (Q8) PORTER WAGONER & DOLLY PARTON - We Found It. RCA PQ8-2124 (Q8) RICK WAKEMAN - Journey to the Center of the Earth. A&M 8Q-53621 (Q8) The Myths & Legends of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table. A&M 8Q-54515 (Q8) * The Six Wives of Henry VIII. A&M 8Q-54361 (Q8), Y8QAM-64361 (Q8) [UK] JOE WALSH - The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get. Command Dunhill 7023-50140H (Q8), ABC CTQ-40016 (Q8) [Canada] WAR - Deliver the Word. United Artist UA-DA128-H (Q8) Live (Complete). United Artist [2 LP] UA-DA1930-P (Q8) Live Vol. 1. United Artist UA-DA1931-H (Q8) Live Vol. 2. United Artist UA-DA1932-P (Q8) The World is a Ghetto. United Artist UA-DA178-H (Q8) FRED WARING & THE PENNSYLVANIANS - Nashville Sounds. Romulus RQ-5006 (Q8) GENE WARR (with the Jordanaires) - From Genesis to Revelation. Romulus RQ-5010 (Q8) DIONNE WARWICK - Then Came You. Warner Brothers L9B-2846 (Q8) GROVER WASHINGTON - Soul Box. Kudu [2] KSQX-1213 (Q8) WEATHER REPORT - Mysterious Traveller. Columbia CAQ-32494 (DQ8) Tail Spinning. Columbia CAQ-33417 (DQ8) DENNIS WEAVER - One More Road. Ovation L-71440 (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} LAWRENCE WELK - Best. Ranwood 7058-8028H (Q8) Candida. Ranwood 7058-8083C (Q8) Love is Blue. Ranwood 7058-8003C (Q8) The Big Band Sound of Lawrence Welk. Ranwood 7058-8114H (Q8) DOTTIE WEST - Country Sunshine. RCA APT1-0344 (Q8) House of Love. RCA APT1-0543 (Q8) If It's All Right with You/Just What I've Been Looking For. RCA APT1-0151 (Q8) {The title above was released only in quad, no stereo version known} WEST, BRUCE & LAING - Whatever Turns You On. Columbia CAQ-32216 (Q8) Why Dontcha. Columbia CAQ-31929 (Q8) WILD CHERRY - Electrified Funk. Epic EAQ-34462 (DQ8) ANDY WILLIAMS - Alone Again (Naturally). Columbia CAQ-31625 (Q8) Andy. Columbia CAQ-34299 (DQ8) * Love Story. Columbia CAQ-30497 (Q8) You Lay So Easy on My Mind. CAQ-33234 (DQ8) * You've Got A Friend. Columbia CAQ-30797 (Q8) EDGAR WINTER - Jasmine Nightdreams. Blue Sky ZAQ-33483 (DQ8) Shock Treatment. Epic EAQ-32461 (DQ8) They Only Come Out at Night. Epic EAQ-31584 (Q8)] With Rick Derringer. Blue Sky ZAQ-33798 (DQ8) JOHNNY WINTER - John Dawson Winter III. Blue Sky ZAQ-33292 (DQ8) Saints & Sinners. Columbia CAQ-32715 (DQ8) Still Alive & Well. Columbia CAQ-32188 (Q8) JIMMY WITHERSPOON - Love Is a Five Letter Word. Capitol Q8W-11360 (Q8) BOBBY WOMACK - Facts of Life. United Artist UA-DA043-H (Q8) Lookin' for a Love Again. United Artist UA-DA199-H (Q8) WORLD'S GREATEST JAZZBAND OF YANK LAWSON & BOB HAGGART - Extra! Project 3 PRQ8-5039 (Q8) World's Greatest Jazzband. Project 3 PRQ8-5033 (Q8) WORLD OF STRINGS AND SOUL SYMPHONY - Yesterday's Hits Today. Gold Award Q8-18 (Q8) HANS WURMAN - Chopin a la Moog. RCA PQ8-1162 (Q8) Rachmaninoff, Paganini & Prokofiev). RCA PQ8-1137 (Q8) BILL WYMAN - Monkey Grip. Rolling Stones QD-79100 (CD4), QT-79100 (Q8) TAMMY WYNETTE & GEORGE JONES - We Go Together. Epic EAQ-30802 (Q8) We Sure Can Love Each Other. Epic EAQ-30658 (Q8) ROBERTA WYNN - * The Best of Al Green. SAM (Sound Alike Music) (Q8)
    Y LAURA YAGER - Comin' Apart. Ovation Q-8123 (Q8) Laura. Ovation Q-8111 (Q8) Play with Fire. Ovation Q-8136 [previously L-71436] (Q8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} PAUL YODER & HIS BRASS ORCHESTRA - * Marches of the World. JVC NQW-7005 (Q8) [Japan] MIGHTY JOE YOUNG - * Chicken Heads. Ovation Q-8137 (QS8) {The titles above were released only in quad, no stereo version known} THE YOUNGBLOODS - Best. RCA PQ8-1617 (Q8) Get Together. RCA PQ8-1221 (Q8)
    Z FRANK ZAPPA [see also THE MOTHERS] - Apostrophe'. Discreet L9D-2175 (Q8) GIANCARLO ZUCCHI - Ballate il liscio. Senn-Sound Q8 4026 (Q8) [Italy] Z Z TOP - Tres Hombres. London PS7-631 [previously L-77206] (Q8)

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