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Quadraphonic Discography
6-6-2014 VERSION 1.4

   This is a list of Classical Quadraphonic recordings on 8-track.
   This is not a complete list. Information about quadraphonic recordings
that are not listed here or corrections to list are greatly appreciated
and encouraged.
   Country of origin is listed for recordings manufactured outside of 
the United States when known. Catalog numbers apply only to the country of
origin. However, it should not be assumed the recording was only available
in that country.
    For additions to this list, include:
    1. Artist
    2. Title of album
    3. Record label
    4. Catalog number
    5. Quadraphonic format (QS, SQ, CD4, UMX)
    6. Format (LP (vinyl), Q8 (Quad 8-track, QR (quad reel to reel) 
         since catalog numbers change w/format
    7. Add a D in front of the tape format code listed above if Dolby
         was used on the tape.
    8. Country of origin (U.S., U.K., Finland, etc.) since catalog
       numbers change with country of origin       
    9.  Year of release
    10. Any comments that might be helpful like who distributes the
       recording and address and phone number if known.
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    1. List compiled by : Mark Anderson 2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete) 3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise. 4. Updates, corrections or changes from
    1. List compiled & Copyright by: Mark Anderson
    2. All listings are Quadraphonic encoded (QS, SQ, CD4, Discrete Tape)
    3. All listings are U.S. pressings unless noted otherwise with country code in brackets  [ ].
    4. Updates, corrections or changes from previous version are
            indicated by an asterisk   (*).
    5. Abbreviations :       (  )
            Q8 - Quad 8-Track (Discrete 4-channel)
            D** - Dolby Quad Reel or Dolby Quad 8-Track
            SQ8 - SQ Encoded 8-Track
    A ANGEL (Single disc/tape albums) Q8S-36060 (Q8) SCOTT JOPLIN: The Red Back Book (Schuller/New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble) Q8S-36074 (Q8) SCOTT JOPLIN: Palm Leaf Rag (Grierson, Sponhaltz/ Southland Stingers) 8XS-36092 (SQ8) Lee Erwin: Music for D.W. Griffith Silent Film Classics ("America", "Intolerance, & "Birth Of a Nation") 8XS-36899 (SQ8) EDVARD CRIEG: Concerto in a for Piano, Op. 16. ROBERT SCHUMANN: Concerto in a for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 54 (Richter, Matacic/Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra) 8XS-36979 (SQ8) HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS : Bachianas Brasileiras Nos. 2, 5, 6 & 9 (Mesple, Capolongo/ Orchestre de Paris) 8XS-37053 (SQ8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: The Four Seasons. Op. 8, Nos. 1-4 (Perlman/London Philharmonic) 8XS-37097 (SQ8) RICHARD WAGNER: Karajan Conducts Wagner, Album 1 (Overture & Venusberg Music from "Tannhauser"; Prelude to Act 1 from "Lohengrin"; Prelude & Liebestod from "Tristan and Isolde") (Berlin Philharmonic) 8XS-37098 (SQ8) RICHARD WAGNER: Karajan Conducts Wagner, Album 2 (Prelude to Act 1 from "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg; Overture from "Der fliegende Hollandar"; Prelude to Act III from "Lohengrin"; Preludes to Acts 1 & 3 form "Parsifal") (Berlin Philharmonic) 8XS-37117 (SQ8) CARL ORFF: Carmina Burana (scenic cantata) (Armstrong, English, Allen, Previn/ London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus) 8XS-37122 (SQ8) CAMILLE SAINT- SAENS: Symphony No. 3 in c, "Organ," Op. 78 (Gavoty, Martinon/ French National Radio Orchestra) 8XS-37144 (SQ8) JOHANN STRAUSS II: Overture to "Die Fledermaus"; Annen-Polka; "On the Beautiful blue Danube" Waltz; Overture to "The Gypsy Baron"; Tritsch- Tratsch Polka; Emperor Waltz) (Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic) 8XS-37147 (SQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Orchestral Music, Album 1 (Bolero; La Valse; Rapsodie Espagnole; "Scheherazade" Overture)(Martinon/Orchestre de Paris) 8XS-37148 (SQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Orchestral Music, Album 2 (Daphnis et Chloe)(Martinon/Orchestre de Paris; Paris Opera Chorus) 8XS-37149 (SQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Orchestral Music, Album 3 (Ma Mere l'Oye; Valses nobles et sentimentales; Tzigane for Violin & Orchestra) (Perlman, Martinon/Orchestre de Paris) 8XS-37150 (SQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Orchestral Music, Album 4 (Le Tombeau de Couperin; Pavane pour une infante defunte; Alborado del gracioso; Menuet Antique; Une barque sur l'ocean) (Martinon/Orchestra de Paris) 8XS-37151 (SQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Orchestral Music, Album 5 (Concerto in D for the Left Hand; Concerto in G for Piano & Orchestra) (Ciccolini, Martinon/ Orchestre de Paris) 8XS-37156 (SQ8) Yehudi Menuhin & Stephane Grappelli: Music of the '3Os, Album 2 8XS-37160 (SQ8) Beverly Sills & Andre Kostelanetz: Music of Victor Herbert 8XS-37200 (SQ8) Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin & Jean-Pierre Rampal: Improvisations/West Meets East, Album 3. 