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   This is a list of publications about Dolby Surround Sound.
This is not a complete list. If you know of other articles about Dolby
Surround Sound, please pass them on.

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    1. List compiled by : Eero Aro (email -
    Roger Dressler: Dolby Surround Sound for stereo television - Principles.
    Dolby Laboratories information 1989.
    William Mead: Multi-dimensional audio for stereo television. Dolby
    Laboratories, San Francisco.
    Dolby Surround: a listeners guide. Dolby laboratories Inc.
    Producing in Dolby Surround. Dolby laboratories Inc.
    Questions about Dolby Surround. Dolby laboratories Inc.
    L.R.Hay, J.V.Hanson: Project notes/engineering briefs, Towards a more
    natural sound system. JAES Jan/Feb 1976, Vol.24, No:1.
    Ted Uzzle: Motion picture theater sound. Sound & video contractor June
    William H. Mead: A new dimension in cinema sound. Sound & video
    contractor June 1985.
    David Griesinger: Theory and design of a digital audio signal processor
    for home use. JAES Jan/Feb 1989 Vol.37. No:1/2.
    Graham Carter, John Fisher: New aspects of film sound in telecine.
    European audio engineer, June 1989.
    Graham Carter, John Fisher: Dolby Surround sound - Practical aspects.
    Dolby Laboratories Inc.
    Kawamura, Serikawa, Matsumoto, Yoshida, Satoh: A digital sound field
    control system. AES Preprint 2854. New York 1989.
    Corey Greenberg: Pictures in the round. Emerson, Lake and Palmer regroup
    to record a studio version of Pictures at an exhibition in Dolby
    Surround sound. Studio Sound, May 1994
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