Quadraphonic Discography - Pye 4D Series Recordings. Quadraphonic & Stereo Notations
Released Artist Title Catalog # Quad Notation Issued later with Quad Notation or in Other Country
1972 Cyril Stapleton Big Band Is Back GH 531 No
1974 The Button Down Brass Golden Hour Of The Button Down Brass GH 588 No
1977 Various Artists Golden Hour of Top Brass GH 641 Yes Tracks 1,2,3 & 7 side one, tracks 3,5 side two are notated as quad. All others stereo
1976 Tony Hatch Mr Nice Guy GHX 628 Yes
1977 Norrie Paramor Paramagic Pianos GHX 637 Yes
1977 Alan Tew Orchestra You Are The Sunshine Of My Life GHX 642 Yes
1977 Various Golden Hour Spectacular GHX 645 Yes
Tchaikowsky –Sibelius      Nixa PCNHX 11 Yes
Tchaikowsky –Sibelius      NIXA PCNHX 14        Yes
1971 Robert Farnon Live From The Festival hall,London NSPH 400 No Astor QUAD 1029 (QS) [Australia] 
Vic Lewis And The RPO  My Friends The Stars NSPH 401 No
1975 Vic Lewis And The RPO My Friends The Bandleaders NSPH 402 No
1971 CYRIL STAPLETON & HIS ORCHESTRA Theme from Ryan’s Daughter NSPL 41001 Yes PYE QPS-5005 (QS) [Japan], PYE Y8QP41001 (Q8) [UK]
1971 LONDON POPS ORCHESTRA Hits Philharmonic Vol. 3 NSPL 41002 No
1971 Sounds Orchestral Wigwam – Yellow Cover / Sleepy Shores – Purple Cover NSPL 41003 No
1971 Drex Nelson The 4 Pianos Of NSPL 41004 No
1971 Rostal & Schaefer Peter, Paul & Pianos NSPL 41005 No
1971 City Of Westminster String Band Home Lovin’ Hits NSPL 41006 No
1971 Rogero’s Brazilian Brass Musica Da Noite NSPL 41007 No
1971 Victor Silvestor’s Strings Music Of Tchaikovsky NSPL 41008 No
1971 Geoffrey Brand Melodies With Memories NSPL 41009 No
NSPL 41010
1971 London Pops Orchestra John Mcleod presents Hits Philharmonic Vol.4 NSPL 41011 No
1971 John MacLeod and His Orchestra A String Bag of Bones NSPL 41012 No Pye QA-5-Y (QS) [Japan] 
NSPL 41013 -
1971 Tony Hatch What the World Needs Now NSPL 41014 No  Pye QPS-5004 (QS) [Japan] 
1971 Denis Lopez Caballero NSPL 41015 No Pye QA-2-Y (QS) [Japan] 
1972 Barbara Moore & British Quadraphonic Brass Musical Carousel NSPL 41016 No Diagram on cover shows only 2 monitor speakers
1972 Sounds Orchestral You've Got a Friend NSPL 41017 No
1972 City Of Westminster String Band Knock Three Times And More NSPL 41018 No
NSPL 41019
1972 Ray Davies, Button Down Brass With Ray Davies Everybody’s Talkin’ About NSPL 41020 No
1974 Ray Davies, His Funky Trumpet And The Button Down Brass I Believe In Music NSPL 41021 No  Pye Y8QP 41021 (Q8) [U.K.], Astor QUAD 1023 (QS) [Australia] 
1973 Acker Bilk His Clarinet and Strings - Some of My Favorite Things NSPL 41022 No QUAD-1025 (QS) [Canada], Astor QUAD 1016 (QS) [Australia] 
Terry Cavendish Orchestra All In An Afternoon’s Work NSPL 41023 No
1973 The Harry Roche Constellation Spiral NSPL 41024 No
1974 Alan Tew Orchestra Don’t Look At Me, Listen To The Music NSPL 41025 No
1974 Sounds Orchestral Clouds NSPL 41026 No
1974 Ray Davies Orchestra A Tribute To Benny & The Duke NSPL 41027 No Pye QUAD 1026
1974 Cyril Stapleton The Stapleton Collection NSPL 41028 No Pye QUAD 1024
1974 Tony Hatch Orchestra Hit The Road To Themeland NSPL 41029 No Astor QUAD 1025 (QS) [Australia] 
1974 The Ragtimers Scott Joplin’s Ragtime Music  NSPL 41030 Yes Pye LDM 50265 (QS) [France]
1974 Alan Haven The Alan Haven Organ Show NSPL 41031 No QUAD 1028 (QS) [Canada], Astor QUAD 1028 (QS)  [Australia]
1974 Kenny Ball A Friend To You NSPL 41032 No issued as QUAD 1031 in Canada
1975 Synthesonic Sounds Ye Olde Moog NSPL 41033 No Pye #unknown (Q8) [UK]
1974 Synthesonic Sounds Moog At The Movies NSPL 41034 No Pye #unknown (Q8)   [UK], Teichiku UX-2Y (CD4) [Japan]
1974 The Alan Tew Orchestra Carnival! NSPL 41035 Yes Pye QUAD 1030 (QS) [Australia] 
1974 Acker Bilk That's My Desire NSPL 41036 No Pye PVA 30280 (QS) [France], LATER ISSUED QUAD-1030 (QS) [US] & QUAD-1032 [Canada]
1975 Eden Electronic Ensemble Play Joplin NSPL 41037 No
NSPL 41038 -
NSPL 41039 -
1975 Alan Haven I'll Walk Beside You NSPL 41040 No QUAD 1033 (QS), # Unknown (Q8) [UK]
1975 Sounds Orchestral Love Me For A Reason NSPL 41041 No
1975 Ken Moule The Wonderful Sound Of Hans Christian Andersen NSPL 41042 No
1975 Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra Plays Big City Soul NSPL 41043 No