8XS-37209 (SQ8) JACQUES OFTENBACH: Gaite Parisienne; "La Fille du Tambour-Major" Overture (Rosenthal/ Monte Carlo Opera Orchestra) 8XS-37230 (SQ8) ANTONIN DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 in E, "New World, Op. 95 (Muti/New Philharmonia) 8XS-37304 (SQ8) Albert White/San Francisco Masters of Melody: A Palm Court Concert ("Silver Heels" March-Two-step; The Fortune Teller; Souvenir; In Chambre Separee; Czardas; Kutschke Polka; Theme from "Upstairs, Down- stairs"; Folies bergere; Amoureuse; L'Encore; The Glow-Worm; selections from "Irene"; Casino Dances) 8XS-37440 (SQ8) JOAQUIN RODRIGO: Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar & Orchestra; Fantasia para un gentilhombre for Guitar (Romero, Previn/London Symphony) 8XS-37450 (SQ8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: The Four Seasons Nos. 1-4 (Tokyo New Koto Ensemble) 8XS-37483 (SQ8) ALBERT W. KETELBEY: In a Monastery Garden; in a Persian Market; In a Chinese Temple Garden; In the Moonlight; In the Mystic land of Egypt; Gypsy Lad. The Clock of the Dresden Figures; Bells Across the Meadow; Sanctuary of the Heart (Midgley, Temperley, Pearson, Lanchbery/Philharmonia Orchestra; Ambrosian Singers) AUDIO SPECTRUM QST-21 (Q8) Richard Mueller Lanpertz/ Nord Deutsches Symphonie; Symphonic Fireworks (Great Gate of Kiev; Flight of the Bumble Bee; In the Hall of the Mountain King; Sabre Dance; Ritual Fire Dance; others)
    C COLUMBIA (Masterworks) MAQ-30056 (Q8) P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake, Op. 20 (highlights) (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) QMA-30060 (Q8) [2 TAPE] GIUSEPPE VERDI: Requiem Mass, in memory of Manzoni (Arroyo, Veasey, Domingo, Raimondi, Bernstein/London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus) MAQ-30443 (Q8) RICHARD STRAUSS: Also sprach Zara- thustra, Op. 30 (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-30683 (Q8) MORTON SUBOTNICK: Sidewinder (Subotnick) QMA-31008 (Q8) [3 TAPE] LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Mass (Bernstein/ Norman Scribner Choir; Berkshire Boy Choir; Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater [excerpts on MQ-31960] MAQ-31018 (Q8) Walter Carlos: Switched-On Bach (J.S. BACH: Sinfonia to Cantata No. 29) Air On a G String; Two Part inventions in F, B flat & D) Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Prelude & Fugue No. 7 in e flat & No. 2 in c, from Book I of "The Well-Tempered Clavier", Chorale Prelude "Wachet Auf" Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G) MAQ-31019 (Q8) MORTON SUBOTNICK: Touch (Subotnick) MAQ-31075 (Q8) ARAM KHACHATURIAN: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra. FRANZ LISZT: Hungarian Fantasia for Piano & Orchestra (Entremont, Ozawa/New Philharmonia) MAQ-31076 (Q8) IGOR STRAVINSKY: Petrushka (original 1911 version) (Boulez/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-31125 (Q8) GUSTAV HOLST: The Planets, Op. 32 (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-31126 (Q8) John Williams/London Symphonic Band; Bach for Band (J.S. BACH: Air for the G String; Anna Magdalena Bach Book; Minuet in G; Toccata de Fugue in d; others) MAQ-31193 (Q8) E. Power Biggs; Music for Organ, Brass & Percussion (GIGOUT: Grand Chorus in Dialogue. MARCEL DUPRE: Heroic Poem. ANDRE CAMPRA: Rigaudon. CHARLES MARIE WIDOR: Lord, Save Thy People. R. STRAUSS: Processional Entry. H. PURCELL: Antiphonal Voluntary. SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Praise the Lord with Drums & Cymbals; Triumphal March. JEREMIAH CLARK: Trumpet Voluntary) MAQ-31227 (Q8) HARRY PARTCH: The World of Harry Partch (Daphne of the Dunes; Barstow; Castor & Pollux)(Mitchell/ Ensemble) MAQ-31276 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Romeo & Juliet (fantasy overture); 1812 overture, Op. 49 (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra; Valley Forge Military Academy Band; Mormon Tabernacle Choir) MAQ-31289 (Q8) Andrew Kazdin/Columbia Brass Ensemble: Antiphonal Music for Four Brass Choirs (BASTIAN CHILESE: Canzona per Sonare No. 32. JOHN ADSON: Two Ayres for Cornetts & Sagbuts. GIOVANNI GABRIELLI: Canzon Noni Toni; Canzona per Sonare No. 4; Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2; Canzona per Sonare No. 3; Canzon Duodecimi Toni. ANONYMOUS: Sonata from "Diebankelsangerlieder". AURELIO BONELLI: Toccata "Athalanta". HENRY PURCEL: Two Trumpet Tunes & Ayre. PIETRO LAPPI: Canzona per Sonare No. 26. JOSQUIN DES PREZ: Royal Fanfare.) MAQ-31368 (Q8) BELA BARTOK: The Miraculous Mandarin; Dance Suite (Boulez/New York Philharmonic; Schola Cantorun) MAQ-31369 (Q8) W.A. MOZART: Sonfonia Concertante in E flat for Violin & Viola, K.364. KARL STAMITZ: Sinfonia Con- certante in D for Violin & Viola (Stern, Zukerman, Barenboim/ English Chamber Orchestra) QMA-31398 (Q8) [2 TAPE] J. S. BACH: Brandenburg Concertos, S.1046/51 (Newman/Ensemble) MAQ-31424 (Q8) E. Power Biggs: Bach organ Favorites, Vol. 5 (J. S. BACH: Fantasy & Fugue in g, S.542; Chorale Prelude "Jesu, meine Freude" S.753; Prelude & Fugue in b, "Great" S.544; Fantasy in G, S.572; Chorale Prelude "Wirg- lauben all' an einen Gott, Schopfer" S.680; Prelude & Fugue in C, S.545) MAQ-31425 (Q8) Isaac Stern: Romance (FREDERICK CHOPIN: Nocturne in e flat, Op. 9, No. 2. FELIX MENDELSSOHN: On Wings of Song. ANTON RUBENSTEIN: Romance. HENRY WIENIAWSKI: Romance from Violin Concerto No. 2. FRANZ SCHUBERT: Serenade. CLUADE DEBUSSY: The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. SERGEI RACHMANINOFF: Vocalise. ALEXANDER BORODIN: Nocturne. ERIK SATIE: Gymnopedie No. 3. P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade Melancolique.) (Brieff/Columbia Symphony) MAQ-31520 (Q8) IGOR STRAVINSKY: Le Sacre du printemps (Bernstein/London Symphony) MAQ-31726 (Q8) Eugene List/Eastman School Orchestra: Monster Concert (Stars & Stripes Forever; William Tell Overture; Thunder & Lightning Polka; Maple Leaf Rag; Blue Danube Waltzes; Semiramide Overture; La Gallina; Ojos Criollos) MAQ-31798 (Q8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: The Four Seasons, Op. 8, Nos. 1-4 (Zukerman/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-31799 (Q8) H. BERLIOZ: Overtures (Beatrice; Benvenuto; Roman Carnival; Les Troyens; Royal Hunt & Storm) (Boulez/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-31960 (Q8) LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Mass (excerpts from M2Q-31008) MAQ-31963 (Q8) ANDRE PREVIN: Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra. MANUEL PONCE: Concierto del Sur for Guitar & Orchestra (Williams, Previn/London Symphony) MAQ-32054 (Q8) J. S. BACH: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 MAQ-32055 (Q8) P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Greatest Hits MAQ-32056 (Q8) L. V. BEETHOVEN: Greatest Hits MAQ-32057 (Q8) W. A. MOZART: Greatest Hits MAQ-32058 (Q8) FREDRIC CHOPIN: Greatest Hits MAQ-32059 (Q8) JOHANN STRAUSS II: Greatest Hits MAQ-32101 (Q8) F. J. HAYDN: Symphony No. 93 in D; Symphony No. 94 in G, "Surprise" (Bernstein/New York Phil- harmonic) MAQ-32132 (Q8) BELA BARTOK: Concerto for Orchestra (Boules/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32159 (Q8) MAURICE RAVEL: Barque sur l'ocean; La Tombeau de Couperinl Valses nobles et sentimentales (Boulez/ New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32160 (Q8) PIERRE BOULEZ: Livre pour Cordes; Marteau sans maitre (Minton. Boulez/Ensemble) MAQ-32196 (Q8) F. J. HAYDN: Missa in tempore belli ("Paukenmesse") (Wells, Killebrew, Titus, Devlin, Bernstein/ Orchestra; Norman Scribner Choir) MAQ-32230 (Q8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerti for Two Violins & Orchestra; Concerti for Three Violins & Orchestra, P.278; Concerti for Four violins & Orchestra (Zukerman, Sillito, Garcia, Tunnel, Zukerman/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-32232 (Q8) MARIO CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO: Concerto for Two Guitars & Orchestra. GUIDO SANTORSOLA: Concerto for Two Guitars & Orchestra (S.& E. Abreau, Asensio/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-32296 (Q8) RICHARD WAGNER: "Eine Faust" Over- ture; "Meistersinger" Preludes; "Tannhauser" Overture (Dresden version, 1845); "Tristar" Prelude & Liebestod (Boulez/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32297 (Q8) JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Concerto No. 1 in F for Organ, Op. 137; Concerto No. 2 in g, Op. 177 (Biggs, Peress/Columbia Symphony) MAQ-32300 (DQ8) J.S. BACH: Concerto No. 1 in d for Harpsichord, S.1052. F. J. HAYDN: Concerto in D for Harpsichord, Op. 21 (Newman Ensemble) MAQ-32301 (DQ8) W.A. MOZART: Concerto No. 1 in B flat for Violin & Orchestra K.207; Concerto No. 3 in G for Violin & Orchestra, K.216 (Zukerman, Barenboim English Chamber Orchestra) {Same as CBS SQ 73214} MAQ-32495 (DQ8) E. Power Biggs: Plays Scott Joplin on the Pedal Harpsichord (Original Rags; Maple Leaf Rag; Peacherine Rag; Elite Syncopations; Cleopha; The Easy Winners; Pine Apple Rag; Binks' Waltz; The Strenuous Life; Sunflower Slow Drag) QMA-32497 (DQ8) [2 TAPE] J. S. BACH: Lutheran Organ Mass (from Clavier-Ubung, Part 3, S. 552, 669/89) (Newman, Mariner/Boston Archdiocesan Boys Choir) MAQ-32577 (DQ8) Gregg Smith/Columbia Social Orches- tra: Stephen Foster's Social