1975 Alan Tew Orchestra To The One I Love NSPL 41044 No
1975 Norrie Paramor Orchestra Love NSPL 41045 Yes
1975 Acker Bilk Serenade NSPL 41046 No LATER ISSUED QUAD 1031 (QS) [Australia] 
1975 Ken Moule  Tribute To Fred Astaire NSPL 41047 Yes
1976 Robert Farnon Scetches Of Tony Bennett And Frank Sinatra NSPL 41048 Yes
NSPL 41049 -
1976 Vic Lewis & RPO Academy Award Winners & Other Hits NSPL 41050 No
1976 Norrie Paramour Orchestra Pictures NSPLX 41051 Yes
1976 Acker Bilk The One for Me NSPLX 41052 Yes QUAD 1036, Released in France as "ARIA" Pye PVA 20249 (QS) [France]
1976 Harold Geller, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Play For You NSPLX 41053 Yes
1977 Acker Bilk Invitation NSPLX 41054 Yes Pye PVA 20271 (QS) [France]
1977 Acker Bilk Meanwhile ...... NSPLX 41055 Yes
1978 Acker Bilk Free NSPLX 41056 Yes Pye PYA 20334 (QS) [France]
1978 Norrie Paramor Temptation NSPLX 41057 Yes
1978 Norrie Paramor Orchestra Classical Rhythm NSPLX 41058 Yes
1975 Army Benevolent Fund Military Pageant 1975 Wembley Station PKD 2001 Yes QUAD 1032
1977 Services Silver Jubilee musical Pageant Silver Jubilee Reserve & cadet Forces Review Wembley 1977 PKDX 2002 Yes
1976 Alyn Ainsworth The Entertainer PKLK 5538 Yes
Miki & Griff Two’s Company PKL 5530 Yes
1971 Various Artists Quadraphonic Sampler QUAB 1001 Yes
1971 David Snell Harp Transplant QUAD 1002 Yes
1972 Cyril Stapleton Great Film And Television Themes QUAD 1003 Yes
1972 Ray Davies Why Can't We All Get Together QUAD 1004 Yes
QUAD 1005 -
QUAD 1006 -
QUAD 1007 -
QUAD 1008 -
1972 Ray Davies, Button Down Brass The Sound Of QUAD 1009 Yes
QUAD 1010 -
QUAD 1011 -
QUAD 1012 -
QUAD 1013 -
QUAD 1014 -
QUAD 1015 -
1972 Acker Bilk His Clarinet & Strings QUAD 1016 Yes
1972 Tony Hatch & His Orchestra Hits Symphonic QUAD 1017 Yes Pye Y8QP 1017 (Q8) [UK], Teichiku
   UX-5-Y (CD4) [Japan]
QUAD 1018 -
1973 Dennis Lopez Liquid Latin “Cinnamon Rock” QUAD 1019 Yes Teichiku
   UX-1-Y (CD4) [Japan], Pye Y8QP 1019 (Q8) [UK]
1973 Valentino (UK) Contrasts QUAD 1020 Yes
1973 Roy Budd The Music of Gilbert O’Sullivan QUAD 1021 Yes
1973 Harry Roche Constellation Sometimes QUAD 1022 Yes
1973 Ray Davies & The Button Down Brass I Believe In Music QUAD 1023 Yes Pye Y8QP 41021 (Q8) [U.K.]
1974 Cyril Stapleton The Stapleton Collection QUAD 1024 Yes
1973 Acker Bilk Some of My Favourite Things QUAD 1025 Yes re-released as NSPL 41022
1974 Ray Davies Orchestra Benny And The Duke QUAD 1026 Yes
1974 The Ragtimers Scott Joplin’s Ragtime Music  QUAD 1027 Yes
QUAD 1028 -
1974 Robert Farnon Live From The Festival hall,London QUAD 1029 Yes
Alan Tew Orchestra Carnival! QUAD 1030 ? Australia & Canada
Acker Bilk That's My Desire QUAD 1030 ? US
Kenny Ball A Friend To You QUAD 1031 Yes Canada
Acker Bilk Serenade QUAD 1031 ? Australia
Army Benevolent Fund Military Pageant 1975 Wembley Station QUAD 1032 Yes
Acker Bilk That's My Desire QUAD 1032 Yes Canada
Alan Haven I'll Walk Beside You QUAD 1033 Yes
QUAD 1034 -
QUAD 1035 -
1976 Acker Bilk The One For Me QUAD 1036 Yes
1975 National Brass Band Series At Royal Albert Hall TB 3004 Yes
Royal Doulton Band Clayhanger TBX 3005 Yes
Yorkshire Imperial Metal band Superstar Brass TBX 3008 ?
1976 Royal Chatham Engineers Concert Parade TBX 3010 Yes
1977 Royal Doulton Band Brass Aria TBX 3014 Yes
Choristers of Westminster Cathedral Benjamin Britten TPLS 13065 No
ELGAR: Introduction & Allegro for Strings Op.47 TPLS 13069 ?
Ray Davies Themes the Exorcist & Other Films Pye 4DX-35 (CD4) [Japan], Sung Eum Limited SEL-100 267B (CD4) [Korea]
Ray Davies Screen Best On Dynamic Brass Pye 4DX-48 (CD4) [Japan]
Various  Quadraphonic Screen Music Album ? ?

  Some of the Pye Stereo 4D series Vinyl recordings that do not list quad on
the recording are thought to be QS encoded. The Pye recordings that are listed
in the classical, popular and sampler discography's all have some indication of
quad either on the front or back cover or record label. A list of Pye recordings
has been created indicating which titles list quad and variations in other
countries that could be verified at the time.
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