Orchestra MAQ-32587 (DQ8) FERDINAND "JELLY ROLL" MORTON: Some Rags Some Stomps & a Little Blues/Transcriptions for Orchestra (Venuti, Hyman/Band) MAQ-32597 (DQ8) LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Trouble in Tahiti (Williams, Butler, Patrick, Clarke, Brown, Bernstein/ Columbia Wind Ensemble) MAQ-32598 (DQ8) F. J. HAYDN: Symphony No. 95 in c; Symphony No. 96 in D, "Miracle" (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) {Same as CBS/Sony SOCO 76} MAQ-32599 (DQ8) EDWARD ELGAR: Falstaff (symphonic study), Op. 68; Cockaigne Overture Op. 40 (Barenboim/London Philharmonic) MAQ-32681 (DQ8) [2 TAPE] GUSTAV MAHLER: Symphony No. 2 in c "Resurrection" (Armstrong, Baker, Bernstein, London Symphony, Edinburgh Festival Choir) MAQ-32685 (Q8) Carlos Chávez. Los Cuatro Soles (The Four Sons); Selections from Pirámide Ballet Folklorio de Mexico (Ambrosian Singers, London Symphony Orchestra. Chavez cond.) MAQ-32693 (DQ8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerti for Violin(s) & Orchestra (Collections) Il Cimento dell'Armonia e delltinventione, Op. 8, P.415, 7, 258, & 337 (Zukeman/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-32736 (Q8) AARON COPLAND: Appalachian Spring (complete ballet) (Copland/Columbia Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-32738 (DQ8) ELLIOTT CARTER: String Quartets Nos. 2 & 3 (Juilliard Quartet) MAQ-32739 (DQ8) GEORGE CRUMB: Night of the Four Moons; Voice of the Whale (DeGaetani, Crumb/Aeolian Chamber Players) MAQ-32740 (DQ8) LEON KIRCHNER: Lily; String Quartet No. 2 (Lenox Quartet) MAQ-32741 (DQ8) MORTON SUBOTNICK: Four Butterflies (Subotnick) MAQ-32779 (DQ8) CARL NIELSON: Symphony No. 2, "Four Temperments" (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32791 (DQ8) E. Power Biggs: Bach Organ Favorites, Vol. 6 (J. S. BACH: Concerto No. 1 in G, S.592 Con- certo No. 2 in a, S.593; Sonata No. 1 in E sharp; Sonata No. 5 in C) MAQ-32792 (DQ8) ANTONIN DVORAK: String Quartet No. 6 in F, "American" Op. 96; String Quintet No. 3 in E flat, Op. 97 (Budapest Quartet, Trampler) MAQ-32821 (DQ8) HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS: Magdalena Suite; Little Train of the Caipira; Bachianas Brasileiras No. 1, "Modinha"; No. 4 Prelude; & No. 5 (excerpts) (Kostelanetz/ Orchestra) MAQ-32838 (DQ8) MAURICE RAVEL: Ma Mere l'Oye (ballet) Menuet antique; La Valse (Boulez/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32840 (DQ8) ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerti for Violin(s) & Orchestra (Collections)/Il Cimento dell'Annonia e dell'Inventione, Op. 8, P.259, 338, 153, & 8 (Zukerman/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-32843 (DQ8) JEAN SIBELIUS: Symphony No. 4 in A, Op. 63; Swan of Tuonela (from Four Legends, Op. 22) (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-32865 (DQ8) Andre Kostelanetz: Conducts Music from Spain (MANUEL DE FALLA: Jota from "The Three-Cornered Hat" Dance of Terror, Magic Circle/The Fisherman's Story, & Midnight/ Witchcraft from "El Amor Brujo" ISAAC ALBENIZ: Triana from "Iberia". J. SERRANO: Marinela from "La Cancion del Olvido". C. CASTELLANOS: La Morena de mi Copla. ENRIQUE GRANADOS: The Lady & the Nightingale from "Goyescas". MIKHAIL GLINKA: Jota Aragonesa. PABLO CASALS: Song of the Birds; Saint Marti del Canigo (Niska/soprano, Munroe/cello) MAQ-32883 (DQ8) GABRIEL FAURE: Requiem, Op. 48 (Ito, Ohga, Yamada/Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony & Chorus) MAQ-32933 (DQ8) J. S. BACH: Toccata & Fugue in d for Organ, S.565; Tocata & Fugue in F for Organ, S.540; Toccata & Fugue in d for Organ, "Dorian" S.538; Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C for Organ, S.564 (Biggs) MAQ-32935 (DQ8) G. F. HANDEL: Messiah (highlights) (Condie/Royal Philharmonic; Mormon Tabernacle Choir) MAQ-32936 (DQ8) EDWARD ELGAR: The Five Pomp de Circumstance Marches; Op. 39; Crown of India Suite, Op. 66; Imperial March; Op. 32 (Barenboim/ London Philharmonic) MAQ-32969 (DQ8) CHARLES IVES: Old Songs Deranged/ Music for Theatre Orchestra ("Country Band" March; The Swimmers; Mists; Charlie Rutlage; Evening; March II; March III; "1776" Overture March; An Old Song Deranged; Gyp the Blood or Hearst Which Is Worst) Remembrance; Fugue in Four Keys on The Shining Shore"; Chromatine lodtune; Holiday Quickstep) (Sinclair/Yale Theatre Orchestra) MAQ-33071 (DQ8) P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto No. 1 in b flat for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 23 (Watts, Bernstein/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-33072 (DQ8) FRANZ LISZT: Todtenanz for Piano & Orchestra. CESAR FRANCK: Symphonic Varia- tions for Piano & Orchestra (Watts, Leinsdorf/London Symphony) {Originally released in separate Quad and Stereo versions, Later released in Quad only. The same number appears on the early stereo version and on the later Quad-only version, which are distinguishable by the SQ logo on the back side of the Quad-only album jacket.} MAQ-33082 (DQ8) LEONARD BERNSTEIN: The Dybbuk (ballet) (Johnson, Ostendorf, Bernstein New York City Ballet Orchestra) MAQ-33172 (DQ8) CARL ORFF: Carmina Burana (scenic cantata) (Blegen, Riegel, Binder, Thomas/Cleveland Orchestra & Chorus) MAQ-33185 (DQ8) SCOTT JOPLIN: "The Entertainer" Ballet (Hossack/London Festival Ballet Orchestra) MAQ-33205 (DQ8) E. Power Biggs: Plays Scott Joplin on the Pedal Harpsichord, Vol. 2 (The Cascades; The Chrysanthe- mum; Something Doing; Magnetic Rag; Felicity Rag; The Entertain- er; Paragon Rag; Sugar Cane; Scott Joplin’s New Rag; Great Crush Collision) MAQ-33206 (DQ8) W.A. MOZART: Concerto No. 2 in D for Violin & Orchestra, K.211; Rondo in C; K.373; Rondo Concertante, K.261a (Zukerman, Barenboim/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-33207 (DQ8) FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Concerto No. 1 in g for Piano, Op. 25; Concerto No. 2 in d for Piano, Op. 40 (Perahia, Marriner/Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields) MAQ-33208 (Q8) JOAQUIN RODRIGO: Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar & Orchestra. HEITOR VILLA-LOBOS: Concerto for Guitar (Williams, Barenboim/English Chamber Orchestra) MAQ-33436 (DQ8) C. F. HANDEL: Water Music (complete) (Boulez/New York Philharmonic) MAQ-33513 (DQ8) Gunther Schuller & the Columbia All -Star Band: Fodlifters/A Century of American marches MAQ-33886 (DQ8) P. F. TCHAIKOVSY: Symphony No. 4 in F, Op. 36 (Bernstein/New York Philharmonic)
    E EMI (Columbia-Studio 2 Quadraphonic) Q8 TWO 221 (Q8) Constantin Silvestri - Showpieces. Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra [UK]
    F FINNADAR QT-9005 (Q8) ERIC SALZMAN: Helix; Wiretap; Larynx Music; Oueens Collage (Nagrin, Ross, Silverman, Salzman/QUOG Music/Theatre Ensemble) QT-9006 (Q8) GEORGE FLYNN: Wound. JOHN CAGE: Winter Music (version for four pianos) (Flynn) QT-9010 (Q8) MILTON BABBITT: Ensembles for Synthesizer. PRIL SMILEY: Eclipse. ALICE SHIELDS: Farewell to a Hill. VLADIMAR USSACHESKY: A Piece for Tape Recorder. MARIO DAVIDOVSKY: Electronic Study No. 3. BULENT AREL: Stereo Elec- tronic Music No. 2 (each performed by its composer)
    L LONDON (Phase 4 Series) H-744218 (Q8) John Wilbraham/London Festival Brass Ensemble: The Magic of Christmas (David Squibb/Choir of Trinity School; Leslie Pearson, organ)
    O ORGATAPES {Discrete QUAD tapes made from the weekly WGUC stereo FM broadcast in Cincinnati, Ohio "Cincinnati Organs". All the programs are performed by Roger Heather. The Programs are made available to consumers in both Quad 8-tracks and Quad reel to reel. The tapes are recorded directly from the masters in real time. A plus sign (+) following the program number indicates that both ambiance and direct organ sounds are recorded on the rear as well as on the front channels. No notation identifies that only ambiance is recorded in the rear channels. These tapes were available from: Orgatapes, 5597 Sunny Woods Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45239.} Program #27 WILBER HELD: A Nativity Suite. J. S. BACH: Sleepers, Awake. EDWARD G. MEAD/SHARON E. ROGERS: Puer Nobis. H. BERLIOZ/ MARILYN MASON: Serinade to the Madonna. ROBERT HEBBLE: Divinum Mysterium, from Nave. LOUISE-CLAUD DAQUIN: Noel Grande Jeu et Duo. Program #29 DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: In Dulci Jubilo. J. BRAHMS: A Lovely Rose Is Blooming. EVERETT TITCOMB: Puer Natus Est. T. CARL WITMER: Two Lithuanian Christmas Folk Songs. HELMUT WALCHA: Gottes Sohn ist kommen; Ze Bethlehem gaboren; Frohlich soll mein Hertze springen. CHARLES IVES: Adeste Fideles. JOHN COOK: Paean on Divinum Mysterium. Program #30 J. S. BACH: Hark, a Voice Sayeth; The Old Year Now Hath Pas'd. ERNST PEPPING: Gen Himmel aufgefahren. JOSEPH JONGEN: Priere. CESAR FRANCK: Chorale in a. Program #31 JAMES Pethel: Fanfare on Ein' Feste Burg. J. S. BACH/EDWARD SHIPPEN BARNES: Arioso "When Thou Art Near". JOHANN GOTTFRIED WALTHER: Lobt Gott, Ihr Christen (2 settings). ROGER C. WILSON: Love Devine, Ancient of Days. CEASER FRANCK: Cantabile. BENEDETTO MARCELLO: Psalm XX. Program #32 WILHELM VOLKMAR: Adagio con Mato. GEORGE T. MILES: Darwall; All'Ehr'und Lob; St. Anne. RICHARD EROSS: Invocation. J. S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in E flat. Program #33 ALEXANDER SCHREINER: See, the Mighty Angle Flying. G. P. HANDEL: Andante (Finale) from Concerto No. 1. J. S. BACH: Dearest Jesus, We Are Here. M. ENRICO BOSSI: Ave Maria, Noú 2. ROBERT GROVES: Ein' Feste Burg; Dundee; Wir Pflugen. RICHARD PURVIS: Supplication. Program #34 FRIEDRICH W. ZACHAU: Three Short Pieces. J. S. BACH: My Heart is Filled with Longing. GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Toccata Trasportata & Canzona No. 4. DONALD HUSTAD: St. Christopher; Laast uns erfreuen. JOSEF RHEINBERGER; Vision. J. S. BACH: "Little" Fugue in g. Program #35 FRANCOIS COUPERIN: Dialog for Full Organ (Parish Mass). WILLIAM SCHMIDT: Tribulation; Wonderous Love. REVEL LAHMER: O Sacred Head Now Wounded. RUTH MARSDEN: Blessed Quiet- ness. CLARENCE MADER: A Passiontide Fantasy. PHILLIP JAMES: Meditation at St. Clotilde. JOHN STANLEY: Trumpet Voluntary. Program #36 J. S. BACH: "Little" Prelude & Fugue in G. JOHANN PACHELBEL: Herzlich tut mich; Herr, wie du Willst. JAN BENDER: Three Short Organ Pieces. GARTH EDMUNDSON: Litania Solenne. CESAR FRANCK: Piece Heroique. Program #37 FRANCOIS COUPERIN: Chaconne in g. PETER PIEL: Intermezzo in d. MAX SINZHEIMER: Germany; Marion. JEAN LANGLAIS: Elevation (Adore Devote). MAURICE DURUFLE: Prelude (Suite, Op. 5). DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: From God I Ne'er Will Turn Me (2 settings). Program #36+ ARTHUR WILLS: Fanfare. JEAN LANGLAIS: Modal Pieces in C & E. ALEXANDER SCHREINER: In Pastures Green. PAUL BUNJES: Aurellia; Hamburg; Spanish Chant. HUGH McAMIS: Dreams. J. S. BACH; Prelude & Fanfare Fugue in C. Program #39+ VAN DENMAN THOMPS0N: Come, Thou Almighty King; Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. J.C. BACH: Four Fughettas (I Thank Thee, Dear Lord; My Inmost Heart Now Raises; O Blest This House, Whate'er Befalls; Old Hundreth. DANIEL LESUR: In Paradisum. LEON BOELLMANN: Suite Gothique. Program #40+ RICHARD WAGNER: Bridal Chorus. FRANZ X. A. MURCH- HAUSER: Prelude & Fugue in e. G. F. HANDEL: Larghetto & Allegro from Concerto No. 13 for Organ. PAUL BOUMAN: St. Peter; Buford; St. Crispin. AUGUST MAEKELBERGHE: A Flemish Prayer. FELIX MENDELS- SOHN: Wedding March. Program #41+ RICHARD PEEK: Fanfare on Sine Nomine. ERNST PEPPING: Mit Freuden Zart; Auf, auf mein Herz; Ich hsb mein Sach Gott; Sollt' ich meinem Gott nicht. J. S. BACH/E. S. BARNES: Arioso. FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Sonata No. 6 in d. Program #42+ FRANCOIS COUPERIN: Fugue sur les jeux d'anches (Perish Mass). R.S. STOUGHTON: By the Waters of Babylon. HOMER WHITFORD: Coronation; Gardiner; Materna. RICHARD PURVIS: Capric- cio on the Notes of the Cuckoo. J. S. BACH: Toccata & Fugue in d. Program #43+ THEODORE DUBOIS: Fantasy in B. VALENTIN RATHGEBER: Aria Pastorella. HEALEY WILLAN: St. Anne; Martyrdom; Darwell. MYRON J. ROBERTS: Litany. J.S. BACH: Sinfonia "We Thank Thee, Lord". Program #44 J.C.F. BACH: Gigue Rondo. DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: Adam's Fall Debased. RICHARD PURVIS: Tallis' Canon; Ton-y-botel. FREDERICK L. MARRIOTT: Fantasie on a Sarum Plainsong. FERDINAND DE LA TOMBELLE: Marche Pontificale. Program #45 JAN BENDER: Variations on Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior. JAN PIETERZOON SWEELINICK: Fantasia in Echo Style. SAMUEL WESLEY: Cantabile in D; Largo in E flat. LOUIS NICHOLAS CLERAMBAULT: Basse et Dessus de Trompette. CHARLES MARIE WIDOR: cantabile from Symphonie No. 4. RONALD ARNATT: Malabar; Down Ampney; Lancashire. Program #46 J.S. BACH: "Little" Prelude & Fugue in F. DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: Christ Our Lord to Jordan Came; Praised Be Thou, Lord Jesus Christ. CHARLES MARIE WIDOR: Adagio from Symphony No. 6. C.S. LANG: Fanfare. DAVID A. SCHACK: Jesu meine Freude; Herr Jesus Christ, dich du; Last uns erfreuen. Program #47 ADOLF HESSE: Postludium in D. MYRON CASNER: Adoro Devote; Englands Lane. OLIVER MESSIAEN: Le Banquet Celeste. FRANCOIS COUPERIN: Four Couplete from Parish Mass. Program #48+ ERIC H. THIMAN: Two Short Fanfares. BETTY LOUISE LUMBY: Background for a Worshipper. SAMUEL WALTER: Winchester Old. FRANZ BORNSCHEIN: The French Clock. J.S. BACH: Prelude in E flat. Program #49 NICHOLAS-ANTOINE LEBEGUE: Variations on Puer Nobir Nasscitur. J.S. BACH: Nun komm', der Heiden H'and. J.S. BACH/ GEORGE REBLING: O Sanctissima, T. FREDERICK H. CANDLYN: Hyfry- dol. DAVID N. JOHNSON: Dininum Mysterium. MYRON J. ROBERTS: God Rest You Merry Gentleman. Program #50+ ROBERT ELMORE: The Night of the Star. MEL TORME: The Christmas Song. HUGO GEHRKE: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing; Joy to the World. RICHARD ELLSASSER: Suite on Christmas Carols. Program #51+ FRANCOIS COUPERIN/JOSESH W. CLOKEY: The Awakening. DONALD HUSTAD: The Solid Rock; Mercy; Beecher. JOSEPH JONGEN: Choral. ALEXANDRE GUILMANT: Pastorale; Sonata No. 1. J.S. BACH: Prelude & Fugue in c. Program #53+ CLARENCE MADER: Monogram. JOHANN PACHELBEL: Partita on Harzlich Tut. RICHARD PURVIS: Were you There? ROGER HEATHER: St. Christopher. JOHN COOK: Fanfare. Program #55 J.S. BACH: Crist Lay in Bonds of Death; Jesus Christ Our Saviour; The Splendid Day Is Dawning; Today Triumphs the Son of God. CHARLES SERGISSON: The Risen Christ. BERNARD REICHEL/ CHARLES W. ORE/RUDOLF MOSER: Lasst uns erfreuen. ROGER C. WILSON: Prelude on a Latin Easter Hymn. WILBUR HELD: Partita on "O Sons & Daughters". Program #59+ JOHN STANLEY: Trumpet Voluntary. RICHARD PURVIS: Prayer for Peace. MARTIN STELLHORN: Italian Hymn. ROBERT WILSON HAYS: Improvisation on a Plainsong Melody. CHARLES M. COURBOIN: Belgian Mothers Song. CHARLES IVES: Variations on America. Program #62 ANDRE CAMPRE: Rigaudon. J.S. BACH: Air for the G String; Prelude & Fanfare Fugue in C. PERCI FLETCHER: Fountain Reverie. ARTHUR SULLIVAN; The Lost Chord. RICHARD ELLSASSER: Brother James' Air; Hymn to Joy. Program #63 (some +) HENRY PURCELL: Trumpet Tune; Air & Bell Symphony. CHARLES WAKEFIELD CADMAN: At Dawning. PARTHICHELA/ ETHEL SMITH: Mexican Hat Dance. MYRON J. ROBERTS: Pastarale & Aviary. RICHARD PURVIS: Pastorale & Forest Green. THOMAS ADAMS: Pastorale on Adeste Fideles. ALEXANDRE GUILMANT: Noel. WILLIAM HODSON: Yuletide Echoes. Program #66+ WILLIAM H. PACHELBEL: Toccata in G. J.S. BACH/ WILLIAM T. BEST: Sarabande from 4th Cello Suite. MATHEW CAMIDGE: Gavotte. LUDWIG LENEL: Boylston; Meinen Jesum lass'ich micht; Gott sei Dank; All' Ehr' und Lob. RICHARD PURVIS: Ador- ation. GEORGE F. BRISTOW: Moderato & Allegro. Program #68 J.S. BACH: "little" Prelude & Fugue in d; Adagio from Violin Sonata in g. SAMUEL WESLEY: Hornpipe. FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Grave & Adagio from Sonata No. 2. PHILIP GERHING: Malabar; Tallis' Canon; Lancashire. DOM PAUL BENOIT: Fidelis Servus; Jubilate Deo Omnis Terra. JESUS DE GURIDI: Improv- isacion. HENDRIK ANDBIESSEN: Three Intermezzi. Program #69 DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: Prelude & Fugue in D. HENRY HERON: Trumpet Voluntary. GABRIEL PIERNE: Cantilene. GEORGE F. McKAY; Lament for Absalom. WILBUR HELD: Duke Street; Hyfrydol; Ellers; They'll Know We Are Christians. ISADORE FREED: Medita- tion. J.S. BACH/VIRGIL FOX: Now Thank We All. Program #71 JACQUES LEMMENS: Prelude in Five Voices. WILLIAM HINE: Flute Pieces. DONALD HUSTAD: Aberystwyth; Marecambe; Aurelia. CHARLES MARIE WIDOR: Cantabila from Symphony No. 6 for Organ. HERRMANN SCHROEDER: Four Kleine Praeludien. Program #72+ THOMAS ROSEINGRAVE: Allegro Pomposo. J.S. BACH/E.S. BARNES: When Thou Art Near. ROBERT SCHUMANN: Sketch in C. CHARLES W. ORE: Winchester Old, Schmucke dich; O dass ich tausend; Allein Gott in der Hoh sei Ehr'. T. TERTIUS NOBLE: Solemn Prelude. JEAN JOSEPH MOURET/ELAINE C. GARDNER: Symphony of Fanfares. (Trumpet Tune/Rondeau; Air; Trumpet Tune) Program #74+ JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU: The Hen. STARLING GOODWIN: Interlude & Cornet Voluntary. THOMAS DUPUIS: Trumpet Voluntary. WILBUR HELD: Holy Manna; Amazing Grace; Restoration. CLIFFORD VAUGHAN: When Jesus Wept. JACQUES LEMMENS: Prayer. DIETRICH BUXTEHUDE: Prelude & Fugue in D. Program #80+ ARCANGELO CORELLI: Suite (Gavotte; Larghetto; Andante; Sartie). SHARON ELERY ROGERS: Martyrdom; Diademata. RICHARD KOUNTZ: Shepherd & Birds. OLIVIER MESSIAEN: Vision of the Church Eternal. Program #81+ J.S. BACH: In Thee Is Gladness; Have mercy Upon Me, O Lord. JOHN TRAVERS: AdagIo & Cornet Voluntary. PHILIP GEHRING: Down Ampney; Slane; Innocents. CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Rhapsodie No. 3 on Breton Melodies. BENEDETTO MARCELLO: Psalm XX. Program #85+ CESAR FRANCK: Christmas pastorale. LEON ROQUES: Two Noels. LEO SOWERBY: The Snow Lay on the Ground. SIGFRID KARG- ELERT: Adeste Fideles. DOM PAUL BENOIT: Noel Basque. Program #87 STANLEY B. SAXTON: Christ's Entry into Jerusalem. ERNST PEPPING: Nun freut euch; Auf, auf, mein Herz; Wir wollen alle frohlich sein; Erschienen ist der herrlich Teg. JEAN LANG- LAIS: Death & Resurrection. JAN BENDER: All Glory, Laud & Honor, ALEN STOUT: Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death. H. ALEXANDER MATHEWS: The Strife Is O'er. HEALY WILLAN: Jesus Christ is Risen Today. CHARLES HARIE WIDOR: Toccata from Symphony No. 3. Program #88 WILLIAM SELBY: Voluntary in A. PAUL MANZ: Praise to the Lord; O Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee?: Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes; Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense. SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: The Mirrored Moon. DUDLEY BUCK: Concert Variations on "The Star Spangled Banner". Program #89 BENEDETTO MARCELLO: Psalm 32. THE BACH FAMILY: Anna Magdalena Notebook (Polonaise; Minuet; Aria; March; Chorale). PAUL MANZ: Lord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now; All Glory Be to God on High; Rejoice Now; Dear Christians. CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS /MARILYN MASON: Meditation. CLAUDE MURCHREE: Toccata on "How Firm a Foundation".
    P PYE (Nixa Classics) * Y8QPT 102 (Q8) TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture, Op. 49. London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Band Of the Coldstream Guards. Capriccio Italien Op. 45, London Philharmonic Orchestra. Vernon Handley
    R RCA (Red Seal) ART1-0002 (Q8) Eugene Ormandy/ Philadelphia Orchestra; The Fantastic Philadelphians Vol. 1 (EMMANUEL CHABRIER: Espana. PAUL DUKAS: Sorcerer's Apprentice, CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Danse macabre. MODEST MUSSORGSKY: Night on Bald Mountain.) ART1-0015 (Q8) Dr. Teleny's Incredible Plugged-in Orchestra; Stolen Goods/Gems Lifted from the Masters. ART1-0017 (Q8) Eugena Ormandy /Philadelphia Orchestra; The Fantastic Philadelphians, Vol. 2 BEDRICH SMETANA: Dance of the Comedians from "The Bartered Bride", CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Bacchanale from "Samson & Delilah", AMILCARE PONCHIELLI: Dance of the Hours from "La Giocanda". ARAM KHACHATURIAN: Sabre Dance from "Gayne". J. BRAHMS: Hungarian Dance No. 5. EDVARD GRIEG: Anitra's Dance from "Peer Gynt" Suite No. 1. DMITRI KABALEVSKY: Galop from "The Comedians". REINHOLD GLIERE: Russian Sailors Dance from "The Red Poppy. ANTONIN DVORAK: Slavonic Dance, Op. 46, No. 8. MANUEL DE FELLA: Ritual Fire Dance from "Amor Brujo".) ART1-0027 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Greatest Ballets, Vol. 1 (Suite from The Nutcracker) (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0030 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Greatest Vol. 2 (Suite from Swan Lake) (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0169 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Greatest Ballets, Vol. 3 (Suite from Sleeping Beauty) (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0426 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 in b, "Pathetique", Op. 74 (Stokowski/London Symphony) ART1-0442 (Q8) Ettore Stratta/Baroque Pops Orchstra: Viva Vivaldi ! (ANTONIO VIVALDI: Seasons Suite; excerpts from Mand- olin Concertos) ART1-0477 (Q8) Virgil Fox: Heavy Organ at Carnegie Hall, Vol. 2 (J.S. BACH: We All Believe in One God, BWV 680; Rejoice, Beloved Christians, BWV 734; Prelude & Fugue in e, "The Wedge", BWV 548; Toccata & Fugue in d, BWV 565; Passacaglia & Fugue in c, BWV 582) ART1-0484 (Q8) CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Symphony No. 3 in c, "Organ", Op. 78 (Fox, Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0664 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 5 in e, Op. 64 (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0665 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 in f, Op. 36 (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-0666 (Q8) Virgil Fox: The Entertainer (The Star-Spangled Banner; Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here; The Entertainer; Roulade; Londonderry Air; Maple Leaf Rag; Varia- tions on "America"; Pomp & Circumstance March No. 1; "Jig" Fugue) ART1-0719 (Q8) JOHANNES BRAHMS: Symphony No. 4 in e, Op. 98; Academic Festival Overture, Op. 80 (Stokowski/New Philharmonia) ART1-0781 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto in D for Violin & Orchestra, Op. 35. CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Introduc- tion & Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 38 (Foder, Leinsdorf/New Philhar- monia) ART1-0843 (Q8) JULES MASSENET: Thais ART1-1149 (Q8) JULES MASSENET: La Navarraise (Horne, Domingo, Milnes, Lewis/London Symphony; Ambrosian Opera Chorus) ART1-1149 (Q8) DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 5, Op. 47 (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-1151 (Q8) SERGE PROKOFIEV: Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78 (Allen, Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra; Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia) ART1-1155 (Q8) ANTONIN DVORAK: Concerto in b for Cello, Op. 104 (Harrell, Levine/London Symphony) ART1-1220 (Q8) RICHARD STRAUSS: Also sprach Zarathustra (Ormandy/ Philadelphia Orchestra) ART1-1249 (Q8) CHARLES IVES: Holidays Symphony (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1002 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Concerto No. 1 in b flat for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 23 (Van Cliburn, Kondrashin/Symphony Orchestra) RQ8-1048 (Q8) GIACOMO PUCCINI: Madama Butterfly (highlights) (Price, Ellias, Tucker, Leinsdorf/RCA Italian Opera Orchestra & Chorus) RQ8-1052 (Q8) JOAQUIN RODRIGO: Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar & Orchestra. ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerto in D for Guitar & Orch- estra, P.209. BENJAMIN BRITTEN: The Courtly Dances from "Glor- iana" (Bream/Melos Chamber Orchestra; Julian Bream Consort) RQ8-1077 (Q8) GIACOMO PUCCINI: La Boheme (Highlights) (Moffo, Costa, Tucker, Tozzi, Leinsdorf/Rome Opera House Orchestra) RQ8-1110 (Q8) FREDERIC CHOPIN: Concerto No. 2 in F for Piano, Op. 21; Grand Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13 (Rubenstein, Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1112 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 6 in b, "Pathe- tique", Op. 74 (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1115 (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: 1812 Overture, Op. 49. SERGGEI RACHMANINOFF: Spring, Op. 20; Three Russian Songs, Op. 41 (Buketoff/New Philharmonia) RQ8-1123 (Q8) FRANZ LISZT: Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos. 1 & 2. HEDRICH SMETANA: Furiant, Overture & Polka from "The Bartered Bride". ANTON DVORAK: Scherzo Capriccioso, Op. 66 (Ormandy/ Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1141 (Q8) GEORGES BIZET/RODION SHCHEDRIN: Carman Ballet (Fiedler/Boston Pops) RQ8-1160 (Q8) ANTON DVORAK: Symphony No. 9 in e, "New World", Op. 95 (Fiedler/Boston Symphony) RQ8-1164 (Q8) IGOR STRAVINSKY: "Firebird" Suite; "Petrouechka" Suite (Ozawa/Boston Symphony) RQ8-1165 (Q8) CAMILLE SAINT-SAENS: Concerto No. 2 in G for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 22. MANUEL DE FALLA: Nights in the Gardens of Spain (Rubenstein, Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1168 (Q8) RICHAARD STRAUSS: Also sprach Zarathaustra, Op. 30 (Reiner/Chicago Symphony) RQ8-1170 (Q8) AARON COPLAND: "Appalachian Spring" Suite: Billy the Kid (ballet suite) (Ormandy/Philadelphia Orchestra) RQ8-1198 (Q8) G.F. HANDEL: Hallelujah/Music of Handel Newly Scored for Winds, Brass & Strings (selections from "Messiah", "Judas Maccabaeus" & "Samson"; The Cuckoo & the Nightingale; Revenge, Timotheus Cries from "Alexander's Feast"; selections from "Water Music" Suite)
    V VANGAURD 7175-30001H [previously L-715] (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony No. 4 in f, Op. 36. ALEXANDER SCRIABIN: Etude No. 1 in c sharp for Piano, Op. 2 (Stokowski/American Symphony) 7175-30002H (Q8) G.F. HANDEL: Messiah (excerpts) 7175-30016H (Q8) P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY: Serenade in C for Strings, Op. 48. SERGE PROKOFIEV: Symphony in D, "Classical" Op. 25 (Somary/English Chamber Orchestra) 7175-30021H (Q8) IGOR STRAVINSKY: Petrouchka (complete ballet) (Mackerras/London Symphony) 7175-30032H (Q8) MODEST MUSSORGSKY: Pictures at an Exhibition; Introduction from "Khovantchina" (Mackerras/New Philharmonia)

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